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Web analytics data auditing refers to the process of ensuring that the required historical web traffic data that is collected, is completely free of errors. If your organization is looking for accurate and cost-effective web analytics data auditing services, then you have come to the right place. Flatworld Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of web analytics data auditing services and can effectively meet all your business needs.

Your web analytics software can help you to create a number of reports for your use. But if the data used in the report is not correct, then any decision taken on the basis of that will be incorrect and thus harmful for the business. Flatworld can conduct data auditing for you to find out abnormality, common mistakes, page views that should not be counted as real page views and others. It can also help you get rid of unwanted data right at the time of data collection itself so that the reports are proper.

If you do not have any web analytics solution, then our web analytics software configuration services can help you choose the right software that will ensure that the data collected is free from any unwanted errors.

Web analytics data auditing methodology at Flatworld Solutions

  1. Eliminating crawler data: Depending on how popular your site is, crawlers visit your website from different search engines. If you are looking for an accurate web analytics report, then you will need to eliminate these crawlers. Flatworld has its exhaustive database of crawlers to compare and eliminate. If the crawlers do not belong to the specific list, then it is identified based on its behavior
  2. Automated software: There are instances where people can use automated software to crawl the site. This can also result in incorrect data. Flatworld can eliminate the data based on the deviations, in nature of traffic
  3. Non-relevant requests: Flatworld eliminates unwanted requests from the web traffic data to derive at a correct report
  4. Eliminating traffic based on user segments: There could be various user segments who you would want to exclude at the log file level itself. Flatworld can help you do that easily
  5. Error page: Any request sent to the server that sends an error is considered to be an error page. Flatworld can remove it from the web traffic data to provide an accurate picture. We can also provide a detailed error report for your webmaster to take action

Flatworld can optimize your website content, target a 'quality' audience and improve its usability. It can detect blockage in the navigation of the website. It can also increase customer acquisition and improve the marketing ROI with their efficient website traffic tracking solutions.

Flatworld Solutions - Your ideal data auditing services partner

There are various benefits of outsourcing your data auditing services to Flatworld Solutions. They are:

  • The web analytics data auditing services of Flatworld ensure that the website content reaches a quality audience
  • It ensures that you eliminate non-human activity and non-successful page views on your website
  • Flatworld ensures top level security of the data. The data access is restricted to relevant people. It provides a complete secure computing environment with data archiving and recovery facilities

Flatworld has access to a variety of licensed web analytics tools like WebTrends, HitBox, ClickTracks, Omniture and Google Analytics. We choose which tools to use where, depending on a variety of factors like the size of the site, the number of users, the reporting frequency and various others.

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