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Azure Consulting Services

Switch to Microsoft Azure, one of the biggest cloud platforms in the market! Reduce your transition time with our advisory services

Globally, more than 89% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure to drive business. Probably, that includes your competitors, too!

Are you wondering what makes this cloud platform the unanimous favorite among business owners? It poses endless possibilities with 200+ offerings, some of which are custom-built for specific industries and business verticals. The SDL process in Azure is the epitome of data privacy and security. The performance-efficient Azure Storage makes it easier for applications to scale from 10 to 10 million users without additional coding.

Exploit the complete length of the Azure platform to build, deploy, and manage apps more efficiently with our Azure consulting services. Our services enable you to migrate to cloud at reduced expenses and within remarkable timelines. Reach out to our Azure consultants today to leverage the power of this cloud-based solution beyond its commonly known functionalities.

How Do Our Azure Solutions Benefit Your Business?

Our accelerators and application frameworks help accelerate your time-to-market by speeding up your pilots, deployments, and proof of concept. Our consulting and implementation services enhance your business outcomes by -

  • Devising a pragmatic Azure migration strategy to cut down on development costs
  • Automating resource orchestration to reduce cloud consumption costs
  • Speeding up the development process with CI/CD pipeline designs
  • By setting up auto-scaling routines and performance testing to ensure stability
  • Establishing reliability by designing fail-safe apps backed with performance management processes

Enterprise Grade Azure AI and Machine Learning Services

We empower your in-house developers to build, deploy, and manage high-quality models faster. Our Azure consultants help design enterprise-grade conversational AI bots using Azure bot services. They leverage industry-leading MLOps, open-source interoperability, and integrated tools to ensure better performance and reduced time-to-market. Here is what our experts help you accomplish -

  • We help businesses build and train models rapidly by creating studio development experience with access to built-in tools and best-in-class support for open-source frameworks and libraries.
  • We deliver responsive solutions to fulfill lineage and audit compliance requirements.
  • We enable businesses to operationalize at scale by managing and governing ML models efficiently.
  • We manage data training and labeling projects while tracking, logging, and analyzing resources.

Accelerate Your Azure Environment with Our Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure consulting services by Flatworld are categorized broadly into migration, app development, and optimization. We have qualified Azure consultants who help businesses cut costs and increase the overall platform performance. Our end-to-end services include -

  1. Azure Integration Services

    Azure Integration Services

    Our consultants provide integrated approaches to connect services and apps on-premises and in the cloud. With our services, you can seamlessly integrate applications, business processes, and data points while creating opportunities for new business models.

  2. Azure Migration Services

    Azure Migration Services

    We enable you to stay efficient when it comes to Azure migration services. Our customized migration strategies help implement a high-performing Azure environment while cutting costs by up to 50%.

  3. Azure Database Services

    Azure Database Services

    To fit the needs of modern app developers, Azure offers a wide variety of fully managed database choices that range from SQL to NoSQL and includes in-memory options. Our experts help you choose the best database according to your business needs.

  4. Azure Analysis Services

    Azure Analysis Services

    We enable your business to optimize the business use cases of Azure Analysis. Our consultants advise your internal team on faster and better ways of performing ad hoc data analysis using tools like Power BI.

  5. Azure Compute Services

    Azure Compute Services

    We enable our clients to take advantage of Azure's on-demand computing solutions for cloud-based apps. We ensure that you understand your specific requirements and pay only for the required resources.

  6. Azure Container Services

    Azure Container Services

    Our Azure developers guide you on deploying container apps on Microsoft Azure public cloud without having to provision or manage any complex infrastructure.

  7. Azure Security Services

    Azure Security Services

    From general to storage security, SQL firewall, SQL cell level encryptions, identity and access management, multi-factor authentications, VPN Gateway, system backup, and site recovery - Microsoft Azure provides a host of security services. And as your trusted consulting partner, we educate you about them so that you can leverage them adequately.

