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Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Keep your IT infrastructure and systems protected from any possible cyber threat by gaining insights into how a threat actor may target your enterprise. Prices start at $20/hour

Businesses accumulate crucial data as they grow, and this calls for actions to keep the data and IT infrastructure safe from potential threats from attackers who may want to access confidential information or breakthrough into your systems to threaten your business operations. This is when threat intelligence services are extremely useful. Threat intelligence services are a proactive measure that provide companies with the foresight to act such that the chances of cyber-attacks and security breach are minimized. Not only that, efficient and well-planned threat intelligence services also help in responding to incidents involving risks, helping in detecting threats, and responding to breaches promptly. When you work with threat intelligence services providing company, you are closer to making well-planned, informed decisions concerning your security strategy. And when working with an experienced cyber threat intelligence services company like Flatworld Solutions (FWS), you get to partner with experts from the field who have the skills and experience in providing flawless threat intelligence services.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading cyber threat intelligence services providing company that collaborates with its clients to help in deciding the steps that need to be taken to comprehend how attackers and threat actors may devise a plan to attack, such that our clients are equipped with strategies that help them take proactive measures.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services We Offer

Here at Flatworld Solutions, we cater to the varied cybersecurity needs of our clients by leveraging a variety of data sources. With these techniques, we help our clients ward off any chances of attacks and threats with our services such as penetration testing, threat intelligence solutions, and assessment of phishing, traditional vulnerability assessment, and so much more. With that said, the following are some of the solutions that we offer -

  1. Email Harvesting

    Email Harvesting

    One of the common ways to set up a phishing campaign for threat actors is by misusing the email id of an organization, leaking an email address, or simply using social media accounts. To combat such threats, Flatworld Solutions offers cyber threat detection in the form of advanced open-source intelligence strategies that help detect ways in which an attacker can penetrate your email address, and this helps come up with useful and fool-proof techniques to prevent such threats. Our investigation goes up to the dark web with the help of automated as well as manual techniques.

  2. Typo-squatting


    Attackers also pose a threat to your enterprise by creating a rogue domain that looks very similar to that of your organization's domain name. This is what is known as type-squatting, and this helps attackers in launching phishing campaigns. We help our clients in identifying suspicious domains. This helps us make predictions concerning potential attacks, helping our clients keep safe from attacks of such nature.

  3. Domain Blacklisting

    Domain Blacklisting

    We can perform an assessment to check if the internet infrastructure of your organization appears on the blacklist, which would signify that your organization's internet infrastructure has made it to bad reputation lists, which indicates compromised or infected endpoints. We regularly analyze reputation lists and deploy various automation tools to identify and resolve this issue.

  4. Compromised Accounts Harvesting

    Compromised Accounts Harvesting

    Many a time, an organization's critical credentials are leaked, and attackers can gain access to this information and misuse the credentials such as usernames and passwords to threaten your organization. Our services are crafted to act on potential threats of this nature with the help of analysis of usernames and passwords. We also deploy automation to speed up the process.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Process

At Flatworld Solutions, we systematically perform cyber threat intelligence analysis to ensure that our services characterize the highest form of quality, accuracy, and precision while safeguarding the IT infrastructure of our client's business from various forms of attacks. We divide our process into various steps to streamline the services. Ensuring complete transparency, here are the steps that we follow to offer you top-notch services -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you get in touch with us for our threat intelligence services, as a first step, we analyze your requirements. For this, we communicate with you to understand your business and enterprise, and our team of specialists defines your requirements pertaining to threat intelligence services to design strategies that meet your business security goals


02. Gathering

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we devise a plan and assess the resources that would be harnessed to meet your services requirement. This would involve a range of automated as well as manual threat intelligence techniques based on your needs. We also make use of procedures and techniques that help us safeguard your systems and data


03. Processing

The step of processing involves the preparation of raw data that is to be analyzed and this would also involve intricacies such as translation of any information in a foreign language before evaluation


04. Analysis

After processing the data, we analyze the data concerning your business goals and objectives


05. Reporting

We then conclude our process by coming up with monthly reports to give you a clear overview of the insights

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Threat Intelligence Services?

Flatworld Solutions is the right choice as a one-stop solution for all your threat intelligence analysis requirements as we work with an efficient and diligent team, and some of the best minds in the field who are capable of designing and coming up with customized strategies to help safeguard the organization. What makes us a professional service provider is that we take into account both cost and quality, being the best of both worlds. With that said, the following are the advantages that are offered to you when you outsource threat intelligence services to us -

  • Affordable Solutions

    Our services come at a very affordable price, making it possible for enterprises of all sizes to outsource threat intelligence services to us without budget being a constraint when looking for high-quality services.

  • Data Security

    We understand that you trust us with confidential information when you decide to collaborate with us for our services. Keeping this in mind, we take stringent measures to ensure that your data is safe from a potential data breach or third-party access. For this, we comply with data security policies and have our employees sign a confidentiality clause to give you that extra assurance.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    With 20 years of experience, we have developed skills in key areas to deliver on promises at a quick turnaround time with the help of our team of dedicated and diligent professionals. This has allowed clients to rely on Flatworld Solution's highly efficient services to safeguard their infrastructure, systems, and enterprise data.

  • Scalability

    When you face a surge in your requirement for effective services, we assure you that we are completely capable of meeting your upscaling requirements. We have access to all the resources and have adequate manpower to cater to your increased requirements without compromising on quality.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you decide to work with us for our services, we assign a dedicated project manager to you who would serve as a single point of contact between you and us. You can communicate all your queries and doubts and expect clarifications. The project manager will also give you timely updates, keeping you updated about the progress of the project at all times.

  • Round-the-clock Assistance

    We have a dedicated team of customer care executives who are available around the clock to take your queries, doubts, and questions regarding a range of services that we offer and resolve them. You can reach out to us via calls, emails, or the live chatbox on our website, and we will ensure that we reach you back in a short period.

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Outsource Cyber Threat Intelligence Services To Flatworld Solutions

If you handle data and are a fast-growing business, it is highly crucial to keep your systems and data completely secure in today's day and age where cyber threats have become quite common. Working with a professional threat intelligence services providing company such as Flatworld Solutions gives you an edge over these attackers as our services are laser-focused and we help our clients understand the relevance of our threat intelligence analysis findings and insights. With that, we offer ISO-certified services that are cost-effective without compromising on the quality of our services.

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