Digital Forensics Services

Digital Forensics Services

Digital forensics deals with the investigation of cyber and computer crimes. It helps keep a check on the various computer crimes that take place in companies today.

Flatworld Solutions offers reliable and high-quality computer forensic investigation services to companies across the globe, helping them investigate cyber frauds, data thefts, and similar criminal activities. Our team consists of expert cyber forensics experts who have a vast experience in providing forensic analysis services, and leverage the latest technology to identify areas susceptible to cybercrimes.

Digital Forensics Services We Offer

  • Conducting digital forensic investigations and reviewing the findings
  • Performing analysis of host network
  • Providing incident reporting services
  • Investigating employees' cyber behavior
  • Imparting training on digital forensics
  • Assessing security posture and forensic readiness
  • Incident response services

Forensic Expertise at Flatworld Solutions

We make sure that our team doesn't miss any of the smallest details when it comes to analyzing a forensic crime. We inspect and analyze all the devices with great detail; be it mobile devices, computers, smartphones, tablets, or any communication network. Our team of computer forensic experts looks for malicious elements that could have caused data leakage or enabled the crime of hacking unethically. We also monitor the host and network traffic.

We make use of the latest tools, technologies and methodologies to carry out detailed computer forensic investigation of the whole cybercrime activity that has taken place. We identify any suspicious activity that may have led to a computer crime, and also alert the company to take precautionary measures to prevent any mishap in the future.We make use of the latest tools, technologies and methodologies to carry out detailed computer forensic investigation of the whole cybercrime activity that has taken place. We identify any suspicious activity that may have led to a computer crime, and also alert the company to take precautionary measures to prevent any mishap in the future.

Dealing with Security Breaches

In case of security breaches or any incident pertaining to security breach, we guide companies in taking the necessary actions to limit the scope of the damage that has been done. We identify the causes of the security breach and determine what could be the next thing that could happen, which could result in significant data loss.

We inform and educate the users, employees and all the members of the organization about the need to keep their security posture in good shape in order to protect their IT infrastructure and other assets. We also help companies recover data and other important information, apart from providing incident response services.

Data and Information

Data is one of the most valuable assets of your company. Hence, it is essential to make the necessary arrangements to protect data, under all circumstances. In the event of a downtime or an outage, recovering data is crucial. Whether your data has been deleted, encrypted / decrypted, archived, or you have lost it due to missing password, we can recover it through our data recovery services.

Our Digital Forensics Team

Investigating a case of data breach or cybercrime can be a very hectic process if you do not have access to the services of a professional organization like Flatworld Solutions. Our team consists of data forensic professionals who have been trained in cyber forensics and prevention of cybercrime. We conduct training sessions for our customers to educate them about the significance of computer forensics, network forensics, as well as cyber-crime.

  • We also organize awareness sessions where we make employees aware about the different problems that may arise from digital frauds and cybercrimes. We also make them aware about the correct investigation procedure, and the right measures to take in the event of a data theft or a computer crime. We train them in recovering critical data efficiently
  • We use technology-oriented methods and techniques to investigate cases of cybercrimes and those that require recovery and preservation of crucial data. Additionally, we ensure prevention of any further incidence of data theft or computer crimes
  • We are well-versed with the standards to be followed while dealing with fragile, susceptible digital data and information that is stored in an electronic format. We make sure our approach complies with the mandatory regulations that govern the maintenance of digital data
  • Our digital forensic experts are capable of providing end-to-end services, right from identifying a fraudulent activity, assessing its impact, and providing actions to get things back to normalcy
  • The three areas that we focus mainly on are accumulating the evidence, analyzing it, and finally reporting the evidence to you. This would help you understand what caused the data breach in the first place, and offer insights into aspects that could help prevent such mishaps in the future
  • We are able to provide a complete picture of what happened in a security incident

Why Flatworld Solutions for Cyber forensics?

We provide assistance to law enforcement agencies and government organizations in solving criminal cases involving computers and other networking and mobile devices. A quick resolution of cases is what we aim for.

  • We perform very detailed and advanced forensic analysis of mobile devices and software applications, computes, network communications and other key elements of your IT infrastructure
  • Our forensic experts proactively identify the occurrences of malicious activities that may take place in your IT environment by analyzing your network traffic and the host network
  • We help minimize the extent of damage caused to your organization's operations due to a security incidence or a breach of any sensitive information. This helps you deal with cyber-attacks in a more proactive and effective manner, safeguarding your company's IT assets with advanced security measures
  • We also help you conduct detailed digital forensic investigation, employee investigations as well as train them on digital forensics

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