Arabic App Development Services

Arabic App Development Services

The Middle East region holds great potential as far as the mobile market is concerned. This is a huge market which is normally neglected by businesses and needs to be tapped into. This is justified by the fact that from the year 2000 to 2012, Arabic mobile users have increased by a staggering 30-fold!

Therefore, it is quite shocking to know that although more than 41% of the Saudi internet users are on Twitter, less than 1% of the total web pages and even lesser apps are available in Arabic. This imbalance should be addressed by using the latest technologies and developing useful apps to cater to all the needs of this Middle East mobile market, which can in turn help you expand your market share.

Flatworld's Arabic Application Development Services

Flatworld Solutions has worked with various companies based in the Middle East and has developed excellent applications including some government-licensed mobile apps. Our team understands the fact that it is not only important to develop a great app with excellent aesthetics but also understand the different culture and language well while doing so.

Some of the Arabic app development services we provide include:

  • Arabic Apps for Governments
  • Arabic Business Apps
  • e-Learning Apps in Arabic
  • Arabic Apps for Enterprise
  • Arabic Quran and Prayer Recitation Apps
  • Arabic Calligraphy Apps
  • Arabic Educational Apps
  • Arabic Game Apps
  • Arabic Photo Editing Apps
  • Arabic Service Apps
  • Arabic Multimedia Apps
  • Lifestyle and Luxury Arabic Apps
  • Arabic Utility Apps
  • Arabic Music Apps
  • Arabic B2B Apps
  • Arabic Retail and Fashion Apps
  • Arabic Shopping and e-commerce Apps
  • Healthcare and Fitness Apps

Arabic App Development - How our Services are Different from the Rest

Arabic mobile application development can be very different as compared to regular app development in English. It is very important to understand the language, its usage, and the culture followed in these regions. There are certain things which need to be taken care of while developing apps for such a culturally different audience and our team of highly experienced mobile app developers understands that very well. Some of the few things we take care of while developing Arabic apps include -

  • Right-to-left (RTL) Navigation

    It is well known that Arabic language follows a right-to-left reading convention. The same needs to be incorporated in the app as well. This ensures that the Arabic users are comfortable with the app layout, the sliders etc. Our team is trained to work with suitable APIs and RTL frameworks in order to provide the app with the required navigation scheme

  • Font Usage

    The Arabic font is very different from other languages and we have to ensure its compatibility during the development of Arabic apps. Some of the fonts available online are free but are not so well-designed. At Flatworld, we work with high-quality purchased Arabic fonts which are approved by our client for in-app use

  • Usage of Specific Images

    We, at Flatworld, understand the importance of using appropriate images in the Arabic apps being developed. We do not use the same image for the English and Arabic versions of the app. Just flipping the image horizontally is not the solution for this problem, and therefore we use highly specific images for the same. Incorrectly used images can lead to consumer misunderstanding and may lead to other severe problems

  • Arabic Typesetting

    When creating a bilingual app both the language typefaces need to match with each other aesthetically so the pages look similar to each other. Arabic font is wider and shorter as compared to Latin alphabets hence the typefaces need to be considered while developing the layouts. We ensure that the app users are comfortable with the Arabic layout and typesetting in case the app needs to be in multiple languages

  • Multilingual Apps

    Arabic apps are one of the toughest types of applications to code and to make it multilingual it becomes even tougher. Our team of Arabic app developers is skilled in developing high-quality Arabic apps which feature smooth transitions from one language to another

  • Rigorous Quality Checks

    All apps developed by Flatworld undergo strict and rigorous quality checks before being published. Apart from in-house testing, our apps are also checked by the client to evaluate its working and to see if all the requirements are incorporated or not

  • Laws, Regulations, and Cultural Influence

    We, at Flatworld Solutions, respect all the cultural aspects of the Arabic community and look to incorporate them in the app. There is a lot of difference between Western culture and Arabic culture, and therefore care needs to be taken in order to ensure regional sentiments are not hurt. Also, we follow strict procedures to ensure that we follow and adhere to all the local laws and regulations, while providing a great user experience to the customers at the same time

Successful Arabic App Development Projects We Successfully Executed

iPhone App Development for a Tech Company

Arabic iPhone App Development for a Technology Company

iPhone App Development for a Tech Company

This was a multi-functional iPhone app we developed for a UAE-based technology company's website by doing word-by-word translation. We created a common admin panel for the company's website and the mobile app, backed-up with a secure back-end and facilitated easy online payments.

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Charity iPad App

Arabic App Development Services

This app created by Flatworld Solutions is the only government approved Charity app in the UAE. This was a bilingual app which made it easy to make donations online and check the latest projects. This app was appreciated very well by the people as it was functional both online and offline.

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Arabic App Development Services

Tools and Technologies We Leverage for Arabic App Development

Developing the best Arabic apps by fulfilling all the client's requirements and providing a great user experience comes at a price in terms of hiring good resources and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. It is important that the app has a constant workflow and one should ensure that it functions smoothly on different devices and platforms. To achieve this we make use of certain tools and technologies which include:

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Arabic App Development?

We believe in providing high quality apps addressing all the business needs of the clients within a quick turnaround time. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your Arabic mobile application needs:

  • Our team of Arabic app developers is skilled in using the latest tools and technologies
  • We have access to well-qualified Arabic translators
  • Our process follows a unique combination of consultation, proposition, confirmation, and execution
  • We have a team of experienced developers who can develop apps on different platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc.
  • We provide high-quality app designs which conform to the latest design guidelines
  • Faster time-to-market at very competitive prices
  • We follow ISO 9001 certified processes which ensures high-quality workmanship reliability
  • On-time delivery guarantee

Hire Flatworld Solutions for Flawless Arabic Mobile App Development

Flatworld Solutions has been in the mobile app development domain for about a decade now and has served thousands of companies and brands. Our expertise in Arabic application development ensures that your business or brand stands out among your competitors. Our team is trained to develop apps on different platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

We have worked with many companies and brands from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. and turned ideas into realities. If you have any app idea then feel free to share it with us, and we can help you turn your brilliant idea into reality. Contact us!

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