Outsource STO Development Services

STO Development Services

Outsource STO development services to FWS and leverage the blockchain & STO expertise of our developers at prices starting at $20/hour

STOs (Security Token Offerings) are the crypto tokens powered by blockchain technology. STOs consist of tradable and tangible assets such as land, shares, gold and so on which are used to raise funds from all over the world. This will help the STO holders to build trust and attract investment for their business and other assets from investors, internationally.

An STO should be highly encrypted and secured from any threats that can cause a loss to the STO holder. At FWS, we have highly experienced people in the STO development department who are helping our clients for over a decade in developing highly encrypted and secure STOs. As a security token offering development company, we adhere to the law and guidelines of local governments.

STO Development Services We Offer

It's been over a decade since we have been providing STO development services to hundreds of clients hailing from different countries around the world. Though we consider the federal rules and laws of the particular land, the requirements of clients vary constantly. Our STO development services include -

  1. Equity Token Development Services

    Equity Token Development Services

    Our team uses blockchain technology to develop equity tokens that help companies to raise funds and issue equity as quickly as possible. Our equity token development services offer voting / non-voting rights, reliable dividend payouts, and faster transactions.

  2. Asset-based Token Development Services

    Asset-based Token Development Services

    Our developers use blockchain technology to develop asset-based security token offerings to investors who are ready to tokenize their tangible assets such as properties, houses, offices, cars, etc. As an STO development company, we help real estate start-ups tokenize their assets and invest in much bigger opportunities.

  3. Debt Token Development Services

    Debt Token Development Services

    Our debt token development service enables business owners of all stripes to raise money from debt investors by tokenizing assets representing debt securities like mortgages or corporate bonds with smart contracts.

  4. Intellectual Property Based Development Services

    Intellectual Property Based Development Services

    At FWS, our STO development services team develops tokens that provide Intellectual Property (IP) rights for investors who can avail patents and copyrights. This enables investors to raise funds based on the ideas that they have converted into tradable securities through token developments.

  5. Utility Token Development Services

    Utility Token Development Services

    Utility tokens are developed by our experts which help the companies to tokenize on the value or the worth of the project, company, or the other assets of the organization. These are kinds of tokens that bring in the fund for the development of business projects.

Our STO Development Process

As an STO development service provider, we have come a long way serving clients, analyzing various requirements, analyzing the process flows, and improving ourselves each time. After long research, we have figured out an efficient process flow that has always enabled us to deliver quality services at a shorter turnaround time when clients outsource STO development services to us. Key steps in our process include -


01. Requirement Gathering

Once you agree to outsource STO development services to us, our dedicated manager will call you to gather all the requirements in detail. Since we understand that different clients have different requirements, we let our clients take enough time to clarify on requirements


02. Requirement Analysis and Costing

Once we receive the complete requirements, we scrutinize the requirements thoroughly to understand the details and plan the workflow based on the requirements. Once the requirement is analyzed, costing will be done based on it and a complete quotation will be sent to you


03. Finalizing the Cost and Team Allotment

Once the prices are finalized by you, the requirements will be passed on to a dedicated team who will carry out the work as per the requirements. When you outsource STO development services to us, we always have the non-disclosure agreement signed by all our employees which assures you of no data leakage through our employees


04. Security Token Offering Development

Our highly experienced and skilled team will work on your STO requirement keeping the federal requirements and laws of trade in mind. As an STO development services company, we always make sure our process flow is strictly followed to develop secured tokens at a shorter turnaround time


05. Security Check and Token Handover

Once the security token is generated, there will be a strict double check on the security of tokens to check whether they are susceptible to any data theft or phishing. Once it meets all the standard guidelines, it will be handed over to you

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Security Token Development to Flatworld Solutions?

When you outsource STO development services to us, we always ensure to provide standard services as per the international markets. But there are hundreds of companies who provide STO development services and why should you choose us over them for STO development? Well! There are additional advantages you get to enjoy when you outsource STO development services to us. Here are some of them -

  • Lower Costs

    At FWS, we have dedicated teams working on STO development. A dedicated team filled with expertise working on STO development with world-class infrastructure will always let us finish the project within a shorter time. This will lead to lower costs per service.

  • 100% Confidentiality

    As an STO development services company, we give utmost importance to the confidentiality of every information belonging to clients and the services. All our employees agree to non-disclosure agreements and our in-house servers are highly secured with encrypted login and entry to restricted authorities.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    To enable our team to work at a quicker rate without any hassles, we have world-class infrastructure that helps our team to deliver the most secured and encrypted STO development services.

  • Shortest Turnaround Time

    With a highly experienced team, world-class infrastructure, higher data security, and an efficient process flow, we deliver our services within the shortest turnaround time compared to industry standards.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    As an STO development services company, we have developed security tokens for clients who actively working in different time zones. To provide them with constant support, we have our client support team working 24/7 shift-wise.

  • Single Point of Contact

    In a business, communication between the client and the service provider plays a major role for service providers in delivering faster services with accuracy and quality. To enable the right communication between us and our clients, we always prefer a single point of contact.

  • Dedicated Team

    To deliver quality services when a team is working on multiple projects is highly impossible. As a security token offering development company, we have understood how critical it is to have a dedicated team when developing a security token. At FWS, we never let a team work on more than one project at any given time.

  • Industry Expertise

    With a team of hundreds of experts who have worked in the STO development field for over a decade, it is safe to say that your token development will be done by the experts of the industry when you outsource.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    When our team develops the security tokens, they always adhere to international regulatory guidelines like compliance with ERC-20, ERC-721, and ST-20 tokenization standards. They also adhere to the federal regulations of states.

  • Automated Rights

    You will gain complete rights over the illiquid assets to profit sharing and programmable equity in the form of tokens.

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We thank FWS for the excellent job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working.

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Outsource Security Token Development to Flatworld Solutions

FWS has been a leading STO development service provider in the world for numerous years now. With several veterans having the experience of working with clients coming from different states and requirements, our team can deliver high-quality STO development services keeping in mind different federal and regulatory guidelines. When you outsource STO development services to us, be assured that you will receive security tokens developed under a highly controlled environment to protect them from any digital threats. We possess a huge workforce, world-class infrastructure, and flexible pricing options to cater varying needs of the customers.

So, if you need a trustworthy, effective, and reliable STO development company, then Flatworld Solutions is the right choice for you. Contact us now to outsource security token development services and know more.

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