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In the current scenario, building any application sans application programming interface (APIs) will not suffice user requirements. Corporate software developers with foresight include APIs in their applications, as they expect their apps to be robust and interacting effectively with other applications.

Similar to the dependence on peers for performing various day-to-day activities in the real world scenario, the virtual world too necessitates assistance from contemporary software for the functioning of regular operations. Along with time, this interdependence of different applications will grow. Custom API development is one great way to enrich a website with useful data and processes without having to write redundant lines of code. Application Programming Interface (API) forms the basic set of functionalities required for creating software applications, and enables interaction between apps, without any interruptions. Operating Systems are facilitated by APIs in performing basic functions and hence, APIs are considered, by most of the applications, to be the essential platform for requesting service from other software programs. They provide the means to request program services and grant access to open an application.

Core API Development Services We Offer

We offer API development and API integration services spanning a wide range of industries. We specialize in developing and integrating APIs for the Web, mobile applications, and cloud.

  1. Developing API for Mobile Applications

    Developing API for Mobile Applications

    Mobile Apps are being developed almost every day due to the increased usage of mobile phones and smartphones. We can develop APIs for your mobile apps, helping you to -

    • Keep a check on the data usage, pay utility bills, and maintain account balance, etc.
    • Fix appointments and use GPS to find map locations
  2. Developing API for the Cloud

    Developing API for the Cloud

    Cloud APIs enable software to request data from services through a direct or indirect, vendor-specific, or cross-platform interface. Developers and administrators use cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud. Cloud-based APIs help in the following ways -

    • There are some developers in the social networking domain who want to use apps like Twitter in newer ways. They enhance APIs by creating dedicated developer portals, where developers collaborate to write better code samples using innovative tools
    • Google Drive helps you store and manage photos, videos, and docs on the cloud. It is made possible through API development for the cloud
  3. Developing API for Web-based Services

    Developing API for Web-based Services

    Acting as an interface for the webserver as well as the web browser, a web API is a framework that is used for developing HTTP services, which are required in browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Device compatibility can be achieved using web APIs. They also help web apps to access -

    • Information about a device, like the status of its battery
    • Information stored on devices like contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
  4. Custom API Development Services

    Custom API Development Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, we cater to your web API development and API development services-related requirements. We look forward to building APIs to suit your varying business models and ensure coherent and consistent integration with as many apps as possible. We are the one-stop shop where almost all your API development requirements can be fulfilled.

    In addition to providing core API development, we also offer -

    • Documentation - We provide extensive documentation to assist developers to perceive and master the API. Samples and exceptions are furnished, making it easy to grasp
    • Security - Strict standards are followed for the security of your far-reaching and exposed data on the open web world. Multi-level access is possible with assurance to fair usage aided by API key and Secret Key
    • Statistics - Encyclopedic and sophisticated dashboard to view API users and their usage data
    • Components - Ready to use, tracking, simulation, and limiting components that are being delivered at an incredible pace according to specification
  5. Custom API Integration

    Custom API Integration

    We provide custom APAI integration for developing, integrating, publishing, documenting, deploying, and routinely maintaining your API. We use an open-source and proprietary API development kit to build custom API for your unique business needs.

API Development Services and Solutions: Our Process

As a leading API development services company, Flatworld has curated a highly efficient work methodology that involves studying your systems, developing a strategy, designing the APIs, and accommodating all the solutions you need in one streamlined process. Here’s how we make it all possible -


01. Systems and API Evaluation

Before drafting a strategy, we evaluate your existing API and systems to identify whether it’s feasible for your products and system to be developed with a brand new API


02. Configuration and Specifications Planning

With scalability in focus, we begin strategizing configuration and specs that would make your API unique for your product today, and tomorrow


03. API Design and Development

Being the next big step in the process, we design the architectural framework of API by coding. Here, we design APIs from which you can choose the one that suits you best


04. Testing

We will test the API for robustness, security, and user-friendliness to ensure it is ready to meet the present and future challenges


05. Deployment

We provide deployment support using existing infrastructure at your end or using ours to lessen the cost. It depends on your preference

Our Expertise in API Development

We have rich experience in developing and integrating APIs for a wide range of our client's software applications. Our team consists of API experts and web application developers who are well versed in writing accurate, structured, secure, powerful, well-documented code design, ensuring the best performance of your web and custom software applications. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following -

 PayPal Integration
 Integration with XML / JavaScript / REST-based APIs
 .NET integration
 Integration with Yahoo APIs
 Twitter API development
 Web API Integration and Development
 Integration with Oracle-based web services
 Shipping API Integration (FEDEX & UPS)
 Integration with Google APIs (AdSense, Charts, YouTube, Finance, Maps, Search, Language, Geocoding, etc.)
 Skype based API Integration

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing API Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our team, armored with cutting-edge technology and expertise, partners with you in your efforts of rolling out, tracking, supporting, analyzing, and monetizing APIs. Some of the reasons why you should choose Flatworld Solutions as your API development partner -

  • Economical Pricing Plans

    We ensure delivery of API development projects within a quick turnaround time at affordable rates. You can count on us to deliver high-performance API solutions at rates that are nominal.

  • Certified Expertise in Developing Popular APIs

    Our experts conduct research and gather information regarding documentation and code. We have certified professionals with years of expertise in API design and development.

  • Years of Experience

    Being an API development service provider for many years, our team is well-versed with C, C++, Java, PHP Doxygen, Javadoc or DITA, FrameMaker, and API programming.

  • Scalable Services

    Our APIs integrate smoothly with other apps and providing you the flexibility to expand your service through multiple platforms such as mobile devices and offline software.

  • Global Standards

    Each of our web development services including that of API development comes with an ISO 20022 certification. Robustness in build quality is not just a verbal promise but something be demonstrate through action.

  • Custom API Solutions

    We offer customized API development services that are customer-friendly and offer high performance to handle a large amount of traffic for web as well as mobile-based apps.

  • API Development Best Practices

    We provide feature-rich, secure, and easy-to-use API development using best-in-class tools. Our objective is to simplify and enhance the performance of your products at the front end and backend.

Client Success Stories

FWS Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

FWS Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

We developed a powerful video editing app that enabled users to create personal video bites on their devices. The project was completed ahead of the schedule and the client was deeply gratified.

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FWS Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best Looking Air Conditioner

FWS Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best Looking Air Conditioner

An augmented reality app was developed by Flatworld Solutions for a London based client. The app was designed to help customers select the best air conditioner.

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Outsource API Development Services to Flatworld Solutions


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