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Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPUS) or better known as "click and collect" is rapidly gaining popularity among the general public in most countries. These services are becoming very important for e-commerce retailers as it is a hassle-free process. Most e-commerce companies have given their customers the option to click and collect their purchased goods from collection centers, allowing them to collect the item at their own convenience.

It is seen that in the past year more than 79% of the online shoppers have used BOPUS. With the increasing popularity of the buy online pick up in store concept, more and more retailers are trying to join this bandwagon and reap the benefits. It is becoming difficult for retailers to handle the shipping of items; hence BOPUS provides a very convenient option for them. In this article we have tried to answer some FAQs on BOPUS and how it is beneficial to everyone.

Buy Online Pick Up in Store FAQs

Many retailers are still hesitant about adopting this method for selling their goods and items to their customers. Similarly the customers are still apprehensive about using this method even though most top brands provide this facility. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on BOPUS which arise in the minds of people:

  1. Which are the most popular retailers who provide the BOPUS option for customers?

    The most popular brands and stores which provide the buy online pick up in store option include Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl's, Home Depot, Apple, Macy's, etc. More and more retailers are moving towards this convenient option on a daily basis.

  2. Is Click and Collect beneficial for retailers?

    In a survey many customers said that they would readily avail the BOPUS option if some of the retailers would provide the same. Buy online pick up in store is a convenient option for the retailers as they don't have to worry about the shipping since the customers will themselves collect the purchased items from the pickup points, thereby allowing them to cut logistics costs.

  3. What can be improved in the BOPUS process?

    Some of the customers who have availed this service complained that their goods were not available when they arrived at the store to pick it up. Others complained that they received poor customer service during the entire BOPUS process. If these minor issues are sorted out and handled well by retailers, it will help in increasing the number of BOPUS users.

  4. Which is the most popular category of goods that are sold using BOPUS?

    Customers prefer to use the BOPUS method for electronics goods mostly. They prefer to reserve the item online and go pick it up themselves at the store. The second most popular category is clothing and apparel.

  5. Why do customers opt to buy online and pick up in store (BOPUS)?

    Most of the customers who opted for BOPUS were of the opinion that they preferred this method as there were no shipping costs involved in the transaction. It is also easier for people to search the merchandise online and reserve what they require.

  6. Do customers prefer using this service again?

    As the popularity of the service increases with every passing day with the addition of great customer service many customers claimed that they will definitely use this service again. Most of the people who used this service also said that they would recommend this service to their friends.

The Future of BOPUS

As the buy online pick up in store concept gains popularity among most prevalent retailers and their customers, other retailers are now also thinking of adopting this method for better customer satisfaction. One of the main advantages of this method for the retailers is that consumers tend to buy additional stuff using this method as compared to other methods of online shopping.

Buy online pick up in store is here to stay and has a very bright looking future. Retailers need to understand that customer expectations are on the rise which puts even greater pressure on them to provide the best customer service. Retailers need to follow the universal rule of putting the customer first before anything else. This may also mean having to tie up with other partners, develop a fully functional and attractive e-commerce website, and provide exceptional after sales and customer service.

Join the BOPUS Bandwagon with Our Help

Flatworld Solutions has been providing top quality e-commerce website development services and a host of other software development services to clients around the world for over 17 years now. We understand the various requirements of an e-commerce company and provide advice on how they can implement the BOPUS process in to their current business processes. Our website developers are trained to work on the latest tools and technologies and create some of the latest designs which incorporate the latest e-commerce trends. Outsourcing to us will help save considerable amount of time and costs.

If you are looking for a partner to help you out in implementing the BOPUS process in your website or have some questions on buy online pick up at the store, feel free to write to us or talk to one of our representatives and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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