Outsource MVP Development Services

MVP Development Services

Optimize your path to product launch by developing a minimum viable product that meets exacting specifications at prices starting at $20/hour

Today, time to market is key to whether your business solution gains mass acceptance or has to compete against similar solutions. A successful product launch requires efficient planning and swift, fluid roadblocks to ensure that you can stick to your delivery timelines without rushing the product. One of the most effective, cost-efficient ways to plan a digital product launch is by leveraging Minimum Viable Product (MVP) learnings.

At FWS, we help to optimize your path to product launch by helping build a successful market-ready minimum viable product by leveraging an Agile, time-tested process. We have worked with startups as well as established enterprises to create low-cost yet high-value MVPs which are, more importantly, the right products for the right time.

Our MVP Development Services

FWS is your key to MVP software development services where design, development, and growth are essential. Our experienced developers offer result-oriented consulting and development services to test your product and pivot when necessary based upon market and user feedback. We offer a whole suite of solutions that are tuned to specific client requirements to ensure complete development independence and time to market.

Our services include -

  1. MVP Roadmap Services

    MVP Roadmap Services

    Our team analyses your product idea and creates a laundry list of features that you want the most in the first versions of the product. Thereafter, we create a fail-proof roadmap that accounts for version and feature changes and assigns fluid timelines for development, QC, etc. Starting right from the prototype of the MVP app to the end product, we break down all the requested features into different steps that align with your goals.

  2. MVP Product Design Services

    MVP Product Design Services

    At Flatworld, we strongly believe that for a good GTM strategy, product design, UI and UX are exceptionally important and need to be set in stone from the get-go while allowing for modifications based on user and market input. Our expert UI/UX designers make the MVP development process more interactive and easy to use despite having minimum features to offer a complete experience to your users.

  3. MVP Tech Stack Services

    MVP Tech Stack Services

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact requirements and select the best technology suited to their efforts as well as the requirement for the app. We have experience in working with multiple technologies and languages such as MERN/MEAN Stack (Angular, React, and MongoDB), JavaScript, .NET, etc.

  4. Prototype/Demo Development Services

    Prototype/Demo Development Services

    Our software developers and engineers help to create a presentable, functioning prototype that nails your project vision and allows you to showcase the same to investors and customers.

  5. Single Feature MVP Development Services

    Single Feature MVP Development Services

    As part of our MVP software development services, we help to create apps that provide the best possible solution to your primary problem. By not focusing on added features and focusing only on a single feature, we help you check the viability of the product across target demographics, allowing you to slowly build in extra features down the line.

Who Needs Our MVP Development Services?

Our clients for MVP app development usually have 3 main characteristics that we solve with our offerings, them being -

 They have an evolving business plan that can change at anytime
 They desire to be the first to market with the idea
 They are still uncertain about end-user needs

set of features required to test your assumptions on what the product should be, while still allowing for swift changes to be made down the line. Our fast development timelines and ability to pivot easily ensure you are always on top of market demands and have accurate information related to your end-user demands. Our tuned process is a sure-shot way to conduct user research and perform market studies without losing focus on the end goal. With our help, you can -

 Logically bring your ideas together and build a core set of features
 Research and optimize for your target market
 Build MVPs faster without worrying about your budget
 Test more, test often with early adopters
 Get a comprehensive report and market validation for your product

Our MVP Development Process

Over the years, our clients have commended our agile approach to building successful minimum viable products that are easy to scale. With inputs from clients across the globe, we have perfected the MVP development process to deliver the best product to you. Our process consists of the following steps -


01. Product Discovery

We analyze the entire target market based upon inputs gathered from you to focus on the key features for development. This allows us to focus on the problem scenario from day 1, allowing you a better way to meet customer expectations


02. Approach and Proposal

Once we finalize the route of development, we provide you with a ballpark estimate while defining a clear-cut SOP with the exact tech architecture and the timelines involved


03. Project Kick-off

We set up a crack team of designers and developers who understand the tech well and are proficient in MVP app development


04. Agile Process

Our entire process is designed to be seamless while taking maximum feedback at every step of the process. You can also make iterations whenever you need while adding features as and when required


05. Launch and Feedback

We help you launch the product and then test the feedback from your target base on multiple parameters, post which we begin adding or removing features while scaling up purely based on feedback

Benefits of MVP Development

With the help of our MVP development services, you can find your exact product-market-fit and define the scale at which you would like to achieve your milestones. Some of the many benefits you can gain from by partnering with us as your MVP development services providing company include -

  1. Identify Core Value of Your Product

    With the help of MVP development, you can unclutter unnecessary features and bring your product idea down to the bare minimum features. This in turn allows you to identify the core value of your product.

  2. Quick Development

    One of the key benefits of MVP product development is that you can get to market faster with your offering, without having to worry about losing ground to your competitors.

  3. Test Your Business Model

    Because of the faster development, you get time to scrutinize your business processes and make further developments wherever required, thereby eliminating the uncertainty around end-user needs.

  4. Mitigate Risks

    By testing the prototype while garnering feedback from real customers, you can pivot from your initial pitch and make changes easily, allowing you to rework and add more scope down the line.

  5. Save Time & Resources

    Product development is usually a time-consuming process and can also become expensive if not looked after. With the help of our specialized MVP development, you can avoid time wastage, excessive expenditure, and rework.

  6. Prioritize Engagement

    With the benefits of a reduced time to market, you can now launch your product faster while engaging your audience right from day 1, allowing you to build on community goodwill and generating better investor relationships as well.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS as your MVP Development Service Provider?

At FWS, creating an MVP is a short turnaround process that gives you maximum benefit. Our project scrums run in short, well-timed sprints while focusing on the technical aspects that you would like us to focus on. Some of the many reasons why clients across the globe choose FWS for MVP development include -

  • Technical Expertise

    We come with a proven history in building MVPs for clients spread out across multiple industries. Our software development team can work on any technology stack as you require while ensuring a faster time to market for your product.

  • Diverse Skillsets

    We only assign relevant coders and designers who have worked on the requested technology before and, combined with their immense experience in the relevant fields, you can rest assured about the overall expertise of the team.

  • Fast and Efficient Project Delivery

    Our projects run in short sprints using scrum methodology, ensuring you can always change the course of development, something which is essential for MVP development.

  • Scalable and Flexible Options

    One of the key benefits, when you outsource MVP development services to us, is the ability to scale as and when required, while still retaining the flexibility to change architecture and features anytime down the line.

  • Transparent Process

    You have complete control over delivery timelines, and we ensure all your feedback is accounted for and incorporated to keep the process as transparent as possible.

  • No Operational Overheads

    Save on excess costs by not having to get a development team onboarded only to develop the MVP. You can then invest the same amount of time and resources spent on hiring a new team on channels that can do with the extra money.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    With FWS on your side, you never have to face time zone-related issues. We have multiple delivery centers around the globe that you can leverage to work with timelines that suit your requirements the best.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Developed a Robust and Intuitive App to Edit Videos

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