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We help you in a seamless and simple migration to WordPress at affordable rates without any post-implementation complications at pocket-friendly prices starting at $20 an hour

WordPress has become one of the ideal platforms for hosting diverse range of websites and has successfully made its place among the best CMSes. This is why many businesses make a shift from the existing platform, no matter which one, to WordPress as it offers more convenience of working with and is seemingly less complicated. There are a bunch of added perks of a WordPress powered website, and we're sure you know them well. However, as a website or business owner, you must have a plethora of other responsibilities and WordPress migration might be something you're not familiar with. While learning to migrate your website from any other platform to WordPress as a novice can be time-taking, you might have to deal with the post-implementation complications if you go wrong. This is why, the best decision you can make for a smooth migration is to work with a professional WordPress migration service provider.

Flatworld Solutions has been helping websites migrate to and from WordPress for over 19 years. We work with industry experts and strategize the whole process to help your website move to WordPress so that you can leverage all the benefits that the CMS offers.

Wordpress Migration Services We Offer

We provide complete host-to-host migration inclusive of the database and content for an end-to-end, seamless migration. We migrate from some of the most popular platforms that have been mentioned below. However, if your website is powered by a different platform, you can contact us and we will help you in migrating your website to WordPress. Here are the several WordPress migration solutions that we offer -

  1. Magento to WordPress Migration

    Magento to WordPress Migration

    Many people opt for migration from Magento to WordPress because of the complexity of Magento. We can help you in making a smooth migration to WordPress along with all your data.

  2. Joomla to WordPress Migration

    Joomla to WordPress Migration

    We are completely familiar with both Joomla and WordPress and have extensive experience in migrating Joomla websites to WordPress, which enables us to help clients make this transition.

  3. Drupal to WordPress Migration

    Drupal to WordPress Migration

    Drupal is one of the oldest content management systems that has been leveraged by countless website owners. However, since WordPress is a more novel CMS platform, many people choose to migrate for a change. We're here to help you achieve that effortlessly.

  4. Sitecore to WordPress Migration

    Sitecore to WordPress Migration

    Sitecore is yet another platform that may seem relatively complex to deal with when compared to WordPress, which gives enough reasons to many website owners to opt for an end-to-end migration. We have a rich experience in Sitecore to WordPress migration services which we can put to use in helping your website migrate.

  5. Static Website to WordPress Migration

    Static Website to WordPress Migration

    With our team of experts, we can help you migrate your static website to WordPress while ensuring that your website is responsive, attractive, and catches the attention of your audience.

  6. Blogger to WordPress Migration

    Blogger to WordPress Migration

    While Blogger is a preferred platform that many bloggers deploy for its simplicity, it lacks certain features that you could easily find on WordPress, especially when you intend to upscale. We can help you with the end-to-end migration from Blogger to WordPress.

  7. Django to WordPress Migration

    Django to WordPress Migration

    If you're looking for a complete migration from Django to WordPress either including the Django template or want to have a new theme for your WordPress website, we are here to offer you WordPress migration services as per your requirements.

  8. Squarespace to WordPress Migration

    Squarespace to WordPress Migration

    Squarespace is among the popular platforms when it comes to ease-of-use. However, what makes it a less desirable platform is when a website owner plans to upscale. This is when migrating to WordPress can be more rewarding for you, and we can help with that with our professional WordPress migration services.

  9. Proprietary CMS to WordPress Migration

    Proprietary CMS to WordPress Migration

    If you have a proprietary website that you intend to migrate to WordPress, it can be a complex process. This is because the process of migration would require the complete understanding of the proprietary website.

  10. WordPress to WordPress Multi-Suite Migration

    WordPress to WordPress Multi-Suite Migration

    If you have multiple microsites and are planning to have them linked through a network of WordPress sites, it can be made possible through a single WordPress installation, and we use our experience and insights for a multiple migration process that is seamless.

  11. WordPress Migration Consultation Services

    WordPress Migration Consultation Services

    With almost one and a half decades worth experience and unbeatable proficiency in migrating from countless platforms to WordPress and the other way round, we are capable of providing you insights into best practices and apt methodologies for a smooth migration to WordPress from the existing CMS.

Our Wordpress Migration Process

As a professional WordPress migration service providing company, we work with you to understand your requirements and plan the whole WordPress migration process for an end-to-end migration. We take into account all the nuances and craft a strategy that helps us do everything that is required to get your website onboard on WordPress. Here are the core steps that we follow -


01. Requirement Analysis

As you reach us for our services, we sit with you and seek all the details pertaining to your requirements. We thoroughly understand the current CMS, note down your specific expectations, and give you suggestions and the scope of the project.


02. Analysis and Planning

After gathering all the information, our team of experts analyze your website for the features, codes, and data in order to plan the process of end-to-end migration to WordPress server. We ensure that our plan is goal-oriented so that the outcome fulfills your expectations.


03. Initiation of the Project

Now that we have all the information required for WordPress migration, we start off and diligently follow each step while being efficient and saving both time and costs, and ensuring there is no error in the process.


04. Testing

After the completion of the project, we carry out testing of your WordPress migrated website to check if everything is functional and in place. We check for data, codes, links, and everything else in order to identify and rectify mistakes.


05. Delivery

As we reach a definite conclusion that the website meets all your expectations, the migrated project is delivered to you.


06. Support

Once the project is delivered to you, we ensure that we provide complete support, monitor the performance of the website, and fix any bugs as per the agreement with you.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Wordpress Migration Services?

Flatworld Solutions offers professional WordPress migration services that allow you to upscale, have better features and control, and fulfill your personal or business goals concerning your website. When you work with us and seek our WordPress migration services, following are the ways in which you're benefitted -

  • Affordable Solutions

    We assess your requirements and provide you solutions at flexible rates. In case you require our priority migration services, we also offer priority services at pocket-friendly pricing.

  • Expertise

    What helps us carry out effortless migration from one platform to another is our expertise and experience. We have worked with countless clients and have migrated websites from a range of CMSes. Our insights coupled with expertise helps us offer stellar WordPress migration services.

  • Zero Downtime

    We guarantee zero downtime until we make the complete migration happen for your website. This is because we don't make changes to your website unless we plan and implement our strategy and test it. Once tested, we migrate it to the live servers. Also, the transition is seamless such that the changes won't be noticeable to your customers.

  • SEO-Friendly Migration

    When the WordPress migration happens, we can ensure that your rankings on the search engines won't change or get impacted as a result of the migration.

  • Quick TAT

    When you contact us for our migration services, we work efficiently and ensure quick turnaround time so that the whole WordPress migration process takes minimal amount of time without challenging precision.

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    We're available round-the-clock to help resolve your queries. You can reach us via calls and emails, and we'll get back to you promptly.

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I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from Flatworld Solutions. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time.

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So many website owners are making the decision to transition from an existing platform to WordPress CMS for the clear benefits it offers and how it is feature-rich. However, keeping in mind the complicated process, we're here to help you migrate your website along with the content, data, and link to another platform seamlessly. Flatworld Solutions is a WordPress migration service providing company with around one and a half decades of intensive experience. We have taken up projects varying in complexity and have delivered them successfully, and hundreds of our happy clients validate the worth of our services. If you want to work with a team of experts who treat your website as their own, you should partner with us.

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