Outsource Kotlin App Development Services

Kotlin App Development Services

We use Kotlin to develop applications for Android gadgets. Our development expertise can be counted upon to deliver custom apps with best performance and interface

Are you looking for professionals with Kotlin app development expertise to build feature-rich modern Android apps? Is your budget too tight to hire full-time Kotlin developers? We know your concerns better because Kotlin development is fairly new and the skill comes at a cost, but fret not! Flatworld Solutions offer Kotlin app development services that are both affordable and scalable. However small or big your project, we have developers for the job.

Web developers and Android-apps developers at Flatworld Solutions have the expertise to work on Kotlin independently or fuse it into the Java framework (by adding Kotlin codes and accessing Kotlin libraries). We provide professional Kotlin app development services for clients who are keen to leverage the power of the newly introduced programming language.

Kotlin Development Services We Offer

Kotlin is highly concise and expressive as a programming language. At the base level, it has been designed to be type-safe and null safe. The highlight of Kotlin is that it can seamlessly align itself with Java language. Hence, veterans in Java development have absolutely no problem in learning the nuances of a freshly-introduced language which has the power to fix issues faced by Java developers. That said, our Kotlin development services include -

  1. Android App Development with Kotlin

    Android App Development with Kotlin

    Think us when you want to build a robust Android app with powerful backends and feature-rich frontends. Our Kotlin app developers will bring their expertise to the table to build apps that Android users will want on their gadgets.

  2. Application Optimization with Kotlin

    Application Optimization with Kotlin

    Outdated apps can be enhanced using our Kotlin development services. FWS' analysts will grade the performance of your Android apps by running an inside-out diagnosis of its code and architecture. Any existing issues will be fixed by our Kotlin developers for optimal performance in real-time.

  3. Upgrading Kotlin Apps

    Upgrading Kotlin Apps

    As Kotlin development evolves, your existing apps may need an upgrade to match the latest programming paradigms and fully leverage the Kotlin advantage. This way, your apps will always remain cutting-edge and secure. Our development team will help you effortlessly upgrade to the latest version of Kotlin.

  4. Support and Maintenance to Kotlin Projects

    Support and Maintenance to Kotlin Projects

    From simple support to a major overhaul of Kotlin projects we do it all in-house to keep your Android applications free from glitches. Our dedicated team of Kotlin maintenance experts has rich expertise in running complex diagnostics and can keep your apps up-to-date.

  5. Migration to Kotlin

    Migration to Kotlin

    If you prefer moving out of your existing technology stack, our Kotlin development team can help you seamlessly migrate your Android apps. We make migration to Kotlin easier, agile, inexpensive, and least disruptive.

  6. Testing Kotlin Apps

    Testing Kotlin Apps

    We are well-equipped with the latest Kotlin testing suites to run comprehensive tests on your Kotlin applications. We perform code review, functionality tests, load tests, and other assessment to find and suppress issues before it becomes a major cause of service disruption.

Kotlin App Development Process

From processing your requirement to delivering projects in time we choose an agile method to ensure swift completion. Our process is simple and transparent with no upfront or hidden charges. We will explain the phased of project development to give you a clear picture of the turnaround time, service quality, and support. Our process is as follows -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

We will have an appointment with you via your preferred channel to gather requirement and functions you prefer in the Android app

Requirement Evaluation  

02. Requirement Evaluation

Your requirement will be evaluated to give you full disclosure on feasibility, rates, and turnaround

Pre-development Planning  

03. Pre-development Planning

We will collaborate with the project team to finalize the strategy, SDK, and the resources required for the task

Prototype Proposal  

04. Prototype Proposal

We will design a wireframe of the app and produce the prototype with the requested features. The sample will be furnished for scrutiny and approval

Kotlin App Development  

05. Kotlin App Development

Once approved, we will commence actual development of the Android app using Kotlin framework

Testing the App Modules  

06. Testing the App Modules

The developed modules will be integrated into the system and tested for load, bugs, and other performance parameters using a proprietary testing suite

Deployment of Kotlin App  

07. Deployment of Kotlin App

Once the app clears the multi-tier tests, it will be queued for deployment in the user's environment

Continuous Support  

08. Continuous Support

We will continue providing support to the project so that the app can remain up-to-date and dependable during its service span

Report Creation and Submission  

09. Report Creation and Submission

We will furnish timely reports that include information and insights into the Kotlin development project

Why Should You Prefer Kotlin for App Development?

Thousands of Android applications are powered by strong programming languages like Java, which has been the de facto face for web development for the past two decades. The newest entrant in the world of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) software programming languages is Kotlin. And soon after its initiation, Kotlin has garnered the attention of Android developers because of faster and safer performance of writing Android applications. Productivity is highly boosted by this language.

Kotlin language is Android-friendly. It is as an open-source language which has the compatibility for cross-platforms working. This general-purpose, modern, statically typed programming language is ideal for mobile application development on Android. It enjoys the official nod from Google as one of the most preferred JVM languages for the development of mobile applications on Android. So, what makes Kotlin count on its ever-increasing popularity? The reasons are -

  • Kotlin Language Is Modern and Expressive

    As a language, Kotlin is hassle-free because it involves lesser writing of boilerplate code. Fewer codes have a couple of advantages – time to test and maintain is reduced. Hence, developers can focus more on innovative ideas of Android applications.

