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Wearable App Development Services

Strap up for the future with Flatworld's wearable app development because we develop high-performance wearable apps at fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team

Wearable technology has changed the way the world interacts, as they have finally become compact and ubiquitous enough to be worn as watches, clothing, implants, etc. So are you ready to realize your goals with smart wearable apps? By leveraging the power of IoT, AI and ML technologies wearable apps can be developed by Flatworld to serve as a smart personal assistant.

As a fairly new technology, we understand that there are many businesses and corporations sitting on the next big wearable app idea, but if you are among many who need wearable app development services to turn visions into reality we have just the solution. At FWS, we provide tailored wearable app development solutions where we analyze your requirements, determine real-world necessities, and take your product roadmap from concept to prototyping and then to production.

Wearable App Development Services We Offer

Over the years, Flatworld has become a leading wearable app development service provider and provides high-quality services to its clients across the globe. We specialize in creating customer-centric wearable applications with a UI and UX that plays to the apps' strengths while providing exceptional user satisfaction. We develop apps for consumers as well as enterprises, allowing you to get custom, user-centric wearable app development solutions which align to your business goals. Our services include -

  1. Wearable Device App Development (iOS and Android)

    Wearable Device App Development

    We can build custom, feature-rich and exceptional wearable apps using the latest tools and technologies to suit your business requirements. We focus on the basics and understand that UI plays a greater role in wearable apps compared to apps developed for phones or tablets. Our custom wearable app development for iOS and android can cover multiple use cases, allowing you to expand the range of devices through which you can communicate with your clients and customers alike. Our offerings include -

    • Android Wear App Development
    • iWatch App Development
    • Google Lens Apps
    • VR Apps for Microsoft Hololens
    • Fitbit App Development
    • Mi Band App Development
  2. Wearable App Integration

    Wearable App Integration

    Do you have a successful mobile app but would like to tap into the wearable market while offering your users a whole new way to interact with your app? Our wearable app integration services are ideal for app developers who want their apps to translate well for the wearable world while retaining the functionality of the original app. Our cutting edge solutions integrate multiple data layer APIs so as to ensure all functionality is retained and transferred over.

  3. Wearable App UI / UX Development

    Wearable App UI / UX Development

    We believe that the UI and UX of your wearable app can act as major differentiators and establish a unique value proposition for your users. From a business perspective, it is important to carry over design languages, color palettes, and mood boards from your other apps to provide a cohesive feel to your app ecosystem. There are many different types of wearables, each with its own UX considerations. From trackers, smartwatches, EEG headbands, AR and VR devices, etc. we cover the UI and UX design for all while ensuring no two apps looks the same.

  4. Wearable App Maintenance

    Wearable App Maintenance

    We offer bespoke maintenance and support services for multiple wearable apps for a variety of different devices. Wearable apps need to be continuously updated to stay relevant and offer new features to your users. Our job is to ensure your app keeps working smoothly over a long period of time thereby providing your customers with the best possible experience.

  5. Wearable App Development Consulting

    Wearable App Development Consulting

    Do you have an idea for a wearable app which can change the way users interact with technology? Are you missing the right direction to create a truly powerful app? Consult with our renowned app developers who can answer your queries and help you create the ideal wearable app from scratch. As a wearable app development service providing company, we cover multiple requirements and provide personalized consultation services which can help you navigate the world of app development easily.

Wearable App Development Process

Give a much-needed boost to your offerings by kicking off the next big app revolution on wearable devices. Make your customers smarter while benefiting from increased efficiency with our bespoke services. The process for outsourcing your development needs to us is simple and efficient. It saves time and helps you meet goals in a quick TAT. Our process is as follows -


01. Business Requirement Analysis

Your requirements will be analyzed and to determine your business objectives and how we can build a wearable app to meet the said objective


02. Technology Selection

After analysis of your requirement, the ideal software development technology will be selected to do away with complications, delay in delivery, and potential bugs


03. Solution Designing

We will customize a wearable app development solution that will align with the SLA and help you take your wearable apps to potential customers


04. Software Development

The SDLC will be planned and executed according to agile development methods by taking into account, your existing technology, and other limitations


05. Testing and QA

Iterative tests will be conducted on code modules with near real-time inputs. After a thorough evaluation, code glitches (if any) will be remedied and a marketing-ready app will be released


06. Integration and Implementation

We will provide integration support with your existing platforms. The implementation will be completed without stretching the time-to-market


07. Optimization and Maintenance

With evolving market trends, we will provide post-release support to keep your wearable apps up-to-date through software patches

Our Wearable Technology Expertise

As wearables get more ubiquitous by the year, we have managed to cover a wide variety of wearables which have the interface ready for a user-friendly and highly functional app. Our app development for wearable devices covers the following wearables -

