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The Covid-19 pandemic has led many worldwide businesses to reconsider their business strategy, owing to the challenges they faced during the tough time. The biggest challenge remains to manage remote employees and keeping their productivity levels intact. While many employees have the resources, such as laptops and computers to operate remotely without any hassle, it became a costly business for organizations to arrange for infrastructure, software, etc. for each of their employees. The time, money, and resources spent on IT maintenance impact their overall growth.

The newly embraced remote work situation generated quite a few concerns for the IT departments or organizations.

  • Tracking the exact location of their employee to know if they're working or not.
  • Tracking the time they logged in and the total hours they have been active on their desktop.
  • Managing devices to track employees
  • Managing IT software remotely and providing software updates and troubleshooting.
  • Is the private and confidential data being sent over the internet safely?

To cater to all of these concerns, you might want to consider choosing VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to streamline management and workflow in your organization.

Overview of VDI

A virtual desktop is exactly like how you have a desktop in your office, with the same look and feel. It is designed to help you deliver the "in-office" experience to your employees while they work from home so their work doesn't suffer and they continue to deliver quality work.

The virtual desktop is hosted on dedicated physical servers and made accessible in the cloud for all its users. While traditional office spaces have multiple desktops lined across various cubicles, with all of these computers accessing the same server for files and applications, VDs have all your business data and applications managed via a data center. This means, that you can access the data remotely via multiple devices at a time, and not necessarily through a computer. That's right, you can also access the virtual desktop via your mobile.

Moreover, it's not always the case that VDIs are utilized in a remote work situation only.

Many organizations also use a VDI solution for in-office settings that helps them enhance security by housing their operating system in the cloud. Your physical devices or the desktops that you work on are just a gateway to access your operating system in the cloud. Even if your device gets affected by a virus or any harmful malware your VDI platform stays untouched.

What Are VDI Services For?

Incorporating VDI in an organization requires an IT team to deploy, manage, and maintain the VDI environment. You can either have in-house IT staff to do that work for you or hire a cloud service provider from the market that offers you virtual desktops on a subscription basis and also takes care of the IT support in the backend.

Here's what a VDI service provider can help you with -

  • Identifying workforce needs by aligning the needs of the business with IT services. Every employee's needs are catered to and addressed.
  • VDI blueprint based on the architecture, budget, and requirements of a business.
  • VDI deployment includes implementation of the design so users get access to their virtual desktops in no time.
  • Health check that involves diagnosing and troubleshooting errors and glitches in the virtual desktop.
  • The service providers work with the business during the production stage to optimize the platform and applications integrating everything from service desks and reporting processes.

Benefits of Utilizing a VDI Service

A well-managed VDI service provider can help a business' IT help desk to prevent burnout, improve their end-user experience, and provide 24/7/365 support so their business keeps running without a halt.

Here are the major benefits you get when you choose to work with a VDI service provider.

  1. Easy Accessibility from Anywhere

    Working on traditional office desktops cannot guarantee 24/7 support to clients. The moment you log off from your computers, work cannot be resumed. The entire work progress depends on you showing up to the office, which isn't feasible when you're sick or on a vacation.

    By opting for VDI as a service, you could ensure that you and your team can access your data, whether or not you're available, at any given point in time. The desktops are directly delivered to the user's end-point devices from the provider's cloud servers. You can access the desktop via your smartphones, laptops, or tablets. This allows employees to work while traveling and reduce office hours, which also helps in increasing their productivity and reducing stress.

  2. Eliminate Overall Cost

    There are many cost parameters involved in successfully running an enterprise. Firstly, you need to set up an entire infrastructure and space for your employees to work in and then provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and systems to work with. And then comes the additional costs including electricity, cabling, transport, etc. On top of that, you need an IT staff that does all the maintenance work and installs the required software and tools for operating.

    Now imagine, saving on all of these expenses with the ongoing trend of remote work and the expected rise of the trend in the future. You could do it all using VDI services that don't require office space, additional maintenance costs, and you won't need to hire an internal IT team to manage anything. It can all be managed by your remote team who would provide you round-the-clock support, irrespective of the size of your organization.

  3. Enhanced Security

    Local servers and desktops are vulnerable to various surrounding threats and malware that could cost you your precious company data. There could be sudden power surges, or you could be a victim of data breaches and theft.

    With VDI services, you can stay assured that your data is safe on the backend, even if your local desktop gets affected. This is because the data resides in remote cloud servers that are heavily safeguarded via multi-level security including multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, traffic analysis, OS patching, antivirus management, group policy controls, ransomware protection, and more.

    Moreover, even if you lose all your data in an unfortunate calamity or event such as an earthquake, or any sort of damage, most VDI services offer disaster recovery to replicate your data and apps on data centers located in diverse locations.

  4. Unlimited Storage Space

    Do you fear you might run out of data someday?

    With VDI services, you won't. You are inevitably bound to outgrow your limited space at some point as your business starts to grow and as your teams start expanding. With the VDI service, you won't need to add periodic backup servers every time you run out of data. VDI services offer unlimited space on their cloud servers, which is backed up automatically on a daily or hourly basis, so you could only focus on your tasks at hand, without worrying about anything else.

    As the world is shifting towards remote work culture and embracing it very much, working from home would likely be the future of corporates. With that given, you might as well gear up to bring mobility, security, and scalability in your business to thrive in this revolutionizing era. Opting for VDI as a service can help you achieve that.

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