ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services

ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services

Leverage our ServiceNow ITOM services to streamline your IT operations. Automate monotonous tasks and lower business costs with our certified experts.

ServiceNow ITOM can help you run your business more efficiently. As your trusted outsourcing partner, we help you modernize your operations using the ServiceNow platform. Our certified experts leverage the best practices to optimize resilience, productivity, and costs. We not only streamline and automate your IT operations but also help identify and solve issues before they occur. Furthermore, we customize your ServiceNow experience by comprehending and catering to your niche business needs.

We understand that each enterprise is unique, much like the operational challenges they face. At Flatworld Solutions, we have a robust international presence and a team of 5000+ experts who offer custom ServiceNow ITOM solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. Leverage our advisory services to formulate the right strategy and adopt the best implementation processes. Contact us now to maximize your IT capabilities. Avail the best resources on demand and attrition proof your business with our managed services.

Our ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services

Our support services empower enterprise companies to streamline their operations, improve visibility into their IT landscape, and enhance overall IT service management. Our offerings include -

  1. Discovery


    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your IT infrastructure, regardless of its complexity or scale. ServiceNow Discovery automatically scans and maps your network, providing deep visibility into your assets, dependencies, and relationships. Leverage our support services to streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and proactively address potential issues, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

  2. Service Mapping

    Service Mapping

    ServiceNow Service Mapping dynamically maps dependencies, enabling you to identify critical service interdependencies, detect bottlenecks, and optimize service delivery. Our experts enable you to use this to your benefit. We help you visualize and understand the intricate relationships between your IT services and underlying infrastructure components so that you can make informed decisions, accelerate problem resolution, and ensure seamless IT service management.

  3. Certificate Management

    Certificate Management

    We ensure the security and reliability of your digital certificates with ServiceNow's robust certificate management capabilities. We centrally manage and automate the entire certificate lifecycle, including tracking, renewal notifications, and compliance checks. With our services, you can strengthen your security posture, avoid service disruptions, and maintain regulatory compliance.

  4. Firewall Audits and Reporting

    Firewall Audits and Reporting

    Simplify and strengthen your firewall management processes with ServiceNow ITOM. We enable you to perform comprehensive audits, track rule changes and generate detailed reports to ensure your firewall policies align with security best practices. The perks of partnering with us include enhanced visibility into firewall configurations, minimized vulnerabilities, better compliance, and reduced likelihood of security breaches.

  5. Service Graph Connectors

    Service Graph Connectors

    Seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources with ServiceNow's Service Graph Connectors. Our experts help you combine information from CMDBs, cloud providers, event management systems, and more to create a holistic view of your IT environment. Our services empower you to make data driven decisions, improve collaboration, and optimize IT service management processes.

  6. Configuration Management Database

    Configuration Management Database

    Leverage the power of ServiceNow's CMDB to maintain an accurate and up to date inventory of your IT assets and their relationships. By capturing comprehensive information about hardware, software, and applications, we help you streamline change management, conduct accurate impact analysis, and improve overall IT service management.

  7. Agent Client Collector

    Agent Client Collector

    We help you gather real time operational data from endpoints and devices across your network using ServiceNow's Agent Client Collector. Our experts monitor system performance, software installations, and other metrics to identify and resolve issues before they impact service availability. Reach out to us to optimize resource utilization and deliver superior user experiences.

Additional Services

  • Event Management
  • Metric Intelligence
  • Health Log Analytics
  • Site Reliability Operations
  • Governance

Automated IT Operations You Can Benefit From

 Incident Resolution
 Change Management
 Configuration Management
 IT Resource Provisioning
 Service Catalog Automation
 Event Management and Orchestration
 Reporting and Analytics

Sectors We Cater To

Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Retail and e CommerceRetail and e Commerce
Government and Public SectorGovernment & Public Sector
Energy and UtilitiesEnergy & Utilities
Transportation and LogisticsTransportation & Logistics
Professional ServicesProfessional Services

Additional Services We Offer

ServiceNow Security Operations Services

Streamline your security incident response and improve threat detection with our ServiceNow Security Operations support services.

ServiceNow IT Service Management Services

We enable our clients to enhance service delivery, improve incident and problem resolution, and simplify the change management processes.

