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Android Nougat is finally out now and most industry analysts have termed it as another feature-refining build of the Android OS. With optimizations throughout and several little tweaks, Google's Android 7.0 is expected to significantly change the way people interact with the mobile apps. While Nougat 7.0 is launched initially for the Google's Nexus devices after months of developer preview testing, this final version of the mobile OS is more stable and possesses a lot of stunning features.

5 Most Promising Features of Android 7.0

There are several new features in Android 7.0 which make it one of the most revolutionizing mobile OS. Here are the top features and functionalities that Android Nougat 7.0 possesses and how it will alter the app experience for the users.

  1. The Settings Menu has Become More Efficient

    Settings Menu has Become More Efficient

    The "Settings Menu" in Android has always been very efficient and relatively simple place, with everything arranged in an easy to use list. But, Nougat has made the Settings Menu much more efficacious and simple to use. One of the additions in the Nougat version of Android 7.0 is, "Suggestions" option at the menu's top. This suggestions feature provides the information about the things which you may not have set up yet and Google thinks that these would be helpful for you.

    With Nougat 7.0, Google also added a feature which most us never expected in the Settings menu. This feature adds the relevant information under each option placed in the Settings Menu's list. For instance, the Wi-Fi menu entry shows the name of the Wi-Fi connection your device is connected with, just like the Bluetooth. 'Data Usage' option in the settings menu now shows how much data you have used so far, without even entering the menu.

    Another of the Android Nougat improvements is that the top-left Hamburger menu is now included in the Settings Menu. This implies that if you want to jump between the menus, you need not to go back to the main Settings menu. You can easily tap the menu button on the upper left, and tap wherever you want to go.

  2. Support For Multi-Window Apps

    Support For Multi-Window Apps

    This is one of the most headlining features that can be considered among the most pioneering Android 7.0 improvements. The Android devices powered by Nougat 7.0 will now be able to show the multi-window apps on the split-screen. While it sounds very exciting that users would now be able to access multiple apps through a single screen, but in practice it may be a bit disappointing.

    In order to use this feature, all you need to do is long-press the overview button in order to shrink the current app on the top half of the screen, and in the left half in the landscape mode. As soon as the current app is shrunk, the list of other open apps is showed to the user so that you can choose one of the apps for the other half. However, if an application is on a very old API level or its developer has specifically opted to block the multi-window feature, then such apps will not be able to let users view and use multiple apps on a single screen.

    Though, many major issues with this feature have not been encountered by users, but most of the apps do not possess an official multi-window support. One of the apps which will never work in the split screen is the Netflix app. Another new feature is the double-tap shortcut for switching the apps, and is quite fantastic.

  3. Bundling of the New Notifications In a Single Expandable Item

    Bundling New Notifications In a Single Item

    The notifications are among the most stock Android features which are implemented by most of the OEMs without many changes. But, Nougat has introduced many changes in the old notification system, and the notifications of the Nougat 7.0 are much more powerful when compared to the Marshmallow. However, some users may find these notifications a little overwhelming initially.

    All the active notifications from an app are bundled together by the Nougat into a single expandable item for presenting them to the user. For instance, if you have received several notifications from Gmail, you can expand the Gmail's notification option to check each notification with a precise description. Moreover, you can expand these individual notifications to see the detailed information along with the action buttons for each of the notification.

    The messaging apps which support the Nougat's new feature offering the flexibility to directly reply through the notifications are limited at the moment, but soon these will be available.

  4. Customizable Quick Settings

    Customizable Quick Settings

    Among the most interesting and alluring Android 7.0 changes and updates is the complete revamp of the "Quick Settings UI". Earlier versions of Android used to represent the settings at the top of the expandable notification pane. But, with Android 7.0, these settings have become customizable. Now, the users get an edit button in this menu which they can use for adding, deleting and rearranging the items in the menu. First few buttons can easily be seen at the top of the un-expanded quick settings UI. This will make the things much easier for the mobile users who need to access a few mobile functionalities more frequently as compared to the others.

    While this feature may not seem to be one of the huge changes in the Android's offerings to its users because, most OEMs have had some type of customizable quick settings in their devices. But, still this is one of the huge improvements for those who prefer the stock Android. However, if the OEMs leverage the Google's stock code for this particular feature, they can offer some of the most attractive features in their devices which the users would love to use. This would certainly change the way we used to interact with the mobile apps.

  5. Faster Installation of the Apps and Upgrades

    Faster Installation of the Apps and Upgrades

    Most of the times, we update our phone for the different apps in it, it takes a lot of time. The most difficult part of the mobile updating is that the mobile cannot be used for the duration it is being updated. Nougat 7.0 has found a solution for this and is finally making his process of mobile updates and apps upgradation much faster.

    Android Nougat has updated the Android Runtime, generally termed as ART to allow faster installation of the updates. This implies that apps will not only get installed much faster, but also update more quickly. This is one of the things that most Android users were waiting for.

    These are some of the ways that Google has improved its mobile OS and introduced a better version with a plethora of useful features for the users. Android Nougat 7.0 is indeed going to increase the popularity of Android based devices considerably.

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