SAP Support Services

SAP Support Services

Today's interconnected on-premise enterprise set ups with numerous SAP applications, systems, and managed services require on-going SAP support to sustain. As organizations implement new SAP software, the customer scenarios are getting increasingly complicated. Successful implementation and maintenance of SAP across the organization requires excellent SAP support services.

Outsourcing SAP support services can be a great way to increase your overall business efficiency at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to maintain an in house team for the same. At Flatworld Solutions, we offer simple and uncomplicated SAP support services. We provide focused, flexible, and transparent services that ensure sustained long-term relationships with our customers.

Our SAP Support and Maintenance Service Offerings

Flatworld Solutions has been providing custom software solutions to global clients which includes SAP support and maintenance services. By outsourcing SAP support to us, we help you to focus beyond on-site project management and incident handling. Our comprehensive services of production and platform support can be broadly divided into three main categories, with sub-services under each of the three categories, as follows -

  1. Expert SAP Guidance

    We provide expert SAP guidance to address complex scenarios and ensure business continuity. Such advisory SAP support will help you in making the most out of this technology. Following are some of the sub-services we provide under expert guidance -

    • System Lifecycle Management - We provide unwavering support for all the ongoing upgrades, technology deployment needs, and also provide the necessary support for other add-ons
    • Interoperability - While providing SAP support we ensure that the systems on which businesses are running now will also work efficiently when there are any upgrades or add-ons
    • Security - We can also provide assistance with SAP security, which helps businesses in keeping their systems up and running
  2. Managed SAP Services

    These services are designed to improve overall SAP application support provided by the internal staff of an organization. Our professionals have the knowledge and consultative skills, which are necessary to carry out tasks in collaboration with the internal staff to fill the gaps in the internal team. Some of the managed support services we offer include -

    • After-hours support and staff backfill
    • Short-term, medium-term, or long-term staff augmentation
    • Service desk routing, reporting, and management
    • Assistance in application development and management
    • Infrastructure and operations management
  3. Support and Maintenance Services

    High costs associated with support often limit the innovation of a business. Moving SAP support to a third party will help businesses to redeploy those funds for other important tasks. Our resources follow a proactive approach to serve the customers. They will first understand your environment and then provide dedicated support. Some of the support and maintenance services we offer include the following -

    • Support services that ensure 24x7, round-the-clock coverage
    • Handle general enquiries and provide expert advice
    • Proactive support for finding and fixing the bugs
    • Quick and efficient services that help businesses to reduce the latency in service
    • Issue resolution and interactive troubleshooting
    • Provide experienced onsite engineers to support, educate, and clarify product issues

Why Choose SAP Support from FWS?

When you choose us as the SAP support provider, you will be relieved of all the implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting complexities associated with successful SAP implementation. Therefore, by opting our SAP support, your businesses can reap the following benefits -

  • Locally delivered end-to-end support, which is completely integrated with the global support teams
  • Get consistent near-shore, offshore, or onshore SAP support as required
  • Gain access to a team of certified, highly proficient resources
  • Get industry-specific and digital transformation expertise
  • Avail cost-effective yet highly efficient SAP support
  • Ensure one-to-one customer management

How Can You Benefit by Partnering with Us?

Flatworld Solutions has been providing quality SAP support services to global clients. Once you outsource SAP support to us, we will assist you with a team of highly efficient SAP consultants who carry years of rich industry experience. We follow a customer-centric approach, analyze your needs and provide you with suitable solutions. By choosing us, you can avail the following advantages -

  • Flexible and Affordable Pricing

    By choosing us you will be able to get reliable, top-quality services at extremely affordable rates. Whether you want employees who work on hourly basis or want full-time equivalents for continuous support, we can provide you both

  • Customer-centric Approach

    We understand that SAP support requirements vary from one business to another. Therefore, we follow a customer-centric approach where we first understand what exactly the customer is looking for and then serve them accordingly

  • Comprehensive Support

    Right from product support and implementation services to customizations and upgrades, we can assist you with everything. We apply our capabilities and experience to cater to your requirements. Our knowledge across various industry sectors has helped us develop a consultative and integrated approach to solve SAP related complexities

  • Transparency and Trust

    The last thing that a business needs while facing a complicated support issue is a complex contract from the support provider. However, we provide a clear contract without any unnecessary extra charges. Besides, we will also promptly assist you in case of emergencies or critical issues

  • Assured Smooth Management of SAP

    Our knowledge and thorough understanding of SAP will ensure that your investment is maximized. We combine robust process with the technical expertise of our professionals to resolve issues quickly in the first time

  • SAP Skilled and Business Experienced Resources

    Our resources are certified experts who carry rich and relevant experience. Their industry experience combined with SAP expertise ensures that all your requirements are precisely addressed

Partner with Flatworld to Maximize Your Investment in SAP

Flatworld Solutions has been offering quality IT consulting services to global clients for the past 20 years now. By partnering with us, organizations can phenomenally reduce the costs associated with the support and maintenance of all the installed SAP solutions. We also provide SAP consulting services, SAP testing services, etc. Outsource SAP support to us, so we can declutter the tasks while you focus on increasing the revenue, winning market share, and saving huge. Our range of support services includes embedded teams, long-term plans, self-service portal, remote technology support, etc. We can assist you with everything from system improvements and innovation strategies to SAP implementation and maintenance.

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