Outsource Software Requirement Analysis Services

Software Requirements Analysis Services

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To guarantee a positive outcome for any project, it is important to conduct a detailed software requirement analysis. A business often does not have a full-fledged IT department, and therefore it lacks the resources or expertise to perform this study. Deciding on the optimal software requirement for your next project can be pretty daunting.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a global provider of software solutions to address diverse business requirements, and hence we have an excellent understanding of the ideal software requirements at various phases of the project development cycle. Over the past decade, we have worked on numerous projects of all sizes, and from varied industries. Our accomplished team of business analysts, engineers, testers, and software developers pool their skills to come up with a pretty accurate requirement of software you would need to develop your application.

Software Requirements Analysis Services We Provide

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including -

  1. Understanding the Scope

    Understanding the Scope

    We define the scope of the software solution to be developed depending on your business needs and aims. This helps with software requirements management.

  2. Identifying Stakeholders

    Identifying Stakeholders

    We clearly identify and categorize the different stakeholders like system admins, end-users, client employees, customers, and so on. This aids the business analysis professionals to create a blueprint for collecting the requirements.

  3. Gathering Requirements

    Gathering Requirements
    • This step is perhaps the most time-consuming and monotonous, but very important too. There may be numerous stakeholders for certain projects, depending on the scope and nature of the solution. These persons are consulted via face-to-face discussions, surveys, market studies, interviews, secondary research, and so on.
    • After identifying stakeholder we move on to the tedious process of gathering requirements. We foster interaction among various stakeholders using various communication methodologies including focus groups, market studies, in-person interviews, surveys, and secondary research.
  4. Requirement Analysis

    Requirement Analysis

    Now that we have the required information in hand, we conduct structured software requirements gathering analysis on it to establish the ideal models. We may in certain cases develop use cases to perform data analysis on the different parameters based on the macro goals of the project. Case-based and analogical reasoning, automated reasoning, animation of requirements, knowledge-based critiquing, and so on are also used for analysis.

  5. Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

    Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

    After the analysis is complete, a requirement analysis document called the system requirement specification (SYRS) document or the software requirement specification document (SRS) is created with the information. This becomes the roadmap for the development team to start creating the software. It comprises the following -

    • A statement of purpose, what part of the software the document covers - whether there is a full or partial description, etc.
    • The target audience is identified - coders or project managers, or both, and how they should go through the document.
    • All the documents and sites referred to are mentioned so that readers can easily access them.
    • An exhaustive description mentioning the context of developing the software is generated.
    • If the product is part of a suite of products, the requirements from the larger system for effective operation are mentioned.
    • All important functions to be performed by the product are mentioned.
    • Categories of users of the product, based on the functions they will need, technical knowledge, and usage frequency is mentioned.
    • Details of which version of OS will run, and if it will share any other elements.
    • Limitations of hardware, interfaces, technologies, software language, safety requirements, and corporate policies that may limit options for developers.
    • All user manuals and tutorials being provided with the software.
    • A list of conjectures that could impact the stated requirements, as well as reliance on external factors.
    • Explanation of the logical features of all the interfaces like screen image samples, GUI standards, layout restrictions, buttons and functions, keyboard shortcuts, and so on.
    • Physical and logical features of interfaces between the software and hardware elements.
    • Details of connections between the software and any specific parts like database libraries, OS, or anything else.
    • Details of communications functions required by the software such as server protocols, browsers, electronic forms, email, security and encryption, standards of communication, and so on.
    • The key functions of the product categorized by use case, mode of operation, functional hierarchy, user class, etc., or a combination thereon.
    • RAM, CPU speed, and other resources required to ensure that the software performs flawlessly.
    • Security requirements, dictated by regulations by government or other agencies, that have an impact on product design, and security certifications.
    • Privacy, security, and data protection requirements as well as user identity authentication protocols.
    • Principles of operation; for example, person/s authorized to perform specific functions under specific circumstances.
  6. Software Requirements Management

    Software Requirements Management

    This is the last step of the entire procedure wherein we validate all the components in the requirements specifications document. Any mistakes found are corrected, and if any minor alterations are to be made to the software requirements of the proposed software, that is also incorporated at this stage.

Benefits of Performing Software Requirements Analysis

The advantages of performing a software requirements analysis are -

 Gives you a precise blueprint for the project by enabling you to perform requirement analysis in software engineering
 Recognize areas to boost productivity and take decisions that impact your team positively
 Fosters better collaboration as interdepartmental discussion and knowledge sharing happens
 The focus moves from a department-centric view to project-centric, leading to speedy completion and achievement of goals

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld for your Software Requirements Analysis Services?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading software requirements analysis service provider that serves a wide range of businesses across numerous industries. When you choose us to carry out your software requirements analysis, you get the following advantages -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    We make use of operational efficiencies and streamlined processes to ensure that all the services we provide to our clients are highly affordable.

  • Expertise

    Flatworld Solutions, a globally recognized software requirements analysis providing company, has been awarded the ISO certification as recognition for the superior quality of services delivered.

  • Infrastructure

    With a huge pool of talented and skilled developers, engineers, writers, and analysts, world-class office space, cutting-edge equipment, tools, and technologies, we are well equipped to deliver the goods.

  • Dedicated Contact

    When you entrust us to perform your software requirements analysis, we designate a dedicated project manager to you who will be your single point of contact for the resolution of all your queries and concerns.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    We are a top software requirements analysis company and have 10 delivery centers all around the world, enabling you to choose the location that is convenient to you.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Thanks to our industry expertise and infrastructure we deliver projects in the shortest possible time, and always within pre-decided timelines, so customers can be assured in that regard.

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