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Are your marketing campaigns yielding the right results? Just how effective are your campaigns in sales conversion? Effective campaign analysis can answer these and other questions that have a direct bearing on your marketing spend.

A typical online marketing cycle comprises of 4 phases:

  1. Visitor Reach: This phase involves gaining the attention of prospective visitors
  2. Acquisition: The next stage is summarized by the success of getting these prospective visitors to your website
  3. Conversion: Conversion usually means getting visitors to take action on your website, such as, filling up an inquiry form, buying your product / service etc.
  4. Retention: Retention involves getting a customer to buy from you again.

A major portion of marketing campaigns are usually devoted to acquiring visitors to your websites and then converting them into customers. Unless you effectively track and measure visitor reach, you might be spending huge sums of money in the wrong marketing initiative.

Web marketing campaign analysis by Flatworld

Flatworld has varied experience in accurately measuring your marketing campaigns from a macro level perspective down to the finest detail of an activity in the campaign. Marketing campaigns can come from both online and offline channels such as:

  • Online channels: Email marketing, affiliate marketing, Search marketing (PPC), PR initiatives etc.
  • Offline channels: Print media, Flyers, Direct mail campaigns, TV & Radio etc.

Campaign Analytics

To achieve more out of your marketing campaigns, it is important to analyze each element of every campaign that you undertake. Based on the analysis you can either tweak your campaigns for better results or remove the non performing ones.

Flatworld Solutions' campaign analytics can provide you with an insight into the behavior of your visitors once they click on a banner ad or a search keyword and come to your site through a campaign landing page (as shown in the figure below).

Campaign Analytics

The above figure illustrates the various stages from the time a visitor sees an ad until the final conversion. At every stage, you can see a certain percentage of visitors dropping off. You can effectively measure this drop off through website campaign analytics.

Flatworld can work with you to:

  1. Setup key performance indicators and custom dashboards for your campaigns
  2. Design, plan and implement campaigns
  3. Custom analysis of various elements in a marketing campaign
  4. Provide design recommendations for landing pages to ensure better conversion

Get these questions answered when you use our campaign analytics services:

  • Which set of landing pages are helping you convert the most visitors?
  • Which channels send you the most traffic?
  • What keywords, ad groups and search engines send you the most engaging visitors with a low bounce rate?
  • What different marketing channels bring you the most number of cost- effective visitors to your website?
  • Which one performs better - online channels or offline channels?
  • Does geography and visitor demographics have an impact on your marketing spend?
  • Has your visitor interaction / engagement increased when compared to last month?
  • Which ad groups and landing pages are underperforming?
  • Which referral sources are sending your site quality traffic which is resulting in conversion?
  • Which of your PR activities have yielded the most traffic and/or conversions?
  • Which social media have sent the most engaging visitors?

Various aspects of analytics such as your visitor's browser, demographics, keyword analysis, media channels and geography can have a direct affect on how a particular campaign is performing.

Analyzing these and other elements in your campaign can provide you with insightful information that can help you increase website traffic and reduce the cost of acquiring and converting visitors. We can also work with Google analytics campaigns as well as other tools that you might be currently using to manage your marketing activities.

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