Outsource Svelte JS Development Services

Svelte JS Development Services

Create feature-rich web and mobile applications with the latest Svelte JS framework to get ahead of your competitors. Prices start at $20/hour

Building interactive and large web applications is not an easy task. A web application is stored on a hosting server that can be accessed by any user using any internet browser. Modern-day web applications have responsive UI/UX design to enable users to access the application from mobile devices. With various web technologies, it is often difficult for developers to make a choice. Hence, mobile application development is outsourced to a Svelte JS development company.

Svelte JS development enables the creation of feature-rich web and mobile applications with attractive UI. Engaging visuals and clear navigation controls are easily created with Svelte JS. Compared to React Native and Native Script, the Svelte JS framework executes most of the tasks in the compile step during app building. Instead of using virtual DOM diffing, Svelte JS updates widgets surgically as the app status changes. Flatworld Solutions uses a radical approach to build custom websites and mobile applications with excellent user interface and quick loading times. Many limitations of JavaScript are overcome by Svelte, which is essentially a compiler that compiles written code into JavaScript that any browser can easily run without any additional requirement.

Our Svelte JS Development Services

Our services include -

  1. Svelte JS for Web Applications

    Svelte JS for Web Applications

    We create enhanced large web applications without complex state management libraries to reduce the loading time. Our Svelte JS code is compiled into framework-less vanilla JS that loads and works much faster.

  2. Svelte JS for Mobile Applications

    Svelte JS for Mobile Applications

    We harness the power of a completely customisable open code Svelte JS compiler to create truly reactive and adaptive mobile applications that provide a streamlined user experience for different mobile platforms. Our team of experts develops apps that look and feel the same on various mobile devices to provide a seamless UX.

  3. Svelte JS UI/UX Development

    Svelte JS UI/UX Development

    Svelte JS development proves to be a winning choice for creating applications focused on UI/UX efficiency. With a powerful transition engine, we create a modern UI for your applications that will provide a simplified and engaging user journey for your customers.

  4. Svelte Migration and Consulting

    Svelte Migration and Consulting

    We provide Svelte JS consulting and migration services if you want to convert your old and outdated web or mobile application. With a quick turnaround time, our Svelte JS development experts can deliver the migration solution, increasing your old applications' scalability, adaptability, and responsiveness.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Svelte JS Development Services to Us?

Some reasons to partner with us include -

  • Improved Web Application Performance

    You can expect improved web application performance when you outsource Svelte JS design and development services to us.

  • Quick Coding Solutions to Reduce Time to Market

    We specialise in providing quick and efficient Svelte JS solutions to reduce the time to market.

  • Experts in Svelte Js

    We strive to provide the best experience for our clients by using the latest technology stack and framework to deliver bespoke solutions.

  • Real-Time Affordable Solution

    Flatworld Solutions is focused on providing specialised business solutions. We will work with you throughout the project to ensure that your web application caters to your business needs at cost-effective prices.

Client Success Stories

FWS Created an Intuitive and Powerful Live Healthcare Chat App for a Tech Firm

FWS Created an Intuitive and Powerful Live Healthcare Chat App for a Tech Firm

A firm providing tech solutions to the healthcare industry required a powerful and intuitive AI chatbot. Our engineers understood the requirements clearly and leveraged the power of IBM Watson to develop the required app.

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FWS Delivered a Custom ITSM ServiceNow Solution to a US-based Enterprise

FWS Delivered a Custom ITSM ServiceNow Solution to a US-based Enterprise

The client's ServiceNow solution required optimization using the latest multilevel catalog features available. Our team provided the required high-quality services within a quick time.

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Developers and experts at Flatworld Solutions have been providing Svelte JS services since the open-source framework was launched. Our attention to detail and focus on creating tailor-made solutions ensure that our clients always get the best Svelte JS solutions at an affordable price. Flatworld Solutions leverages the latest technologies and implements best development practices to create high-quality and cost-efficient Svelte development services to enable sustainable business growth.

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