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In this age of cutthroat competition, a business owner needs multiple advertising channels to market his business, and get profitable returns. As global enterprises, large and small, increasingly deviate towards an online-only approach for marketing their businesses, it becomes exceptionally important for your website to project a professional, positive image of your company. A fully responsive website template design can not only make your desktops, tablets or mobile phones look good, but also lend creditability to your business.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have been at the forefront of offering website design, and custom template design services for close to 20 years. We have created innovative and user-friendly website template designs for global customers, enabling you to increase website traffic and business revenue.

Custom Template Design Services at Flatworld Solutions

All our website templates are custom designed and created according to your specifications. Our team of template designers has a vast exposure dealing with clients all over the world, as a result of which frequent outsourcing worries such as miscommunication, language barriers and cultural differences can be safely avoided, when you outsource your services to us. Our expert template designers are well-versed at creating the different types of custom template designs, including the ones given below -

Custom Joomla! Template Design

Joomla! is an open-source content management system (CMS), and has been downloaded more than 70 million times for publishing web content. Our expert designers can create uniquely designed Joomla! templates compatible with the latest versions (Joomla! 3.4), which are fully responsive and mobile ready to project your business image in a professional manner.

Some of the highlights for our Joomla! template design services are -

  • Offering you a wide variety of module positions and flexible layouts to suit the nature of your business (retail, corporate website, school website, online magazines, e-commerce websites etc.)
  • Developing initial wireframe, color schemes and font selection, all of which are finalized only after client approval
  • Ability to convert existing PSD files to a Joomla! template
  • Supplying the source files for all original designs after project completion

Custom Ebay Template Design

eBay, the e-commerce giant, has revolutionized business-to-consumer sales over the internet. As an eBay seller amongst a thousand others, it is especially important that your eBay store template looks differentiated from the rest.

By outsourcing custom eBay template design services to us, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Fully responsive and mobile compatible design optimized to load faster
  • All our template designs have custom galleries, where product images can be enlarged upon by either clicking, or mouse hover
  • Unique eBay store-specific design elements such as top and side navigation bars and promo banners
  • Precise Color palette and logo matching for a cohesive design
  • Apart from custom eBay template designs, we can also design website templates for other popular e-commerce websites, as well as for small businesses

Custom WordPress Template Design

Although typically considered as a blogging platform, over the years WordPress has evolved as a one-stop-shop for standard non-blogging websites as well, due to its rock solid framework, and its user-friendly CMS capabilities. Our technically skilled WordPress designers have worked with clients for various WordPress based websites, without compromising on quality and within an affordable budget.

Some of the benefits of our WordPress template design services are -

  • We can develop a custom WordPress theme based on your preferences, or bring your self-designed PSD files to life by converting it into a fully functional WordPress theme template
  • All our WordPress templates support semantic coding for efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Unique, personalized designs which are compatible with all web browsers
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Google+ etc.), and custom comment boxes to accommodate a growing audience

Along with WordPress theme templates, we also design unique, user friendly and highly affordable custom templates for the following publishing platforms -

  • Blogger Template Design
  • Tumblr Template Design
  • Medium Template Design
  • Quora Template Design
  • Squarespace Template Design
  • Read more about our WordPress Development Services

The Requirement for Custom Template Design Services

According to multiple research statistics, 94% users find unintuitive and poorly designed websites untrustworthy. Choosing our professional services for custom template design is especially useful under the following circumstances -

  • A tight budget which doesn't allow finances for a custom website design
  • Short development timeframes, or when you need to get a website up and running as soon as possible
  • You have very limited content which you can showcase on your website
  • You are a single business owner of a small start-up/personal business, and do not require a complex website
  • You only require a website which serves as a "business card"

Why Outsource Custom Template Design Services?

Choosing our custom website template designs is more beneficial in the long run as compared to choosing amongst hundreds of pre-made templates available online. Some of the benefits of our custom template design services are -

  • Overall layout, color palette and structure of the website template is created in a format which makes it easy for you to add information and content
  • Our professionally designed templates lend credibility to your website unlike generic pre-made templates
  • All our template designs are SEO ready, fully optimized for responsiveness, and lightweight
  • Each and every one of our template designs are thoroughly tested for browser compatibility (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)
  • Our after-sales support ensures that even after delivery of the custom template, we are always there to help you get the website up and running, and answer all your queries
  • Short turnaround times to ensure you website goes live as soon as possible
  • Superior quality designs, customized according to your choice, at highly affordable prices

FWS - Your Ideal Partner for Custom Website Template Design Services

At Flatworld Solutions, our team of expert web designers ensures that your website not only portrays your business in the best possible light, but also stands out from the crowd. With our technical expertise in developing website templates for a wide range of platforms, we assure you of hassle-free and affordable custom template design services.

No matter what type of website you require, be it business, personal, e-commerce, portfolio etc., our expert software development services ensure that it is easier than ever to get your website live, and start generating business.

Contact us today for professionally coded, fully secure XHTML/CSS website templates.

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