SOA and Web Testing Services

SOA and Web Testing Services

Today, many enterprises choose to make extensive, long-standing investments into their system resources. This generates a large amount of information and data being stored in legacy EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) which is in turn serviced and enhanced with the help of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Web services, on the other hand are the preferred standards which help to actualize SOA.

Companies choose SOA for increased business agility, streamlined workflows, extensive architecture, and more importantly, for its ability to impart a longer lifespan to enterprise applications. At the same time, testing SOA services is no easy task, as traditional validation processes and tools are often incapable of service-oriented architecture testing consistently and within the requested time.

At Flatworld Solutions, our SOA and Web Services Testing helps global companies minimize risks, reduce costs, and enhance the business agility of their SOA implementations within a short time. Our in-depth approach towards functional validation and our proprietary test automation accelerators help to successfully test and validate your existing SOA efficiently.

Our Service-Oriented Architecture Testing Services

Our approach towards SOA and middleware testing helps companies achieve significant business agility while being able to deploy their products in a faster and more efficient manner. Our services include -

  • Content Management Portal Testing

    Our portal and content management testing services help you reduce time, costs, and overall process inefficiencies related to content creation, archiving, reproduction, and management. We can -

    • Perform document management testing (including search, security and workflow testing)
    • Assess portal applications using specific testing functions
    • Prepare and publish summary reports of the project execution for future referencing
    • Perform security testing to safeguard content portals and content from hackers and malware
  • Regression and Functional Testing

    Both regression and functional methodologies play and important role in SOA web services testing. At FWS, we generate a customized preview of your existing offerings in order to create test cases and then perform regression testing in order to assess the speed and efficiency of your web services. Our skilled technicians and experts continuously evaluate and validate the test data, while cutting down the time required for the overall testing process.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance testing is an important step in SOAT, especially when it is combined with Endurance testing. Our testing engineers are adept at verifying the scalability and consistency of your web services, and our QA analysts check the endurance parameters of your WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) operations. All our testing engineers are experts at API testing, and can successfully carry out tests for a desired period of time to check the response time, latency, load capacity, etc. of your SOA.

  • Vulnerability Testing

    Vulnerability assessment or security testing is an especially important component of SOAtest. Our expert QA testers have the necessary skills to perform a thorough and in-depth web service vulnerability assessment with the help of proven tests. This ensures all your mission-critical web services are free from issues such as schema poisoning, buffer overflow, etc. We also check for any bottlenecks which in turn can lead to a backdoor agent finding its way in, while continuously monitoring threat levels, performing routine diagnosis, and proposing direct remediation techniques to solve security issues.

  • Interoperability Testing

    As part of our comprehensive package, we also offer high-quality run-time SOA interoperability testing which further ensures a streamlined integration of your system and OS with other valuable assets. We help to evaluate the interoperability characteristics of all consumer applications while also performing an in-depth WSI profile test with our proprietary testing tools. If required, we can also carry out the interoperability testing with design-time WSDL so that you can be better prepared for changes, if and when they occur.

Features of our SOA and Web Services Testing

Our SOA testing services offer in-depth testing of WSDL libraries in a timely and cost-effective manner, along with testing the SOA object they generate. Some of the highlights of our services are -

  • High-quality and proprietary testing tools which ensure automated testing techniques work flawlessly, often times invoking a test pattern only with the help of a URL

  • Excellent usage of server simulation so as to non-destructively test various web services conditions before eventual deployment

  • Efficient test case reuse to save time throughout the design, development, and deployment of all .NET or Java-based web services

  • Zero-code automated testing further save you both time and money as tests no longer need scripts to be written, and more people can get actively involved during the testing phase

  • Extremely professional engineers with more than 5 years of experience who can follow multiple workflows and test various simulation cases at a single time

Why Choose FWS for SOA Testing?

At Flatworld, we consider our evaluative and concise SOA testing practices to be of immense help for global businesses, both large and small. We help to combat various SOA related challenges such as high risk of failure, total cost of ownership, and complex interdependencies by addressing them from the ground-up, and providing solutions for cases where risks can't be avoided. Some of the ways we differentiate ourselves include -

  • Our services are designed to fit within your existing testing structure, or even create a new one as per your requirements so as to simplify SOAT

  • Our tools help to generate reusable, easy to maintain, and scalable tests with 100% coverage

  • We help to design sophisticated tests which require minimal or in certain cases, zero coding or scripting

  • Our tools are fully SOA-aware and incorporate native support for a variety of platforms, protocols, and technologies

  • We extend you the ability to monitor and track separate testing events through a single interface

  • Adherence to custom policies and industry standards through the test process for better peace of mind

  • Extensive test data management practices in order to ensure complex interdependencies are never overlooked

  • Ability to not only identify, but also rectify more than 50% of the defects before the phase of integration begins

  • Receive a fair insight into customer interactions with the help of usability testing

  • Better Test response times as compared to most of our competitors

Outsource SOA Web Services Testing to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, we believe that the advent of SOA and web services has a ton of potential especially when it comes to lowering integration costs and offering better flexibility. At the same time, there are several inherent challenges involved because of which companies are not able to realize the actual benefits of SOA and other related web services.

With the help of our time-tested testing services, not only can you customize tests as per your requirements, but also benefit from increased process awareness and better time to market. Contact us right now and learn more about how our services can help you test better and save costs!

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