Outsource Firmware Development Services

Firmware Development Services

Improve hardware functionalities and augment the performance of your embedded systems with our firmware development services starting at $20/hour

Firmware development is not necessarily limited to correcting issues that were identified after a particular product was released. In fact, the functional advantages of firmware development keep advancing and expanding parallelly to technologies like IoT and M2M Computing. Today, every software and embedded systems company needs a stellar team of firmware developers like ours at Flatworld.

Besides the basic development and programming, we cover end-to-end firmware solutions right from improving the performance of hardware functions to integrating additional functionality, and much more. If you're looking to gain an edge over conventional software development services, join hands with Flatworld's team of experts with proficiency in cutting-edge tools and the most advanced services.

Our Firmware Development Services

Although it's hard to limit firmware development to a confined range of services, Flatworld covers an assortment of specialized embedded firmware development services including -

  1. Custom Firmware Solutions

    Custom Firmware Solutions

    Also known as the 'aftermarket firmware', custom firmware is an upgraded version of the previously available firmware on various embedded systems. Our developers hold expertise in providing custom firmware solutions to give new features or unlock new functions on the hardware of devices.

  2. Embedded Firmware Development and Programming Services

    Embedded Firmware Development and Programming Services

    This is the broadest bracket under which our embedded systems engineers come together with experts in various technical fields for end-to-end firmware development, programming, and support.

  3. Firmware Testing Services

    Firmware Testing Services

    Besides the three-level testing that is a part of every firmware development process of ours, we also conduct specialized testing of firmware for malfunctions, issues, or straightforward investigation of machine states after execution. These include microprogram level testing, system-level testing, middleware testing, and more.

  4. Firmware Development and Integration

    Firmware Development and Integration

    Flexibility in working with all levels of firmware (high, low, and subsystems), integration compatibility with an expansive range of microprocessor and ES brands, diversity in upgrading functional features; we check all the must-haves of firmware development services.

  5. System Architecture and Partitioning

    System Architecture and Partitioning

    Mapping, segregating, and separating a system-level architecture into its different hardware, firmware, and software components require the utmost precision and experience. That's exactly what our team brings to the table.

  6. RTOS and Hardware Abstraction

    RTOS and Hardware Abstraction

    Another service that exemplifies the commendable skill, technique, and proficiency of our experts with hardware and the entire firmware architecture, abstraction involves hiding the complexity of specific layers of a subsystem. We work with VxWorks, Embedded Linux, QNX, WinCE, and more such operating systems in the RTOS abstraction layer.

  7. Update and Diagnostics on Firmware

    Update and Diagnostics on Firmware

    We have a range of modern tools that allow us to conduct various diagnostics on firmware. This helps us identify complex issues and resolve them, while also updating the firmware for better performance.

  8. BSP Layer Programming

    BSP Layer Programming

    BSP layer is software in embedded systems that runs and executes the program as a sequence of parallel super steps. Several intricate details like barrier synchronization, phase ordering, among others should be considered while programming, and that's where our ES specialists step in and steal the show.

  9. Firmware Validation and Debugging

    Firmware Validation and Debugging

    One of the most important elements of firmware development project management is validation and debugging. Considering the client's specifications, international quality standards, and performance criteria, our experts conduct the validation and debugging process to ensure all purposes are fulfilled without any issues.

Our Firmware Development Process

Being a trusted firmware development service providing company, we develop unique solutions as per the client's requirements. However, to reach any deliverable, we operate under the broader framework of the following stages -


01. Collection and Discussion of Client's Requirements

As the most preliminary stage of our firmware development lifecycle, at Flatworld we make sure that all expectations and requirements are communicated properly, solutions are proposed, variables are discussed, and a rough plan is worked out


02. Developing a Firmware Design Document

Taking into account every detailed requirement of our client's hardware and carefully analyzing constraints like power management, complexity, timing, security, and resource optimization, our expert team of firmware and hardware engineers develops a firmware design document. While the foremost job here is distinguishing architecture from design, other important tasks include outlining device drivers, subsystems, and the interface between them, among others


03. Time-based Solutions Implementation

This is the step that varies the most among different clients, as per the services that we offer for that project. From developing an SRAM/FRAM SPI interface to configuring kernels; whatever be the solutions, our implementation always works around time-based requirements in the architecture


04. Three-level Testing

As per the requirement of the firmware and hardware, several stages are involved in testing. However, our mandatory three-level testing protocol involves verifications through system tests, integration tests, and unit tests


05. Change and Modification Planning

Most testing results indicate areas that can be worked on to further enhance performance or modify certain other aspects. Before making any changes, we conduct thorough planning and then the final deliverable is developed

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource firmware Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

A product's firmware development can practically make or break the user experience, and consequently, the product and brand's reputation. This is why selecting a firmware development service provider that you can trust is important. Here are the highlights of what makes us the best -

  • Affordable Pricing Models

    Considering the quality and durability standards of our work, our services can be availed at flexible pricing models. Moreover, we offer firmware development services for an incredibly wide range of hardware for electronics and appliances. So, right from video game consoles to the smart TV you connect it to, we've got you covered at a very reasonable amount.

  • Agile Approach

    Changing times need changing measures, and we integrate the most dynamic approach of today; the agile methodology to work out our entire firmware development with maximum optimization and minimum wastage.

  • Combined Expertise in Firmware and Hardware

    A firmware development team is incomplete without hardware experts. Each of our engineers has intimate knowledge and experience with hardware. That's why whether it's creating a solid firmware architecture or refurbishing one in alignment with the hardware, our experts have a success rate that's hard to beat.

  • Great Turnaround Time

    We understand that device malfunction can be a serious problem and firmware forms its foundational basis. Therefore, we make sure that our response is prompt, without the slightest compromise on quality.

Client Success Stories

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I am impressed by the quality of services I received from Flatworld Solutions. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time.

General Manager,
Sports Equipment Company, UK
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Outsource Firmware Development Services to Flatworld

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 500 successful projects worldwide, Flatworld has gained a pristine reputation in offering the best firmware development services. A job that requires experience, expertise, team coordination, and precision needs a team of professionals that can live up to these expectations. Top technical solutions brands have turned to Flatworld and commended us for our services as their firmware development company. You can be one of them.

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