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Like most technologies these days, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for what kind of mobile app is to be built. Be it native, hybrid, or mobile web apps, each type has its own pros and cons. Mobile web apps are not really apps, but are mobile optimized web-pages which have the look and feel of native applications.

Although native mobile apps are very useful and feature-rich, they are also a big inconvenience in their own way. For developers, it is difficult to develop native apps in short time duration, and also get it to the app stores which have numerous guidelines and licensing fees. When on a limited budget, or with less time-to-market on hand, mobile web apps are the way to go. Flatworld Solutions provides high-quality mobile web apps which are optimized to even work in restrictive conditions such as slow internet connectivity or device hardware constraints.

Mobile Web App Services by Flatworld Solutions

Our team of mobile web app developers provides customers with new and innovative mobile development solutions. We understand our clients' requirements while developing a web app and our coders are trained to create web apps which are flexible and work under extreme conditions. The main advantage of using a web app instead of native/hybrid apps is the speed. The loading time of any app can determine the success of any app, and we ensure your apps load, perform, and execute their functions as well as native apps.

Some of the things we consider during web app development so as to optimize performance and minimize latency include:

  • Image Optimization

    Image load time is one the key factors which determines the page load speed on mobile devices. For this purpose, images on the page need to be optimized. Our team is well-versed with this problem and is trained to use image optimizing tools which are helpful in addressing this issue.

  • Code Compression

    Compressing the JavaScript and CSS files depending on the amount of code you have can significantly improve web app performance by a large extent. Our team is skilled to perform code compression and optimize it to a level which will enable the app to run smoothly.

  • Database Queries

    Some of the mobile browsers are not able to accept as many cookies as some of the desktop browser which can result in executing more queries than usual. Server-side caching hence is very crucial when supporting mobile web app clients, and is an important component of all our web apps.

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

    A CDN is highly recommended if one is planning to host a lot of videos, images, audio files, or any type of media files. Some of the common CDNs include Amazon S3, Microsoft Windows Azure, and MaxCDN. Advantages of using a CDN include improved download performance, more concurrent downloads, and enhanced analytics.

Why Choose Web Apps Over Native / Hybrid Apps?

An average mobile app occupies almost 20 times more space as compared to web apps. Having a native/hybrid app can result in several data-heavy updates during its lifetime. This can prove to be very heavy for any mobile device. For developers, developing an app is not an easy task. Apart from that, they need to build apps according to the app stores' guidelines and also pay the licensing fees.

If the app needs to be made available for a wider audience, developers have to release separate versions for each operating system, which includes additional marketplace approval processes and extra development time.

Flatworld has been providing solutions to all these problems related to native /hybrid apps by providing mobile optimized webpage development services which have similar features and functionalities as compared to their native counterparts.

Why Hire Flatworld Solutions for Mobile Web App Development?

We at Flatworld Solutions understand the various business models and requirements of our clients and cater to specific needs. We use cutting-edge technologies to develop web apps which are innovative and responsive, without affecting system resources. Some of the reasons for you to choose Flatworld Solutions include:

  • A team of highly-qualified individuals who have a vast experience in developing optimized and highly responsive mobile web apps
  • Partnering with us can reduce your development costs by almost 50%
  • Our prices are highly competitive which ensures that you receive the highest return on your investment
  • Our team ensures that we deliver a feature-rich mobile web app within the requested time
  • Our transparent procedures ensure that you are kept in the loop at every stage of the project and the app is built according to your specific requirements
  • Even after the web app is developed we continue to provide support which includes regular maintenance and updates, as per your requirements

Outsource Mobile Web App Development to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a mobile web app development company which has been a leader in its domain for over a decade now. Our team of developers understands the various business models and requirements of our clients and builds the app accordingly. We follow industry best practices and offer you with the best services while maintaining low development costs.

Get in touch with us and learn how developing mobile web apps can increase your customer base, grow your business, and help reach out to a new customers in a short time.

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Mobile Web App Development Services FAQs

  • What is a mobile web application?

    Mobile Web applications are applications developed for mobile devices that require only a web browser to be installed on the device.

  • Do mobile apps use HTML?

    Some mobile apps use HTML and CSS through various frameworks, tools, and built-in features of their respective platforms.

  • Are mobile apps safer than websites?

    Some experts suggest that banking through mobile devices is safer than banking online. Others disagree.