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Augmented reality is a distinct technology, which places virtual elements over real-world settings to provide the users with a composite view. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a whole new environment, AR makes use of the existing real world surroundings and integrates virtual components into this environment. Apart from merging the virtual and the real world, this technology also inserts digital add-ons into videos captured on a smartphone or tablet. Industry experts predict AR boom in the years to come with most of the businesses implementing AR in their business. According to Digi-Capital, the AR market is expected to shoot up to $90 billion by 2020.

Every technological advancement brings in a fresh new set of possibilities into businesses and changes the ways in which business is carried out. AR is a versatile technological development, which allows companies to enhance their day-to-day business operations. Be it hosting conferences and meetings or developing and showcasing new products or services to prospective clients, AR empowers businesses to successfully do them all and holds a great potential to change the way businesses operate today.

5 Tips to Integrate Augmented Reality in Your Business

Augmented reality makes a virtual overlay of 3-dimensional objects directly into the view of the user wearing a headset to provide an augmented view that combines virtual elements with the user's real environment. This can be of great significance in business, as AR is a versatile technological advancement. It offers enterprises new ways to make their staff more productive.

Today there are numerous AR products available in the market that add enormous value to businesses in various industry sectors. With the release of Google's Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens, the demand for more number of AR devices has increased significantly. Though these products faced some initial criticisms, experts predict that they will be used soon. Some of the key ways in which AR can be incorporated in your business are listed here -

  1. Staff Education & Training

    Training and educating your employees using AR can be a highly immersive and interactive method of learning. Here, the trainees can play through AR scenarios as many times as they want to thoroughly understand a concept or a procedure. Furthermore, using AR for training creates an interactive and immersive experience across multiple senses, which can really help the trainees grasp things better and learn faster. By using multi-layered graphics even, the most complex processes and methods can be simplified for the trainees. AR can easily increase the depth of the training programs, thereby helping businesses impart wide knowledge in their staff within a short time.

  2. Customer Service

    AR is sure to improve the efficiency by transforming the way in which customer-facing staff work, especially in the retail industry. Customer service agents can use AR to freely interact with their clients and help them buy products that precisely cater to their needs. Some companies are already using tablets to provide their customers with an AR experience, which clearly explains the product features or offers a demo of the product to the customers, thereby helping them make informed decisions.

  3. Extended Office Spaces

    Altering plain office spaces is one of the most popular AR functionalities that is expected to gain much popularity in the near future. Apart from the regular tables and chairs in an office, the rest of the place is usually bare and mundane. Using AR smaller office space can be made multi-functional without any major investments. By using AR glasses, businesses can empower their employees to see a room extended with different views and visualize digital whiteboards on all four walls, which can be used by them to scribble and share their ideas better. Therefore, brainstorming sessions will become fun and interaction with teams from across the globe will be quick and more productive.

  4. Displaying Products

    Showcasing products effectively has become the new business mandate in today's competitive business environment, especially after the boom in the e-commerce industry. AR allows users to examine the products carefully, understand their features and functionalities, and then decide whether to buy the product or not. AR is being used majorly in the real estate industry and even by people who are planning to buy furniture, to check whether the products will look good in the place they intend to have it.

  5. Remote Collaboration

    AR is one technology which can completely change the way teams from different parts of the world collaborate. Usually, during meetings, the teams spread across various geographical locations are not able to communicate effectively, which often lead to miscommunication, distraction and other complications. However, this challenge can be easily overcome by using AR, as it can change the way teams interact with each other. Therefore, AR makes meetings more engrossing, interactive, and fun. Even some of the subtle things like facial expressions and eye contact, which can be clearly noticed using AR, make such business interactions more effective.

Augmented Reality in Business - How Does the Future Look Like

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the augmented reality business applications and how things are going to change drastically in the future. It is predicted that the AR/VR market will be worth a staggering $200 billion by the year 2020, and the market share of AR is expected to be $200 billion. The AR market expansion and these massive figures are only going to improve and get bigger with time.

AR is all set to change the way businesses operate and have a huge impact on companies across the globe. The applications of AR in business will gain tremendous popularity mainly because the hardware is easily available and the usage is intuitive and simple to understand. We will see a number of innovations using AR in other fields including banking, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, travel, education, etc.

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