  • Safe Coding Feature

    The app quality can be enhanced by avoiding NullPointerExceptions with @Nullable and @NonNull type features of Kotlin. This language helps to minimize commonly occurring programming mistakes.

  • Interoperability with Java

    Kotlin gels well with Java. Kotlin codes can be called from a Java-based program and vice-versa. The best of both can be achieved by co-working with the codes of Java and Kotlin. Hence, developers who have knowledge in both are highly appreciated, just like the app development experts at Flatworld Solutions.

  • Highly Scalable

    Building up highly scalable server-end applications with ease gives Kotlin language the edge. Such applications we build can easily handle a large number of clients with a slight upgrade in hardware.

  • Tool-friendly Language

    Java IDE can be chosen and application program can be built up from the command line. Kotlin also supports tooling specific to frameworks like Spring, Vert.x, Ktor, and Kotlinx.Html.

  • Less Redundancy, Fewer Errors

    Developers working on the Java platform will agree that writing a program with Java codes require a lot of coding for the simplest of task or action. But Kotlin solves this problem because code redundancy is reduced. Concise codes take less time to write, read and are least likely to be affected by bugs. Kotlin calls for seamless integration of Java APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Kotlin minimizes the complicated and complex processes involved with Java codes.

  • Migration feature

    Kotlin programing language allows migration of large Java codebases to Kotlin in a simple, step-by-step manner. Developers can start writing newer codes with Kotlin while keeping intact the older codes of the system in Java language.

  • Easy to learn

    Just as migration is easy, learning Kotlin with complete knowledge in Java is easier. Moreover, the presence of automated convertor, included in the Kotlin plugin, helps to change Java codes to Kotlin in the initial phases of learning.

  • Great Alternative to Java

    Kotlin is ideal for server-side developmental purposes. The inherent features make the language easy-to-use for developers. It is indeed a good alternative for Java fit for Android, browsers, JVM and native solutions.

    Down the years there have been many programming languages eying the top spot among JVM supported programming languages like Java, Groovy and Scala. But Kotlin is the best of the lot among JVM languages and is here to stay.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Kotlin App Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Get the best of Kotlin app development services from internationally certified Android application developers at Flatworld. Here are some reasons why we are a great choice for your Kotlin app development requirement -

  • ISO Certified Kotlin App Development Services Provider

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Kotlin app development services provider. We follow best-in-class development practices that lead to high-quality apps built to perfection.

  • Data Security and Confidentiality

    We follow ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standards when it comes to data management. This is because we value the confidentiality and data security that is essential to deploy successful applications. Our development team have signed the NDA and is legally bound to compliances.

  • High-quality Kotlin Development Services

    We always ensure the quality of our applications before the release. It is our responsibility to make your application bug-free in real-time conditions. Our strict testing protocols will guarantee bullet-proof apps that perform as intended.

  • Scalable Services

    The Kotlin development services are a scalable solution if you have a variable requirement. If you have small projects where no more than 1 or 2 resources are needed, we can fulfill your needs without fuss.

  • Timeliness in Services

    FWS' stern policies and commitment to excellence mean our clients always receive the desired results within the stipulated time-frame. Our Kotlin app development services are directed towards meeting the project goals and requirements of clients. We can also provide our services on priority if you have a tight, but reasonable deadline. Agile development practices we follow are some of the best techniques perfected by our Kotlin developers.

  • Cost-effective Solution

    We have always focussed on making Kotlin app development services affordable to our clients. We do not cut corners to make our services easy on your wallet. We take pride in the quality of development and continue in our endeavor to build a reliable application for our clients.

  • SPOC

    We always provide a dedicated agent who is highly available to respond via phone call, email, or web chat without an appointment or waiting in the queue. You can reach the SPOC assigned to your project on priority irrespective of the time zone.

  • FTE Kotlin Developers and Project Managers

    Our Kotlin app development services are designed to give you the best output in Android application development. Our team is strengthened by top-class web developers who are subject experts in programming languages and have the penchant to learn and work on newer platforms freshly introduced in the vast tech world.

  • Kotlin Testing Suites and SDK

    Flatworld has some of the best SDK that supports Kotlin framework. We also have testing suites that can run Kotlin codes, assess architecture, and optimize buggy modules.

  • Powerful Infrastructure

    We have a dedicated project area in our brick and mortar infrastructure that is access controlled 24X7. Only contracted developers will have access to development kit and codes to deliver on the promise. We always rely on the best efforts of our team to meet world-class development standards.

  • 24/7/365 Support

    The support we provide our clients can be relied upon anytime, anywhere. This is because we value our customers more than anything else and commit ourselves to keep the experience positive and satisfying.

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Outsource Kotlin App Development Services to Flatworld Solutions


We have been working with Flatworld Solutions since 2009 on several IT projects. When we decided to develop an iPhone app for our clients' use, we turned to them. Flatworld's expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the development cycle, and we were very pleased with the final product. We have already completed three projects with FWS and are delighted with their services.

Logistics Company in North America
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With Kotlin, you are sure to skyrocket your growth but it is imperative to find the perfect Kotlin service provider. And thanks to our impeccable professional approach and strong grip over the market, we at Flatworld are the answer for all your Kotlin related services.

Contact us today to embrace Kotlin powered Android application development services and up your game!

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