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Fast paced technological advancements and the need to offer innovative solutions to existing problems justifies the increasing demand for corporate training programs. Corporate IT programs perfectly address the skill development needs of your human resources, make them more productive, keep them moving ahead in their career, and also help you surpass your organizational goals.

The productivity of your resources is directly linked to the amount of skill and motivation they possess, therefore, it becomes extremely important to conduct corporate IT training programs for your workforce on a continuous basis.

Our Service Portfolio

Flatworld Solutions offers comprehensive corporate training services to address the IT training needs of your organization -

  1. Project Preparatory Program

    Do your resources lack the key skills to take up the next project or assignment? Our expert project preparatory corporate training is what you may need. We first understand the specific skills that need to be imparted based on your upcoming projects, and then design a program which specifically addresses the skill gap. These trainings are not generic skill enhancement programs and focuses only on increasing the capability of your resources to successfully complete the project.

  2. Skill Updation Program

    Our skill updation programs are aimed at improving the current skills of your resources on any specific technology, software updates, or new software versions to the latest that is available in the domain. This helps your personnel to stay updated and be confident to use the latest technology to successfully deliver your ambitious IT projects.

  3. Certification Programs

    Our certified and experienced trainers excel at delivering certification courses to your resources on various technologies like Microsoft, CISCO, RedHat Linux, Oracle, Java, etc. We also facilitate various mock tests for your employees to make them adept at cracking these certification courses with ease.

  4. Work Readiness Training Program

    Most companies find that the learning curve for fresh recruits is extremely long and it takes on an average around six months for them to get work ready. This is extremely long and lowers your human resource ROI. Our work readiness corporate training program is specifically designed to make your fresh recruits work ready in the least possible time resulting in increased productivity and business ROI.

Why Choose Us for Corporate Training & Development?

Flatworld Solutions is at the top of the game when it comes to providing exhaustive IT training programs for global corporates. There are many reasons why corporates choose us to deliver these programs to their employees, some of these reasons are -

  • Experienced and Certified Trainers

    We have employed experienced trainers certified on various technologies like Microsoft, Oracle, Java, Linux, SAP, etc., with over a decade of corporate training experience. This makes our trainers adept and objective driven when handling corporate training programs.

  • Fully Customized Training Programs

    We understand that corporate training courses are very different from academic and other professional trainings as most corporate trainings are objective driven and call for heavy customization to the otherwise standard training modules. Our services are aimed to ensure faster outcome

  • Unique Pedagogy

    Due to our vast experience in delivering corporate trainings, we have developed a unique training methodology which increases the overall training experience and effectiveness. We consider certain aspects to enhance the overall effectiveness of the program, like -

    • Experience of the participants
    • Skill level that needs to be delivered (intermediate to advanced or basic to intermediate, etc.)
    • Timing of the training
    • Overall duration for the training
    • Assessment patterns
  • Post-training Support

    Our trainers ensure that your resources continue to enjoy our expert support post training, which helps them to practically put to use the skills that they have gained during the course of the training.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    We have handled corporate training for small start-ups to multi-nationals and offer cost-effective solutions based on your skill enhancement and budgetary objectives.

Outsource your Corporate IT Training Requirements to Flatworld Solutions

Now training your resources is just three simple steps away -

  • Share your training requirements with us
  • Our expert trainers will talk to you and custom design a training program for maximum effectiveness, as per your objectives
  • Share the cost estimates and deliver the training on-site or off-site as per your needs

Contact us now for your corporate training needs and increase your employee ROI.

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