• Increased site conversion with tailor-made web analytics services
  • Accurate and appealing analytics reports and dashboards
  • Ability to configure & customize a range of web analytics tools

Why Opt for Web Analytics?

  • Key visitor information to make your website user-friendly & function better
  • Key insights to improve the web experience of your online visitors
  • Improved site performance with better understanding of the conversion rates & visitor activity
  • Information about the traffic patterns for your website, target audience location, etc.
  • Conduct A/B testing to find out which website design works best for your organizational needs

Success Stories

Web Analytics Services for a Digital Agency - We provided an acclaimed digital agency with analytical insights & gave suggestions to improve their website & marketing activities. As a result, customer experienced sharp increase in productivity & a decrease in operational costs.

Using Omniture for a Large Video Gaming Customer - Our customer is a large publisher of video games and has country specific websites in more than 18 languages. We provided him with accurate data, ad hoc reports, trends, traffic patterns etc., pertaining to his websites, aiding in informed decision making.

Key Differentiators

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Accurate answers to confusing business questions
  • Quick & informative decision making
  • View important trends & take quick actions
  • Easily understand data with the logical thought process & information flow

Web Analytics Articles

We have vast expertise in offering futuristic analytical solutions to global clients, and can provide you with web analytics software tailor-made for your organizational needs. Go through our well-researched repository of resources on Web Analytics.

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If your organization is planning to promote and sell products/services in the online world, you need something more than creative content and a user-friendly website design. What you need is web analytics to make a success out of your online marketing ventures. Investing in web analytics services can give you an insight on the number of visitors visiting your site, the bounce rate of your pages, or the number of clicks on a banner. With accurate data in the form of visually appealing dashboards or reports, you can make informed business decisions when it comes to your site. Avail insightful web analytics services from Flatworld Solutions to start making your website work for you.

You may already be using a web analytics tool, but might not be using all its features. Also, you may be getting tons of data from your tool, without actually knowing how to use it effectively. Outsourcing web analytics services to Flatworld Solutions can put an end to such problems. With our expertise ranging across various web analytics tools, and Software like Google Analytics, Sawmill, Web Trends, and Click Tracks, among others, our web analytics team can help you implement and configure the right tool for your business. Since we also offer software development, we can build a customized tool to deal with any particular analytical problem that your current tool is unable to address. If you prefer to use Google Analytics, we can help you configure and use all its features. While you take care of the design and content of your website, leave web analytics to experts like Flatworld Solutions, and reap the benefits of futuristic analytics.

Flatworld Solutions is India's leading provider of web analytics services. Whether it is reporting, dashboard creation, custom software development, implementation of web analytics tools, configuration of Google Analytics, campaign analytics or search engine marketing, we can successfully meet any of your web analytics requirements. With Flatworld as your partner, you can be sure of quality and adherence to your project deadline. An improved conversion rate, an increase in visits and a powerful online presence are just a few of the advantages that web analytics can offer. Go a step ahead of your competitors by outsourcing web analytics services to Flatworld Solutions.


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