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A microservice is a software component that is applied to operate a solitary business process by decoupling and deploying from your existing legacy system. It coalesces with prominent and conventional interfaces and possesses its individual data storage. Microservices architecture keeps the legacy systems untouched as per your discretion, yet provides the leeway to utilize the microservices for speedy innovation and deployment elsewhere, particularly the Cloud.

We, at Flatworld Solutions, break monoliths and bequest architectures into the light and decoupled components and evoke a liberating experience. Our microservices focus on these tiny building blocks, capacitating pronounced agility, effortless modifications, polyglot capability, and scope to understand large systems intuitively. With Flatworld Solutions' microservices edition you derive microservice-endowed APIs from legacy systems within a short span of time.

Flatworld Solutions' Line-up of Microservices Solutions

Flatworld Solutions lends a helping hand to enterprises to overhaul and rebuild their legacy IT systems with the deployment of resilient, dexterous, and independent Microservices applications. We develop API administration platforms to deliver security, visibility, reliability, and adaptability required to function Microservices architecture with competence and efficacy.

Flatworld Solutions' Microservices and API solutions enable companies with fast iteration, simplified deployment, and significantly shortened time-to-the-market. Our key offerings include -

  • Microservices feasibility analysis and comprehension
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (DCOE) for Microservices, Containerization, and PaaS
  • Re-usable assets and artifacts for speedier implementation and enhanced learning curve
  • Powerful proprietary frameworks for custom-built Microservices
  • Robust partner affiliations and open source platform, independent of technology and vendor intervention
  • Pre-integrated infrastructure and facilities for microservices
  • Flatworld's backend service accelerator representing the communication link between enterprise systems and user touch points

Why do Microservices Matter?

Some of the key reasons why microservices matter to businesses is listed here -

  • Teams can be extra engaging and responsive to customer necessities

    Companies that espouse microservices legacy architecture can be empowered with the capability to expeditiously transfer skills and experience to customers in times of their need and not be constrained with definite release schedules.

  • There is an increased software team throughput

    Microservices developed on the propositions of DevOps and Agile provide succor to software teams to work in synchrony at the same time as iterating on discrete abilities post-haste.

  • Organizations make systems perform with better reliability and scalability

    An effective and gainful microservices architecture is an ongoing entity. It depends thoroughly on repetitive automation, endorses detailed scalability of services and puts patterns to use that is designated to maintain an uninterrupted system functioning even at the occurrence of failures of individual components.

Advantages of Flatworld Solutions' Microservices Disposition

We at Flatworld Solutions offer independent services which have separate development and maintenance aspects and advantages, permitting your business to savor a sizeable increment in efficiency and growth.

  • Efficiency

    Our Microservices present a substantial and frequently missed out opportunity. We make it viable to reuse key components for superior organizational productivity. This results in an increase in flexibility and reduction of complexity and intricacy of your legacy software and applications.

  • Dependability

    Our microservices are monitored and controlled independently of one another. This brings in redundancy in operations so as to mitigate the failure of the entire application with the failure of one component. Flatworld Solutions, therefore, fortifies highly reliable software.

  • Sustainability

    Our microservices model focuses on each individual component and allows us to incorporate fresh components easily into your custom software. By implementing this, we ensure a cost-efficient function upgrade of an application.

  • Success

    Flatworld Solutions' customized software applications are solely designed to usher in success to all your future projects. If you are in the need of a custom-built software service, we will guide and walk you through the process in a cohesive manner.

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Microservices?

Here we have listed some of the reasons for you to choose us for microservices -

  • Single Tool and Single Step

    Flatworld Solutions' Microservices solutions create microservices in the form of an API that has its integral application, rules and security features built in. In a single step, you can construct a legacy API and business processes can be introduced as microservices. One tool and one step render your company a quantum leap almost instantly.

  • Automatic Creation of Microservices

    Flatworld Solutions generates automated microservices as a standardized self-contained Java constituent. It incorporates a typical interface that manages a domain for small problems. For storage of data, it has an in-built SDK which is linked back to a data or business process on the core legacy applications.

  • No Amendments to Legacy Systems

    Flatworld Solutions produces microservices-specific standard and lightweight code and requires no modifications for the mainframe applications at the backend.

  • Decouple and Standardize

    Flatworld Solutions offers a standard and automated process of a functional decoupling of a monolithic core application with the formation of a primary microservices architecture utilizing it as an expansive reserve of data and keeping it unaltered. Not many changes and not many problems.

  • No Intermediate Layers to Interact and Confuse With

    Flatworld Solutions' architecture involves no middle layers like ESBs and MQ, thereby minimizing the development cycle and giving rise to remarkable cost savings.

  • Flexible Services

    With our decoupled microservices, we help you to launch the contemporary and indispensable digital services, while likewise having the flexibility and margin to effectuate the prospective migration of your legacy architecture and/or expansion of your Cloud strategy. In addition, our eclectic new microservices decrease your expected total cost of ownership.

  • Keep Away from Decentralized Application Monoliths

    Our modus operandi is somewhat dissimilar than the other sundry types of typical "Integration microservices" put forward by different vendors, which makes you essentially wind up in a "decentralized monolith" with inter-dependent microservices.

  • Stunning Performance

    Because we steer clear of a complex architectural layer, our microservices are exceptionally fast. We can offer legacy systems that can augment your transaction response time manifolds.

  • Affordable Microservices

    We provide our clients with flexible pricing options and they have to pay only for what services they opt for, the resources leveraged, and tools used.

  • Information Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified organization which ensures that all the data is completely safe with us.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have multiple delivery centers spread across time zones which enable us to deliver the services within a quick turnaround time.

  • Experienced Team

    We have a highly experienced and skilled team of software developers and microservices specialists who can deliver the required services in a quick time.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We assign a dedicated project manager who will be a single point of contact for all your needs and be available 24/7 via phone or email to address your issues.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of world-class office spaces, uninterrupted networks, and the latest tools and technologies.

Outsource Microservices to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been in the forefront to develop immensely successful not just proprietary enterprise and software development solutions but also project management models and benefit several organizations to a great extent. We reinforce your endeavors to ascertain the ambits where microservices can best work for your business. We lay out a preliminary process evaluation to assist you to recognize your needs and objectives, then recommend a scalable software construct that is just suitable for you.

Our Microservices developers will back you up with comprehensive tactical acumen in microservices architecture on a short-term or long-term basis. We have been winning great contracts and projects from mammoth sized companies as we have unearthed a finer approach to carry out legacy API and also fabricate microservices.

Contact us today and invest your good money into our first-rate legacy transformation services.

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