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Exploratory Testing Services

Save quality time and other resources while keeping stakeholders updated with the brisk development of the agile software process by outsourcing exploratory testing starting at just $20/hour

Exploratory testing (ET) is a cognitively challenging, multi-disciplinary task that is essential for any software development firm. As the name suggests, ET majorly involves learning and investigating new software and its functionalities. During ET, the software tester often has all the freedom to decide what has to be tested and how the time has to be managed while testing. Unlike other software testing methods, in ET, the test cases are not created in advance, but the testers check the software application on the fly. ET is a simultaneous process of designing test cases and executing them at the same time.

Exploratory testing has emerged as one of the most sought-after methods of software testing in recent times. The distinctive approach used in this method relies on human intuition and expertise of experienced testers to identify highly critical bugs at an early stage in the SDLC. Hence today it has become paramount for software developers to have exploratory testing to improve the functionality, usability, performance, security, and user experience of their software.

Flatworld Solutions has been at the forefront in offering exemplary exploratory software testing services to clients across the world. Thanks to our efficient use of cutting-edge software testing tools and an array of experienced team-members, we enable organizations to develop their software at a quicker rate and a highly competitive cost. Thus, outsourcing exemplary software to Flatworld Solutions will allow you to make efficient software in a very short time.

Our Exploratory Testing Services

With the constant growth in technological advancements, the impact of exploratory testing is constantly growing. Hiring professional and experienced software testers for carrying out ET can be extremely beneficial, as this helps businesses in accessing the best talent pool to get their software thoroughly tested. Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading exploratory testing service providers offering top-quality software testing services to global clients. Our testing processes are constantly being updated with the latest developments in the industry and are regularly being used by our professionals in the form of checklists, templates, and guidelines. Therefore, outsourcing exploratory testing services to us can provide businesses with numerous benefits and help them create efficient, bug-free software.

Flatworld Solutions offers the best in the class exploratory testing services to companies across the world. Our highly professional services and use of state-of-the-art tools for exploratory testing have made us a market leader in this segment and the ever-increasing pool of our satisfied customers is a testimony to this fact.

Some of our exploratory testing services include -

  1. Defect Categorization

    Defect Categorization

    As the name suggests, we categorize various kinds of bugs found in previous versions of the software. After the initial categorization, search for the best method to test the application for these defects. In the last stage, we reach and scrutinize the root cause behind these defects in the application.

  2. Charter Development

    Charter Development

    In this service, we create a complete detailed schedule of everything involved in the testing process. It starts by making a schedule of what needs to be tested and knowing which different aspects are to be tested. We also make a schedule of how the steps will be carried out. During this phase, our software testers start analyzing all the various test ideas.

  3. Fixed Time Testing

    Fixed Time Testing

    Fixed Time Testing is one of the most critical steps in exploratory testing. Here, our software testers test the software application for a specific amount of time without having any type of hindrances. To ensure optimum productivity and to analyze the numerous facets of the application from all possible angles, this step is mostly carried out in teams. The testers check the application response by testing the specific outcome.

  4. Analyzing Test Results

    Analyzing Test Results

    Once all tests are conducted and the results arrive, a team of highly qualified and experienced testers analyzes these test results. This part is very important as a critical analysis of the test results is crucial in understanding the various aspects of the software and to scrutinize various coverage areas.

  5. Test Result Compilation

    Test Result Compilation

    Compiling the available results is a very important aspect of exploratory testing. A neat and systematic compilation of test results enables companies to compare the test results with the original charter and to understand whether any more tests need to be conducted or not. Our team of experienced professionals is perfectly equipped with all the skills and tools to compile the test results and systemically sort them.

Exploratory Testing Process at Flatworld

An Exploratory testing process undergoes 5 stages of test preparation. This is called as session-based testing management (SBTM).


01. Test Mission

This stage involves the categorization of common types of faults found in past projects and the analysis of the root cause of the problems or faults. The testers also find the risks in the testing process and based on it come up with various ideas to test the application.


02. Test Charter

This is an essential process in exploratory testing as it determines how the end-user could use the system. The test charter suggests what things need to be tested and how they can be tested. The charter also suggests how can the specific aspects be tested and notes down the things that need to be looked at. Test ideas are very important as they are the starting point of exploration testing.


03. Test Sessions

In this process a team of testers (usually 2) working for a prolonged period which is more than 90 minutes. A key aspect of this phase is that the sessions do not have any interruptions. This session allows the testers to react to the response from the system and create the correct outcome.


04. Test Results

In this stage, the defects are evaluated and the learnings from the testing are noted down. This stage also allows testers to analyze the coverage areas.


