Industry-specific Testing

Industry Specific Testing Services

As technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace, more companies are realizing the exceptional value of industry-specific testing and how it can help them get to market faster with their products. This is more evident for companies belonging to industries such as Health Sciences, BFSI, Energy and Utilities, etc. where a large risk factor is associated with the stringent development regulations they have in place. In such industries, compliance is mandatory and any violation can lead to strict legal repercussions.

Flatworld Solutions offers domain-specialized testing for specific industries while allowing your organization to remain in compliance with all industry testing guidelines. We assure our clients with optimum testing coverage in order to cover all their requirements under one umbrella, thereby helping them reduce their time to market.

Our Industry-specific Testing Services

At Flatworld our services are targeted towards reducing your overall dependency on in-house testing practices, thereby allowing you to focus more on actual product development. Our services include:

  • Medical Application Testing

    We have an expert team proficient in healthcare application testing who have worked with numerous clients across the globe. We offer both on-site and off-site multiplatform services and use the latest industry-specific testing tools such as Selenium, Rational Robot, etc. in order to ensure complete client satisfaction. We understand our client's rigid security and compliance requirements and follow HIPAA procedures in order to test various medical application and embedded software in a safe and secure environment.

  • e-commerce and BFSI Testing

    Today, e-commerce is a growing industry worth billions of dollars. Every day this industry sees new entrants and startups, and at Flatworld, we have partnered with quite a few of them in order to test mission-critical e-commerce applications. We perform thorough load tests and conduct various other simulations to ensure heavy traffic never bogs your e-commerce application down, and also offer expert algorithm verification, workflow testing, performance testing, etc.

    Our BFSI testing services help to accurately test modern-day banking and financial applications which are incredibly complex and interconnected. Such BFSI applications need to meet client demands for flexibility, security, speed, and transparency. Our mature testing methodologies help to test financial applications related to the trading market, capital market, credit domains, and investor management.

  • Game Testing

    The modern gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, and today, many games are developed with a budget which is more than it takes to make a Hollywood blockbuster! At Flatworld, we understand the job of developers who spend their time and effort in order to maximize every frame of a game and focus on the game quality, validation, code bugs, and overall safety of the game during the testing phase in order to ensure complete client satisfaction. Game testing is a highly unique discipline, and our game testers are adept at -

    • Game Level/World Design Testing
    • AI Testing
    • Fun Factor Testing
    • Realism Testing
    • Balance Testing
    • Game Audio Testing
    • Network/Multiplayer Testing
    • Physics Testing
  • Mobile and Telecom Testing

    At Flatworld, we have an enviable pedigree in mobile app development, and have worked on many different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. As a result, our testing team is especially proficient in mobile app testing, as well as mobile telecom testing across a wide variety of hardware and configurations. We leverage our state-of-art infrastructure, and our ad hoc testing capabilities to test both consumer and corporate telecom applications in short time duration.

  • Social Media Web 2.0 Testing

    Today, many companies are trying to connect to their consumers through the very effective channel of social media. At the same time, many companies falter when trying to implement standard social media channel APIs within their current applications, which in turn is disastrous as far is user satisfaction is concerned. Flatworld's social media testers have in-depth expertise in social networking systems testing, SEO testing, SaaS and Web Analytics testing, Usability testing, etc. and help to plug security loopholes as well as annoying bugs in a short time frame, while corresponding to your rapid development schedule.

    Apart from the above, we also specialize in -

    • Insurance Application Testing
    • Capital Markets and Banking Testing
    • Manufacture and Distribution Testing
    • Transportation, Travel, & Logistics Testing

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Industry-specific Testing?

At Flatworld, we specialize in transforming the ritualistic task of testing into a continuously efficient and quality-focused engineering function which would help shape your digital future and leave your mark as an industry leader. Our key differentiators include -

  • Extensive Industry Specialization - With clients spanning the globe and an experience of more than 20 years, we have worked with clients from diverse industries

  • Pioneering Testing Methodologies - Our testing methodologies have been fine-tuned in order to allow you to customize it as per your needs. We make use of the latest automation protocols in order to deliver projects within time and within budget

  • Innovative Technological Push - Whether it is embracing cloud testing methodologies or leveraging the latest infrastructure in order to deliver quality results, FWS is always at the forefront of technological innovation

  • Efficient Global Delivery Pattern - With multiple global delivery centers, we ensure that we always have a team working hard to help you achieve your goals while establishing testing centers of excellence for continuous improvement

  • Highly Cost-effective Services - Unlike most of our competitors, our prices are realistic and promise high-quality deliverables every single time.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for High-quality Industry-specific Testing Services

At FWS, we offer our entire testing services across a broad variety of industries, separate applications, and digital technologies under a flexible plan without any long standing contracts. This ensures that not only are SLAs adhered to, but also a cost-effective pricing scheme based on your requirements. We specialize in test automation, SAP testing, managed testing, etc., and our dedicated team of test engineers are always available to answer your queries for better customer satisfaction.

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Industry Specific Testing Services FAQs

  • What is industry testing?

    Industry testing refers to testing software or hardware within industry-specific testing parameters.

  • What is the purpose of industry testing?

    The purpose of industry testing is to ensure that the application works as expected and that all bugs are identified and eliminated.

  • What is Industry Test Process?

    The industry test process refers to the process by which industry-specific testing of applications is performed.