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Digital Mobile Radio or DMR is an open communication standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) which helps to standardize all types of communication using mobile radio. The main aim of digital mobile radio is to provide a simple and affordable digital standard which completes standards for data services, conformance testing, and voice.

Ever since its inception, many companies have developed DMR products which help having robust communication services for all kinds of radio users and also to analogue radio users who are looking to upgrade their old and existing systems. Analogue radios have been the major means of communication for a long time now and the latest addition to this has been the invention of digital mobile radio.

What is Digital Mobile Radio?

Mobile radio or mobiles refer to wireless communications and devices which are used to transmit messages and signal using the radio frequencies. Digital mobile radio is a standard developed by ETSI to have a common standard for communication. The invention of DMR has revolutionized the method of two-way communication and has enabled individuals within an organization to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Even in the most basic version of digital mobile radio, there are features such as consistent audio performance, better coverage, advanced functionality and improved security. Access to a sea of applications allows the users to have an enhanced user experience of using this kind of radio.

Business Benefits of DMR vs Analogue

The invention of digital mobile radio has been a boon for everyone and has simplified the entire process in a considerable manner. The two-way radio system has revolutionized the communication methods in various industries. Some of the key business benefits of digital mobile radio over analogue systems are listed here:

  • Better Coverage

    Digital mobile radio provides better coverage as compared to analogue radio. Digital mobile radios have better ranges and the audio quality is maintained till the edge of the coverage area.

  • Doubled Capacity

    Digital mobile radio has double the capacity as compared to the existing technology by using TDMA technology. Analogue systems use the entire bandwidth for a single talk path whereas DMR uses the same bandwidth for two simultaneous calls.

  • Clearer and Louder Audio

    Digital mobile radio provides clearer and better sound quality as compared to analogue system. It reduces the static, background noise, and any kind of distortion as it converts the voice signals into digital data.

  • Data Capabilities

    One of the major benefits of DMR is its data capabilities. The use of various apps such as GPS, text messaging, SCADA, radio programming and other improved safety features make the DMR much better than just voice communications.

  • Longer Battery Life

    Digital Mobile Radio is much more efficient compared to the old analogue system. The transmitter in the DMR system is used only one half of the time as compared to the analogue system and hence less power is used which increases the battery life significantly.

  • Enhanced Security

    With digital mobile radio it is easier to protect your privacy as compared to analogue radio systems. With the help of encryption and authentication by using a unique key it becomes easier to communicate with other people while preventing anyone from listening to your conversation.

  • Lighter and Discreet Devices

    The size and discreetness of the radio devices is very important, especially in industries such as hospitality and security. Ultra-light radio devices provide all the benefits of digital mobile radios with lighter designs while helping people to provide their customers with the best customer service.

Join the Digital Mobile Radio Revolution with Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been in to the development of mobile apps for various kinds of digital mobile radio technologies. We understand the requirements of different companies and develop products which incorporate all our clients' requirements. We have been in this industry for over 17 years now and our mobile app developers are well trained to work on the latest tools and technologies so as to produce some of the best app designs. Our cost-effective services further help our clients save a considerable amount of time and money.

If you have any kind of mobile app development service requirement, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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