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Today's businesses feel the dire requirement to create beautiful, intuitive, and high-performance mobile applications so that they can be on the same wavelength as their customers or fortify their workforce with the many advantages of mobility. With the rise in smartphone adoption numbers across the globe, hundreds of businesses are climbing on the mobile development bandwagon in hopes of tapping the undeniable ubiquity of mobile devices.

According to a recent survey, developers are of the opinion that apps can bring a range of benefits such as improved operational efficiency (43%), jump in revenue creation (39%), increased employee productivity (38%), or enhanced customer service (35%) to an enterprise.

Why Outsource Mobile Development?

Although the numbers are promising, and mobile app development is on a steady rise, the whole process is still riddled with many challenges. In most cases, businesses may not have the in-house expertise to support high-quality app development and hence should hand over the reins to a competent third-party. They should outsource their requirements to a dedicated mobile app development firm who have sufficient experience in working with global businesses, and have a desirable track-record.

India, with its vast pool of talented developers who are ready to work at an affordable price point, could serve as an ultimate outsourcing destination for most of your mobile app development needs. The following points will introduce some of the compelling reasons as to why you should outsource mobile development to India.

Why Choose India for Mobile App Development - Top 8 Reasons

Here are some great reasons as to why you should consider outsourcing your mobile development requirements to India.

Mobile App Development

1. Attractive Pricing: Before even deciding to outsource mobile development, there is one particular factor that plagues most businesses, that being the price of development. In terms of mobile app development pricing, Indian firms can offer you deals that are way cheaper compared to those offered by firms in other parts of the world, owing to a favorable currency conversion rate.

Mobile App Development

2. The Best Resources: India houses some of the best software and mobile development engineers in the world. India has been a top country of choice for software development according to many reports, as Indian developers have a vast experience and are already working on the latest technologies. With easy availability of talented developers, your outsourcing partners can assign the best available resources to your mobile development project with ease.

Mobile App Development

3. Overall Cost Reduction : When you outsource mobile app development, instantly you get rid of several other related expenditures which could bring your operational profits down. You don't have to recruit developers through a costly recruitment process and then give them a fat pay packet including miscellaneous perks. Also, you break free from the pain of regularly upgrading the skill sets of your human resources in keeping with the latest technologies. You don't have to invest in additional infrastructure to house those resources as well. Thus, you will ensure that the ROI of your project meets your expectations.

Mobile App Development

4. Faster Time-to-market: Speed of delivery is what counts in today's ultra-competitive business landscape. If you are unable to bring out a particular app within a set time-frame your customer engagement efforts can take a severe beating. Productivity of your employees whose jobs entail heavy use of mobile can also suffer because of the same. As soon as you assign your outsourced partner to the project, you have a team of specialists with rich experience in developing top-of-the-line apps at your disposal. They will take significantly less time to start on the project and you get the finished product well before the deadline, thereby ensuring you can get to market faster.

Mobile App Development

5. Avoid High Attrition Rates: Suppose you are developing an app on your own. You are pretty confident that your internal team will pull it off on time. Suddenly, halfway through the project some of your top talents leave the organization for greener pastures. This will inevitably slow down or stall your project. But, when you embrace the outsourcing model, you are insulated from such untoward incidents. Since India has a large pool of talented workers, there is always a more talented person waiting to replace an empty spot in your organization.

Mobile App Development

6. Maintenance and Support : A lot goes into developing an app: platform selection, designing, security measures, deployment, testing, promotion, analytics, and so forth. Even after the app has been published and is being used by users, you have to update it at regular intervals to keep up the user engagement levels. Without doubt, the best thing you can do to not lose sleep over these aspects is to let an app development firm from India take charge.

Mobile App Development

7. Focus on your Core Competencies: Is developing an app one of your core competencies? If your answer is no, then why waste your time doing something in which you have little to no domain knowledge? Simply take the services of a mobile app development firm and provide undivided attention to your core competencies. This way, not only are you able to streamline your operational processes, but also ensure employee satisfaction.

Mobile App Development

8. You Remain the Boss of the Project: There is a common misconception that if an enterprise outsources mobile app development, then it will fail to keep its handhold on the project. However, this is not true. As legal contracts are in place, your partner is bound to honor requirements. If you find any aberration from the mutually agreed terms, you can always ask them to rectify. Most of the top Outsourcing companies providing services for mobile app development in India have dedicated customer service representatives as well as Project managers assigned to a particular project to sort out issues.

The Pre-outsourcing Checklist

As you can see outsourcing to India is a judicious step. From affordable mobile development pricing to superior support, you will get a bigger bang for your buck than you would have by performing the same task internally. But to enjoy all the benefits, you have to choose your mobility partner wisely. When exercising due diligence, follow these handy tips to outsource mobile app development and stay protected from future complications -

  • Firstly, try understanding your chosen partner's project background and competency levels. Look for the projects they have done in the past and read customer testimonials about them. If it is a big project, you can even decide to visit their premises in order to satisfy your curiosities
  • Don't jump the gun when they give you a quote. Take your time and articulate all your demands to them. Vague language is a strict no-no here
  • Insist on getting timeline breakdowns from them. This way, your budget will not go off-track as most of the work related expenditures would be figured out previously
  • Use a non-disclosure agreement to legally bind your partner not to share the source code with other clients
  • Agree with your outsourcing partner to have an app testing mechanism in place for each step of the development process
  • You can start with a demo project to effectively check the capabilities of your partner. Most Indian offshoring companies provide some sort of demo to appease their clients
  • Frequently communicate with your partner to build a meaningful relationship. Go for a collaborative approach. Involve them in every part of the game. Not only does this ensure goodwill, but also helps you build a partnership which continues for long

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