  • Azure Storage Services

    Meet all your data demands with our comprehensive suite of Azure storage solutions for block, object, queue, table, disc, and file storage.

  • Azure Hybrid Cloud Services

    Embrace cloud innovation, maximize your on-premises investments, and enable remote work with our Azure Hybrid Cloud solutions.

  • Azure Identity Services

    Safeguard your data and applications at the front gate with secure access to all your resources using Azure identity and access management solutions.

  • Azure Managed Services

    Build, manage, and implement solutions to enhance efficiency and boost growth with Azure managed services.

  • Azure Media Services

    Transform, manage, and deliver media content through cloud-based workflows with Azure Media solutions.

  • Azure Mixed Reality Services

    Build spatially aware, multi-user mixed reality applications that help you create rich, immersive experiences with Azure mixed reality services.

  • Azure Mobile Services

    Rapidly build highly engaging native and cross-platform applications for multiple operating systems with Azure mobile services.

  • Azure Networking Services

    Access Azure and on-premises resources to monitor, deliver, and protect your enterprise applications.

  • Azure Lab Services

    Host hackathons, training labs, or classrooms and test your proof-of-concept in the cloud with Azure lab services.

Step-by-step Azure Consulting Services Process at Flatworld Solutions

Microsoft Azure enables you to develop and host hybrid apps at incredible pricing options. It brings you a menu of 100+ services, products, features, and benefits. Navigate this ecosystem with our consultants who adhere to the following process flow -


Discuss your business needs with our cloud architects.


We begin an end-to-end IT audit of your current setup.


We compile a detailed report highlighting the potential for improvement.


We lay out migration recommendations along with timelines and cost estimation.


Our cloud engineers design the ideal cloud infrastructure for your data.


We conduct tests to ensure app upgrades, correct configuration for Cloud infra, etc.


When all tests show satisfactory results, we work with you on the final migration to Azure with minimum disruption to your operations.

More Ways in Which We Can Serve You

Digital Transformation

We blend technology, data, and resources to help businesses control costs, increase compliance, and secure loyal customers.


We enable businesses to transition to the cloud to gain a competitive edge and stay profitable.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Our solutions instantly spruce up businesses and increase inter-departmental and business flexibility.

Microsoft Consulting Services

We offer Microsoft advisory services to ensure that businesses can fully leverage the latest Microsoft products and services.

Why Pick Us as Your Azure Consulting Services Provider?

Being a trusted Microsoft partner for 20 years, we have the experience and the expertise to help businesses maximize their potential through software development. Team up with us today to leverage the following benefits -

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    We offer affordable and flexible pricing packages to our clients. Our clients benefit from customized prices to suit specific business needs.

  • High-quality Services

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022-certified company with a sterling global presence that spans two decades. We are reliable; our clients trust us owing to the quality of our services.

  • Tools and Technologies

    Our global team of software experts is highly trained, experienced, and qualified to use the latest and best techniques and workflows to provide advanced and professional integration services.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    Our global IT team has access to world-class offices and state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables them to perform to their full potential.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team has years of experience designing, developing, and implementing a comprehensive range of software projects.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our experts provide seamless services at quicker turnarounds. We are highly committed to meeting all our deadlines. And by outsourcing to us, our clients benefit from the time zone advantage.

  • Dedicated Project Managers

    We allot dedicated resources to spearhead your project. Your project manager will be available 24/7 to resolve your queries and update you about timelines in real-time.

Client Success Stories

FWS Developed an Integrated and Feature-rich Chat App

FWS Developed an Integrated and Feature-rich Chat App

Our team used IBM Watson and created a seamless live healthcare chat app for a tech provider in the healthcare industry.

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FWS Upgraded the ServiceNow Solution for an American Firm

FWS Upgraded the ServiceNow Solution for an American Firm

Our adroit ServiceNow engineers incorporated the latest multilevel catalog features of the ServiceNow implementation for an American firm.