05. Result interpretation

In the final stage, the results received are compiled and systematically arranged so that they can be compared with the charter. Based on the comparisons, the testers check whether any more testing is needed or not.

Exploratory versus Ad-hoc Testing

The benefits of exploratory testing are countless. It serves as an added layer of testing apart from the scripted testing processes and also helps in developing a highly functional software product. There has always been confusion between Ad-hoc and ET for a long time now. Both these methods have some similarities, which is why people are usually confused, however, they are certainly different. Some of the key differences between them are listed here -

Exploratory Testing
Ad-hoc testing
Exploratory Testing

Begins with exploration of the application while learning

Ad-hoc testing

Begins with analyzing the application and then testing the product

Exploratory Testing
Documentation is important to maintain the quality of testing
Ad-hoc testing
Documentation is not the basic requirement for this type of testing
Exploratory Testing
This is more about learning the application
Ad-hoc testing
This is more about perfecting the application through testing
Exploratory Testing
Helps to develop the application
Ad-hoc testing
Helps to find innovative ideas from the research
Exploratory Testing
The main focus is confined to data entry areas with interface checking
Ad-hoc testing
This testing focuses on the application and tests it repeatedly
Exploratory Testing
Works on a positive testing niche
Ad-hoc testing
Mostly, works on negative testing
Exploratory Testing
Provides determined results with algorithms, which can be used to make the application better
Ad-hoc testing
The result depends on the specific requirement and identifies problems, if any, which can be testing formally

Exploratory Testing Tools We Leverage

At Flatworld Solutions we are committed to providing the finest exploratory testing services to our clients and we achieve this by using a wide array of state-of-the-art tools. Our highly qualified teams have the experience and expertise of working on various testing tools.

Exploratory Testing is only an approach, but the effectiveness of this approach depends on using appropriate tools in each stage of the test preparation and at Flatworld Solutions, we ensure we use the finest tools. Some of these tools are listed below -

Capture for Jira Rapid Reporter qTest Explorer Test Studio Explore QTrace Testuff Rapise Test Scenario Testpad Defect Scribe Microsoft Test Manager TestRail Qualitest

Key Benefits of Exploratory Testing

  • Exploratory testing is a highly effective and proven method for finding critical bugs.
  • Exploratory testing is very useful for testing dynamic products.
  • To ensure the detection of additional bugs there is a provision for further investigation.
  • Exploratory testing allows you to overcome test automation.
  • Previous results can be used for future testing.

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource Exploratory Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

  • Efficient Thinkers

    Our testers are efficient thinkers and puzzle lovers who are inquisitive and have a strong liking towards solving complex business problems with information technology.

  • Expertise in Testing

    Our testers have expansive experience of working in Agile, CI/CD project environments, and have expertise in recognizing critical business risks.

  • Documentation and Metrics

    Flatworld Solutions is armed with all necessary tools and techniques which enable us to create metrics, track the entire process, and make precise reports to update stakeholders to enhance future test plans.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Outsourcing exploratory testing services to Flatworld Solutions will not cost a bomb to you as our services come at affordable prices so that you end up saving valuable time and money. We provide top-quality services at extremely affordable prices. Our pricing can be customized based on the software application complexity, scope of testing, etc.

  • Data Security and ISO Certification

    We offer the most professional services to our clients as a part of it to ensure that we provide complete data security. All software applications and data you share with us for testing purposes are safe and not leaked to any third party.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have state-of-the-art infrastructure, which allows us to provide our customers with world-class services and ensure that the software is completely bug-free.

  • Use of Latest Technologies

    We make use of some of the cutting-edge software exploratory testing tools and technologies including Selenium, LoadRunner, WiMax, SoapUI, Visual Studio Team System, etc.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Software testing is one of the essential steps in the software development cycle. Therefore, we ensure that the applications are efficiently tested well within time and the results are delivered on time, thereby preventing any delay in your overall project.

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Outsource Exploratory Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading companies in India providing quick and efficient software exploratory testing services to global clients. Being in the industry for over a decade, we have catered to numerous businesses with different types of software application testing needs. We provide extremely cost-effective and high-quality testing services. Having multiple delivery centers across the globe, we provide quick and effective testing services to all our clients, spread across different time zones. ET can prove to be an additional layer of testing, can cover some areas which were missed in scripted testing, and help in the development of a superior product.

With a wide pool of satisfied customers, Flatworld Solutions has a proven track record of providing quality services at the most competitive price and the earliest. Our expansive experience and expertise in handling clients from various verticals make us the ideal option for handling software from different domains and types.

If you want a trusted, accurate, efficient, and cost-effective exploratory testing service providing company, then Flatworld Solutions is the best option for you. Get in touch with our team today and experience the best exploratory testing services!

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