Hire Blockchain Developers

Hire Blockchain Developers

Hire blockchain developers from Flatworld Solutions and get access to highly-skilled and talented blockchain professionals at cost-effective prices starting from as low as $20/hour

Are you looking to ease your transactional operations and streamline the money flow databases of your company using cutting-edge blockchain technology with efficient functioning, top of the line security, and overall transparency? Are you looking to leverage the immense ability of blockchain technology for data collection over millions of devices and near endless storage capacity for a globally connected ledger? If so, you should hire blockchain developers and programmers from Flatworld Solutions.

Flatworld Solutions enables you to hire dedicated blockchain developers for your project, whatever the scope and complexity may be. We provide full stack blockchain developers that can take on any of your blockchain challenges with ease. What initially came into being with the internet phenomenon called Bitcoin, blockchain technology has become quite the sensation of its own in the last few years. The decentralized nature of blockchain has made it a favourite of innovators, financiers and entrepreneurs who are ready to take up bold and courageous business endeavours.

What is Blockchain?

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding what exactly is blockchain technology. In simple terms, blockchain is a platform that manages virtual currency transactions and every other detail related to it. Although monetary exchange is the focal point where a blockchain technology puts all its concentration on, its roots spread to domains that deal with any and all exchange of value, such as personal data, sensitive information, bank details, health records, business statistics, and so on.

At the core of blockchain's performance, there is speed, security and transparency, as it does away with any chances of grassroots modification and also with the role of middlemen agencies such as banks and notaries. In this way, transactions can be conducted in a safer and more cost-effective manner.

Our Dynamic Blockchain Development Services

As one of the leading digital software and application developers in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing dedicated blockchain developers for hire that are proficient in the most sophisticated blockchain technologies.

Our services include -

  1. Decentralized Application Development

    Decentralized Application Development

    Our developers put their best feet forward to develop the best and most powerful decentralized applications for your blockchain project. These are more often than not complex and build on much advanced programming as compared to any regular applications. However, you can rest assured that our experts are well equipped with the necessary skill and the required blockchain developments tools and technologies at our company to complete the task for you.

  2. Private Blockchain Development

    Private Blockchain Development

    The characteristic traits of blockchain which make it such a secure platform to use to record transactional exchanges, are best reflected in the private blockchain applications. Our solutions in this domain further smoothen and streamline your business transactions and related elements such as user authentication, document validation, payment verification and automated receipt transfer.

  3. Hyperledger development

    Hyperledger Development

    Blockchain tools like Hyperledgers cross the spheres of financial transaction and lends assistance to logistics, supply chain management, inventories, operations, delivery tracking and so on. You can put your full faith in our professional developers to build you complex, goal-oriented, result-driven Hyperledger blockchain software that will take your business forward to glory and prosperity.

  4. Crypto Wallet App Development

    Crypto Wallet App Development

    This requires a bit of skill from other spheres as well, such as web designing, app development and cloud services management. All these, together with the expertise of blockchain technology, allows us to build robust crypto wallet applications suitable for your business. The solutions we provide come with customized private key generation, recording and management of digital asset repositories and other important aspects shared between your business and the blockchain technology.

What Are We Proficient In?

The reason why we are one of the leading names in blockchain development is because of the high-quality IT staffing for blockchain developers that we provide. The stellar expertise of our developers, their cascading knowledge, years of experience, and impressive intuitiveness are reflected in everything they develop, including immaculately technical, highly responsive, complicated blockchain applications.

We already have an established knowledge base of web and mobile app development tools and technologies such as JavaScript and libraries, Xcode, Python, Angular, Node, NoSQL, C++ and others. This knowledge pool of these technologies combined with fundamental blockchain tools like Hyperledger, Ethereum, Exonium and Multichain work together to make your wishes a reality.

Our Staffing Process for Blockchain Developers

As a leading provider of blockchain developers, we follow the following process when it comes to providing you with the blockchain developers you need -

You send us your eligibility criteria that the blockchain developers need to meet
We provide CVs of eligible candidates
You interview the shortlisted candidates
You finalize the ones recruited and sign the SLA

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Our IT Staffing Services For Blockchain Developers?

  • Affordable Rates

    We provide affordable rates with easily-understandable rate packages and zero hidden costs. With us by your side, you can recruit highly-experienced blockchain professionals that can get your work done with ease.

  • Expert Team

    Access to professional developers with years of hands-on industry experience and a dedication towards ultimate perfection. Our professionals are all highly-capable of working with the most advanced blockchain technologies to turn your dreams into reality.

  • Flexible Hiring Procedures

    We provide easy and flexible hiring procedures that cater to your unique requirements. We understand that each client's requirement is different and thus we make every effort to ensure that your hiring process is as smooth as possible.

  • Advanced Technical Knowhow

    We have a wide range of technical knowhow which helps make your blockchain application glitch-free and top-of-the-line.

  • Surpass your Competitors

    Our creations not only allow your business to extensively explore the new innovation opportunities and navigate through its potential, but also puts you and your brand at the forefront of digital competition.

  • Advanced Technology

    In this era of speed and evolution, the trump card is advanced technology - whoever has their hands on the best of it is the inevitable and indisputable winner of the race. Our blockchain developers for hire will ensure that the most advanced and pertinent blockchain technology will be used in your project.

  • Flexible and Customized Solutions

    If you want your business to be the one leading your industrial sector, hire expert blockchain developers from us to bring to gain access to the most dynamic blockchain technology solutions. You can pick and choose your service as well as the team of developers you want to work with, therefore making the relationship we share a flexible and free-flowing one.

  • In-depth Knowledge

    Our team of developers have in-depth knowledge in the multi-layered, nuanced engineering of blockchain technology. They are also adept in handling disciplines such as data science, no-server computers and cryptocurrency. All this knowledge and experience of working with top brands over the years lend us the expertise to build your blockchain development from scratch.

  • All Available Options Evaluated

    Upon understanding and analysis of your project, the Flatworld Solutions team you hire will go through a detailed and well-informed evaluation of the possible blockchain technologies that can be used. The available options include Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Tezos, Qtum, and NEO.

Hire Expert Blockchain Developers from Flatworld Solution


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At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that technical knowledge is not the only thing required to push forward and bring intriguing innovations to life. Therefore, we put enormous weight on effective communication, commitment towards the art of developing, dedicated customer service, and a lively work culture within our teams. With us, you are not only paying to get your technology developed but also enjoying great customer service and after-sales support round the clock.

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