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A robust congratulations to the team at Flatworld Solutions for a job well done.

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Outsource Azure DevOps Consulting Services to Flatworld Solutions

Owing to our flexibility and rapid scalability, our software development services are preferred by global clients across industries and domains. Our cloud consulting and advisory services help our international clientele to gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft Azure. Our experts empower you to extend your IT and take advantage of new business opportunities using Azure. By outsourcing your requirement to us, you benefit from -

  • A customized strategy to minimize the time-to-transition of your business assets
  • Enhance productivity, profitability, and long-term growth
  • Feasibility analysis of your transition initiative based on TCO, ROI, etc.
  • 24/7 consultation services in the form of Q&A via calls, emails, and SMS
  • Infrastructure design, configuration, and code review
  • Migration strategy and risk management plan that enhances your business goals

Enquire about our Azure consulting services pricing. Call now to request a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does an Azure Consultant Do?

Azure consultants help plan, design, and deploy Azure solutions while keeping in sync with your specific business requirements. They possess the skills, expertise, and knowledge to help organizations implement IT solutions. They also support competencies for everyday processes and maintain systems and IT functionalities on the Cloud.

What Are the Different Steps of Azure Consulting?

We deliver Azure consulting services in 3 different stages to help you attain your goals.

Step 1 - We assess your Azure adoption needs to create appropriate business use cases.

Step 2 - We come up with a robust roadmap to design, build, and deploy Azure cloud services.

Step 3 - We create a scalable architecture with the right mix of Azure services. We future proof it to accommodate upcoming technological advances.

Should I Worry About Data Loss with Microsoft Azure?

Not at all, and here is why. Azure is a cloud-based solution; its back-up can store up to three copies of any data across three locations within the data center. It also creates and keeps three more copies of the same in a remote data center. So, data loss is the last thing you should worry about with MS Azure.

Why Microsoft Azure Consulting Is the Most Critical Step in Your Cloud Migration Journey?

Is the modern business landscape forcing you to be more resilient? Perhaps, it is time to adapt and migrate to the cloud to maximize ROI. But where should you even begin? That's easy! With Microsoft Azure, of course! Any business that has been around in the 21st century knows that Azure is fast, flexible, and the favorite framework amongst Fortune 500 companies. Even small and medium-sized businesses seem to swear by it.

But did you know Azure offers 200+ products and cloud services to help businesses recognize and build reliable and customized solutions? Before you jump with both feet, you need a plan and a strategy. You must identify the ready state to build a landing zone for your workloads and migrate to the cloud with little to no downtime. So, Microsoft Azure Consulting is the most critical step in your cloud migration journey!

What Are Some of The Most Important Outcomes of Microsoft Azure Consulting?

Azure cloud services have been around for a while. Depending on individual business needs and challenges, it can get a tad bit complicated. Thankfully, our senior-level Azure consultants have seen it all in the last two decades. The direct benefits of our consulting services include -

Migration Costs - Our advisors assist you with a pragmatic strategy to cut down development costs.

Cloud Consumption Costs - We suggest ways to automate resource distribution and strategize Azure services to reduce cloud consumption costs.

Development Speed - Our consultations speed up development by setting Azure services tactically to reduce development efforts and design.

Performance - We guide you through auto-scaling routines and testing processes to ensure stability and peak app performance.

Reliability - We suggest and oversee fail-proof designs that support performance management processes and enable troubleshooting without interruptions.

Security - We adjust Identity and Access Management via Azure Active Directory and component-level security.

What Makes You Different from Other Azure Consulting Companies?

Being a trusted Microsoft partner for 22+ years, we have had the opportunity to cater to 18,000+ clients across 160+ countries. With such a diverse experience of catering to businesses across industries and time zones comes an infallible domain experience that's hard to beat. Our ISO-certified services vouch for top-notch quality, reliability, and data security. We sign NDA agreements to establish absolute trust with our clients; our customer care experts are available 24/7 across 10+ global locations to address your queries.