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The concept of testing and re-checking is an indispensable part of any industry that strives to deliver a high quality, robust and reliable product. Even in the software industry, where developers check their codes constantly during development, software testing is a crucial part of the entire process. However testing is usually rushed and sped up as the launch day arrives, invariably affecting the quality of the product that's being delivered.

Our Test Automation Expertise

At Flatworld Solutions, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to understand their business and then recommend a precise automation strategy. We ensure that our software testing automation services are carefully aligned, and applied at the right stages in the software development life cycle.

Some of the test automation tools we use are:

  • Egg Plant
  • Silk Test
  • Selenium
  • IBM Rational Test
  • JUnit
  • NUnit

We have a robust team of software testers who have in-depth domain knowledge and experience at delivering products that excel the test criterion. Team at Flatworld Solutions can help you develop automated testing software which needs to be configured just once and can then be used to run tests on a need basis or as and when scheduled.

Test Automation Process We Follow

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a standardized test automation process, which forms the basis for the procedures developed for our clients. Here is a snapshot of our automation process:

Study and review manual test cases

Study and review manual test cases

Develop scripts to automate those test cases

Develop scripts to automate those test cases

Set up automatic execution of the scripts

Set up automatic execution of the scripts

Record test results and create reports

Record test results and create reports

Ensure regular maintenance of scripts and solutions

Ensure regular maintenance of scripts and solutions

We understand that it is essential to have clear goals for software testing automation and that automation can be a deterrent if employed before its time. Outsourcing automation testing also helps customers get a fresh perspective of their developed products.

Why Outsource Test Automation to Flatworld?

  • Software test automation is probably one of the smartest ways to reduce redundant and manual testing, and accelerate the whole testing process
  • Automated software testing boasts of various benefits, right from faster execution to reduced errors, but the most lucrative of them is the fact that automation helps save considerable amount of money
  • Automation testing tools have shown their effectiveness during tests that require repeated and continuous testing; each time the source code is modified, it has to be tested on different platforms and in different scenarios, this can be tiring and time consuming
  • Monotonous manual testing numbs the tester's mind and lets a few defects slip away. Automation testing ensures precise execution of repetitive tasks and meticulously records the results, allowing the tester to concentrate on other critical aspects in the testing process

Plummeting cycle times and increased pressure on budget have made test automation a critical tool today. Automation testing services are extremely popular, and much in demand; so, it is imperative that you choose the right company to get the best return on your investments.

Outsource Automation Testing to FWS

Most organizations have chosen to incorporate automated testing solutions in their processes, but the results haven't been very satisfactory because of the lack of expertise and industry knowledge. This can be frustrating as companies have to continuously show the return on investment to their senior management. By outsourcing test automation to Flatworld Solutions you can be assured that experts are working on a solution that fits your requirements perfectly. If required, we can perform high-quality mobile app testing as well.

Outsource automation testing to Flatworld Solutions, and make a difference to your software development life cycle. Contact us today!



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