Outsource Education Software Development Services

Education Software Development Services

Get a scalable, flexible, and custom education software developed that evolves and grows with your institute and seeds a robust foundation for long-term profitability.

The education sector is a human-centered industry that has recently synchronized with modern teaching methods. If you are not yet familiar with the education sector or have an established educational institution, you need to apply training methods that can keep up with technological change and help you find solutions to survive, evolve, and grow in the current education industry.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of educational software development services in India with more than 10 years of experience in providing e-learning software development solutions. We have a number of solution architects, analysts, developers, designers and programmers who can develop educational software solutions to change the way you provide education. With our services, you can offer training in both traditional and modern ways. Our solutions can also be of use to administrators, lecturers, and students.

Education Software Development Services We Offer

We can develop e-learning software solutions to cater to your needs of maintaining academic syllabus & schedules, attendance management solutions, library management solutions, content management solutions, and a plethora of other educational software development services for your educational institute. A few education software development solutions that we offer are -

We can develop e-learning software solutions tailored to your curriculum appointment compliance requirements, library management solutions, attendance management solutions, and a variety of other software requirements for your institute. Some education software development solutions we offer include -

  1. Learning Management System Development

    Learning Management System Development

    We offer comprehensive operational learning management solutions, including enterprise management, content management, storage and reporting tool development, performance assessment, digital platform design solutions, and more.

  2. Educational Website Development

    Educational Website Development

    We have expertise in developing many e-learning software and have an aggregate experience of around 10 years in creating websites and portals for the educational institutes. Our developers are skilled in several languages and frameworks, including HTML5, jQuery, Java, AngularJS, JavaScript, SaaS, etc. Our experts can use these technologies to develop a cutting-edge class management system, mobile websites, newsfeed, and curriculum.

  3. Platform-specific Web-based Training Software Development

    Platform-specific Web-based Training Software Development

    As part of our web-based training solutions, we can create portals for conducting online training, webinar sessions, provide one-to-one lessons, and more. We can create tailor-made training solutions on the platform you choose. Our programmers have expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, .NET, Python, PHP, and so on, enabling us to merge custom features such as e-commerce and integration with content management systems to create personalized branding.

  4. Course Design & Development

    Course Design & Development

    If you have decided to outsource education and e-learning software application development, our developers can develop the course content of your institute. We can integrate video, graphics, voice, animated quiz questions, and multimedia production processes into the course.

  5. Integrated Student Information System Development

    Integrated Student Information System Development

    We can customize the student information system and include a range of features, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics, etc. This allows you to create a centralized repository where your students can access and communicate with the system. In addition, our developers can also integrate the system into other training software that includes a learning management system and tracking system.

  6. School Management Software Development

    School Management Software Development

    As part of our educational software development services, school management software can help your institute simplify operations by bringing together school events. We can also assimilate major communication channels together to facilitate the sharing and updating school events via email or WhatsApp. In addition, the software can be used to integrate with other educational apps.

Our Education Software Development Process

If you outsource the development of education software development, we will validate and streamline the training process. The steps include -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering

We begin the development of the training software by finding the central objective of your website, setting goals, and determining the viability of the end-product. Later, we categorize the collated info and plan the education and e-learning software application development steps

Design Preparation  

02. Design Preparation

This step starts with creating a sitemap that contains the main functionality of the website and the associated design procedures


03. Coding

At this stage, your product idea will mature into a live program. Our developers connect the site to the server by writing the initial codes and integrating them later to the server


04. Testing

Our team of testers will test the website or the software with the set of unit codes to identify any errors or performance issues. The process involves complete testing of the form, compatibility, and codes


05. Deployment

To ensure that the site reaches its intended outcome, it will be first launched only for the internal teams. And if everything fits the intended result, we will make it live and provide you with the set of documents to facilitate execution and maintenance

Education Software Development Tools We Leverage

Our extensive expertise in software development for educational intuitions enables us to develop educational websites by using a variety of tools. Some of the tools and technologies we use for education and e-learning software application development are -

AngularJS Atom Bootstrap C/C++ Eclipse Java Java SE JDBC Linux Mac OS X Microsoft .NET Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Windows NetBeans nw.js Objective-C Oracle Database Oracle PL/SQL PHP python REST API SOAP WSDL SQL WINDEV Express XML XOJO XSLT

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS for Education Software Development?

Flatworld Solutions has expertise in the education software application development and has supported several institutions with e-education software development solutions. With over 10 years of experience in developing educational software, we can customize the websites and apps to your specific needs. Some benefits of outsourcing education software development to us include -

  • Cost-effective Educational Software Development

    If you need powerful software at a great price, look nowhere else. Our education software development experts can curtail development expenses by implementing the industry best software development strategies and provide you with the end-product at a very affordable price.

  • 100% Information Security

    Flatworld Solutions has obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, demonstrating our commitment to protecting your business and personal information.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our workstations feature state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest development, coding and testing tools. In addition, our offices have 200% backup power, independent internet leased circuits, etc.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    Our company has over 10 delivery centers around the world that enables us to make use of the expertise of local resources and collect customer information at the source. This way, we can start the project in the shortest possible time.

  • Data Security

    All our workspaces have a powerful network of vulnerability scanners, firewall management and anti-malware systems that always protect your data.

  • Expert Team

    We select our education software development experts who are capable to use the open source and modern data architecture to create simple to complex education software development solutions. With the perfect combination of programmers, solution architects, analysts, testers, and consultants, you will witness 100% transparency at every software development stage.

  • Best Quality

    All the end software undergoes a rigorous testing process. Our testing team follows all the major international coding best practices and ensures that the software they create meets your expectations.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We offer our education software development services 24/7/7 days a week. We will also assign a project manager dedicated to your project who can provide insight into real time. If you have any questions, our call center staff is always available. You can always call or chat with them at a convenient time.

  • Faster TAT

    We have integrated agile methodologies into our education software development services that enable us to accelerate the speed of turnarounds. Our software team is focused on curtailing waste and shaping the development projects accordingly.

  • Scalability

    Our education software development services are always designed to meet your needs. This eliminates unnecessary investment in infrastructure, administrative costs, etc. on your side and you only must pay for the services that you receive.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Developed an e-Learning Platform for a Renowned IT Organization

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Flatworld Solutions, a leading provider of educational software development services, has an expanded suite of developers and designers who can provide you with a high degree of scalability and flexibility for your educational software. We deliver high-quality software at affordable prices with exceptional support. With around 20 years of experience in custom software development, we have extensive technical know-how and are result focused.

We believe educational software can increase the productivity of your teachers and students. Approach us now to leverage the best education software development solutions that evolves and grows with your institution and creates the foundation for long-term gains.

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