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Do you know how many people visit your website daily? Are you aware of what people are doing on your website? How many of them stay back and see what you are offering? How many of them leave as soon as they come to your website? Did you know that the online behavior of users can be studied to improve the performance of your website? The study of this online behavior is known as "Web Analytics".

If you are looking for accurate web analytics services at a cost-effective price, then you have come to the right place. Flatworld Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of web analytics services. Choose Flatworld as your outsourcing partner and get access to quality web analytics software configuration services at a cost-effective price.

Why use web analytics software?

A good web analytics software will tell you how people found your site, what they did having visited it and what you can do for them so that they visit again. The importance of a good web analytics software is to drive your business to a higher potential.

There are all kinds of web analytics software available in the market. Google Analytics, Webtrends, ClickTracks, Omniture etc. are some of the well-known web analytics software. Each one of these software comes with their own set of features and tools and hence their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Barring Google Analytics, all other software vendors charge a hefty fee to use their software. Hence it would not be feasible for companies to decide on a particular software best-suited for their organization without having the necessary expertise to do so.

Why outsource web analytics software configuration services?

With more and more businesses going online there is an ever-growing demand to market these businesses smartly. Marketing requires a lot of data to study visitors' behaviors and trends - and to quickly highlight the relevant information to cash in on any obvious patterns. At Flatworld Solutions we offer analytics software configuration services to several global customers. Over the years we have successfully implemented various custom solutions for our customers. Our implementation experience is what we have to offer.

Our web analytics software configuration services cater to all your needs whether it is to tweak your existing analytics software or to help you choose and deploy one. In addition to some of the well known online analytics software, we use our own proprietary analysis software for measuring site traffic. We also use a mix of customized modules to cater to your specific needs and business objectives.

Flatworld's web analytics software configuration services

The analytics software that we have expertise in:

  1. Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite
    Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite is a collective digital analytics solutions and consists of various web analytics and website optimization products. These tools help in understanding the performance of online marketing initiatives. They provide valuable insights that can help an organization build up impactful online marketing programs.

    Some of the products in this suite include AudienceManager, Adobe CQ, Discover, Genesis, Adobe Scene7, SearchCenter+, SiteCatalyst, Adobe Social, TagManager, Test & Target etc. Adobe SiteCatalyst is one of the more popular software available and we are well-versed in Adobe SiteCatalyst as well as the other web analytics softwares.

  2. Webtrends
    WebTrends provides a range of software solutions related to marketing intelligence; Web analytics software is one of them. WebTrends Analytics software is scalable as per your needs. It ensures data security and a high degree of accuracy.

    Our teams of experts are well versed with all the features of this software. Our configuration team can setup the software as per your business needs. We can optimize the software to maximize your returns.

  3. Google Analytics
    One of the leading tools to measure website performance which gives you insights into how visitors interact with your website. Implementing Google Analytics on your website sounds simple as you just have to add a piece of code to your pages, but to utilize its comprehensive tools to their optimum potential, you need a certain level of expertise. Our GA IQ Certified professionals with extensive web analytics experience are among the best in the industry. Nabler's team will ensure that your website's Google Analytics implementation is up and running quickly and effectively.

  4. Google Website Optimizer
    Google Website Optimizer is a free website optimization tool to help increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing different combinations of website content. It can test any element that exists as HTML code on a page including calls to action, fonts, headlines, point of action assurances, product copy, product images, product reviews, and forms. It can be used at multiple stages in a conversion funnel.

Flatworld Solutions - Your ideal web analytics software configuration partner

Your business need is what decides the best software suited for your website. Our exposure to various analytics software and our understanding of different business models means that we can guide you in the right decision.

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