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In 2018, we saw a great deal of innovation in the software industry; and no doubt, it will continue this year as well. Naturally, this presents numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs: either in creating innovative tech or in pioneering its implementation and stealing a march over the competition. However, it's not necessary that all innovative technology becomes successful; therefore you need to exercise caution about spends on R&D or investments in new technology and equipment.

Be that as may, it is critical to know about upcoming trends, as that helps in planning finances, and operations as well. We asked experts what they thought would be trending in 2019, and got some interesting answers.

Top Software Trends to Watch Out For in the Coming Year

It is important that companies are well-versed with the latest software development trends of the industry. Staying updated with the latest trends in software development helps them to develop some of the latest and innovative software products and stay ahead of their competitors. Some of the latest software trends 2019 include -

  1. Microservices to Rule the Roost

    Microservices to Rule the Roost

    Microservices is one of the best methods to handle complexity in the modern world say experts at Merril; you split parts of your system into small units and isolate them so that a problem in one section does not negatively impact another process. When everything is kept separate as a microservice from the outset, you will experience much better stability. When you divide things into small microserver segments, you can simply add resources as and when required, and scale appropriately. The code base is small, making it easier to understand, maintain, and support.

  2. Blockchain Will Make a Comeback

    Blockchain will make a Comeback

    2018 was not the best of times for Blockchain; but Alexander Shartsis of Perfect Price says that it will now cross the Rubicon and we'll see a major comeback, replete with new apps, and perhaps even a couple of breakout companies. We're likely to see AI in the mainstream, being used to solve actual problems for people across industries. The early adopters will most probably provide the required confidence.

  3. Human/AI Collaboration Will Increase

    Human AI Collaboration will Increase

    AI proliferation was pretty huge in 2018, but there was a bit of overkill with undue decision-making power given to the technology. Biased outcomes were seen because of data that was unstructured and not unbiased. Karat's Mohit Bhende feels that 2019 will see companies concentrating on maintaining consistency of datasets, and greater collaboration between people and AI, with AI being given lesser powers than before.

  4. Connected Clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid) Will Become Popular

    Connected Clouds will Become Popular

    Several cloud service companies have come to the realization that it may not be the best idea to be completely private, public or data center, and that a combination of two or all options may be the wisest way forward. Connected clouds, say experts, will continue to innovate and develop so that they can meet the dynamic requirements of companies. This will be regardless of whether the customer requirement is for outsourcing storage, security, networking, or deployment of applications. Cloud provider giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba are all moving towards connecting clouds. We are likely to hear the term 'Multicloud' more often, and with more excitement, as this method is most likely to provide a secure, streamlined, and seamless experience for the end user. A combination of workloads running in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments is likely to be the way for most businesses in 2019.

  5. Greater Inclusion of Augmented Reality In Apps

    Augmented Reality in Apps

    AR is already available in mobile devices, mostly in games and other fun activities. OrderInsite, LLC's Meghann Chilcott, opines that we will see this trend growing in 2019 and even entering mainstream use. Developers are becoming more familiar with the technology, and are getting more creative, making its integration possible into most apps in the market.

  6. Enhanced Cybersecurity Using ML And AI Will Flourish

    Enhanced Cybersecurity using ML AI will Flourish

    With hackers becoming more deadly and effective by the day, companies are investing more in cybersecurity. What is likely to change in 2019 is the increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and prevent or protect against such attacks. With an improvement in the learning and technology itself, the response to cyber-attacks will be faster and cheaper, according to Michael Hoyt, of Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.

  7. Edge to Core and More IoT

    Edge to Core More IOT

    IoT, Machine Learning, AI, and Edge are deeply interconnected; with IoT growing so rapidly, and the number of connected devices increases exponentially, the urgent requirement is for more space close to the source to process the data that the system is working to record and process. If data processing keeps happening only in the cloud, autonomous vehicles and smart cities may never come to be. So we're likely to see a greater push towards edge computing so that data and analytics can be processed in real time - because that is the need now. The cloud and edge computing are not mutually exclusive - they are interdependent. Critical data interactions happen between the cloud and edge so that the data is used to the maximum.

  8. Technology Convergence Will Increase

    Teleradiology Convergence will Increase

    Marc Fiscer of Dogtown Media feels that we're going to see a huge shift in tech: AI, ML, AR, and blockchain are all impressive technologies that may soon start getting converged. True, they are all impressive on their own; so think about the potential value that can be unlocked when they are integrated into standard processes? We may see productivity like never before, among other benefits.

  9. Augmented Analytics With Natural Language Will be Witnessed

    Augmented Analytics with Natural Language will be Witnessed

    Augmented Analytics, that leverages NLG or natural language generation, will revolutionize the manner in which data experts, organizations and the management gain precise insights, and increase engagement from available data. Adopting natural language to identify the most crucial findings quickly, will render data science more accessible, and help laypersons become data scientists throughout different business roles. - Marc Zionts, Automated Insights.

  10. Agile - Psychological Safety Will be Priority

    Agile Phycological Safety will be Priority

    Some experts are of the opinion that Agile, Lean, and User-Centered Design lines will increasingly blur, and the communities will converge. Practices will shift in favor of principles and values. Balanced teams will continue to replace the Product Manager; this will encourage more collective and innovative thinking. They also feel that psychological safety will be sought by Agile Teams as a prerequisite to achieving success - leading to a huge demand for psychological safety evaluations and consulting in 2019.

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