  • Smartwatches - They are one of the most popular wearable devices and come in a variety of different form factors. They work as an extension of your mobile devices and can be used to provide excellent user interaction through wearable apps.
  • Entertainment - We can create apps for devices which provide an immersive experience for users such as virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses such as Google Lens, etc.
  • Fitness Trackers - We can build custom apps which can track heart rate, blood pressure, and monitor multiple physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc. while providing accurate BMI data.
  • Healthcare - We create apps for devices used to monitor various user-health parameters. These include -

    • Patient Diagnostic & Monitoring Devices
    • Therapeutic Devices
    • Rehabilitation Devices
    • Insulin Delivery Devices and Pumps
    • Modern Drug Delivery Systems
  • Smart Clothing & Fashion - We can create apps for various clothing and accessories that remain highly functional and provide opportunities for dynamic customization. We have worked on fitness and sportswear, baby monitoring suits, etc.

Industries We Serve

Wearable technology has found wide acceptance across the world, and Flatworld is uniquely positioned to work with clients across industry sectors and verticals. We are the wearable app development company of choice for clients belonging to the following industries -

 Health and Fitness Industry
 Education and e-Learning Industry
 Shopping and e-Commerce Industry
 Banking and Finance Industry
 Travel and Tourism Industry
 IoT and Internet Industry
 Media and Entertainment Industry
 Food and Drink Industry

Our Technology Proficiency

We believe that our services are only as good as our proficiency in keeping up with new development technologies. Our team of wearable app developers is experts in the following technologies -

Mobile Technologies

  • XCode
  • Kotlin
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Swift
  • Android SDK
  • JAVA
  • Flutter
  • Objective-C

Database Technologies

  • Firebase
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • RethinkDB
  • PostgreSQL

UI/UX Technologies

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects
  • CSS3
  • Zeplin
  • Sketch
  • HTML5

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Wearable App Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Wearable apps, unlike regular phone apps, are notoriously difficult to create. Users have different expectations and requirements for different wearables. This shift is now being seen not only on a consumer level but at the enterprise level too. Today, wearables have multiple use cases and some of them are becoming safety-certified too. By partnering with us you can gain from the following benefits -

  • ISO Certifed Wearable App Development Services Provider

    As an ISO 9001:2015 service provider for hundreds of verticals under multiple industries, we offer a host of services under our FWS umbrella, allowing us to offer precise services which leverage the best of our sustainable resources and manpower.

  • 100% Data Security

    We follow ISO/IEC 27001:2022 approved practices when it comes to managing personal data. We are highly compliant to the international data management regulations and approve access only to professionals who have signed the NDA and other valid credentials to handle the project.

  • High-quality App Development

    It's a busy world out there, and people have far lesser time to interact with their devices which keep a tab on their health, their daily activities, or even to stay connected. With this knowledge, we leverage the power of our design philosophy to co-create apps with out-of-the-box ideas, eye-catching visuals, complete personalization, and more importantly, brilliant UX which keeps the user coming for more.

  • Scalable Services

    We regularly update your wearable app with relevant features and attributes so as to ensure the app keeps working flawlessly even post-launch. Our services are scalable as your needs evolve.

  • Ready-to-go Wearable Apps in a Quick TAT

    We create a fully operational, bug-free and tailor-made wearable app for our clients which are ready to go live right off the bat. This ensures we can always back up your GTM strategy and give you the much-needed boost ahead of your competition.

  • Cost-efficient Services

    When you outsource wearable app development to us, we know the time and budget constraints that our clients have and offer flexible packages so you can choose what you exactly want. Without inflated bills and swifter time to market, we have become the wearable app development company of choice for thousands of clients across the globe.

  • SPOC

    We provide a team lead or project manager who will be highly available until project delivery and integration in your environment. If you have concerns that require support from us, the team lead will be the first point of contact to handle your concern.

  • Best Coding Practices by Expert Developers

    We do not write sloppy code or heavy apps. Behind our work methodology is the ability to write stunning code which is lightweight yet functional so that none of your apps feel bloated or slow. This can only be achieved with the help of a team of coders, designers, and UX artists who truly excel in their professional areas.

  • High-quality Tools and Technology

    Working with discipline is the only way we know to do business. Our company works in perfect coordination with your team and systems, while using our high-tech infrastructure and modern workstations so dependency levels remain extremely low.

  • Round-the-clock Support & Maintenance

    Once we assign a team to your project, they are available 24x365 to provide urgent support and maintenance for your wearable app, ensuring your users are always getting the best service possible.

Outsource Wearable App Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

It is time that you converted your app idea into a scalable and profitable business with FWS's high-quality wearable app development services. At FWS, our wearable designers and creators begin by thinking how the application will underscore and highlight the enrichment the app would bring into the user's life, while constantly striving to make it better, smoother, safer, and useful. We provide on-demand mobile app development solutions for clients with unique requirements and are always ready for a challenge. However big your idea is, we ensure we can back it up with our skills and development capabilities.

Like what you see? Get in touch with us right now and onboard for a truly wonderful outsourcing experience.

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