ServiceNow IT Business Management

With our solutions, businesses can gain real time visibility into IT projects, optimize resource allocation, and align IT initiatives with business goals.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Leverage our services to automate HR processes, enhance employee self service, improve case management, and ensure 100% compliance with HR policies and regulations.

Why Choose Us as Your ServiceNow ITOM Company?

As your ISO certified outsourcing partner, we help you realize the full potential of ServiceNow's ITOM capabilities while dedicating more resources to their core business priorities. The key indicators of our services include -

  • Access to Expertise

    By outsourcing ServiceNow ITOM services to us, businesses can gain access to a pool of experienced professionals with specialized knowledge and expertiseS Leverage our services to ensure efficient IT management.

  • Cost effective Solutions

    Outsourcing ServiceNow ITOM services to Flatworld Solutions is more cost effective than maintaining an in house team. We enable you reduce operational costs by up to 60%. Speak to our customer representatives today to request a free quote.

  • Focus on Core Competencies

  • By entrusting your ServiceNow services to us, organizations can focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives instead of diverting resources and attention to ITOM related tasks. Our dedicated project managers are available 24/7 to answer queries and resolve doubts.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

    Our support services help enhance operational efficiency and productivity gains. Our experts specialize in ITOM processes, methodologies, and automation; we help you optimize workflows and ensure faster time to value.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    We have the resources and the infrastructure to help organizations scale their operations based on evolving business needs. Whether it's scaling up during peak periods or scaling down during slower periods, we can readily adapt to requirements effectively.

  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance

    Our dedicated experts have a deep understanding of security practices and compliance requirements. By partnering with us, organizations can mitigate risks, ensure data protection, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Client Success Stories

FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

An award-winning construction conglomerate in US contacted Flatworld to have their ServiceNow functionalities improved to newer standards. Our team delivered a custom ITSM solution enhancing the system efficiency.

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FWS Created a Task Management App for an Australian Client

FWS Designed and Developed an iOS Task Management App for an Australian Client

An Australian client was looking to create an app that could let its users send and receive texts, audio, and video files. We designed and delivered a robust app quickly.

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I cannot thank you all enough for how you have provided such high-quality services! Thank you a million times!!

Assist. VP, Disclosure Manager,
Mortgage Company, Norfolk, VA
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Outsource ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services to Us

ServiceNow IT Operations Management is a strategic choice for organizations seeking to boost their IT efficiency. By leveraging the power of ServiceNow ITOM, businesses can streamline operations, automate processes, and gain real time visibility into their IT environment. However, the complexities involved in implementing and managing ServiceNow ITOM require specialized expertise, which is where outsourcing becomes a valuable solution.

By partnering with us, organizations can tap into a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. It allows them to optimize their IT operations, aligning with industry best practices and leveraging the robust capabilities of ServiceNow ITOM. We help automate critical IT processes that not only accelerate workflows but also minimize human errors, leading to increased productivity and improved service delivery.

Leverage our cutting edge ServiceNow IT operations services to foster a more agile and responsive IT ecosystem. Save exponentially on business costs by partnering with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do organizations choose the right ServiceNow ITOM solution?

Choosing the right ServiceNow ITOM solution involves assessing specific ITOM needs, considering infrastructure complexity, desired automation capabilities, integration requirements, scalability, and seeking guidance from experienced MSPs who specialize in ServiceNow ITOM implementation and management.

How can ServiceNow ITOM, provided by an MSP, reduce IT operational costs?

ServiceNow ITOM, offered by an MSP, reduces IT operational costs by streamlining operations, automating processes, minimizing manual tasks, eliminating errors, providing real time visibility, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing overall efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved productivity.

Can organizations outsource ServiceNow ITOM to a managed service provider?

Yes, organizations can outsource ServiceNow ITOM to an MSP. By partnering with an MSP specializing in ServiceNow ITOM, businesses can leverage their expertise, advanced tools, and resources, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while ensuring efficient and effective ITOM operations.

What support and maintenance services are available for ServiceNow ITOM?

ServiceNow ITOM support and maintenance services provided by an MSP encompass regular updates, patches, technical assistance, proactive issue resolution, best practice guidance, documentation, training, and access to certified ServiceNow experts. MSPs tailor their support and maintenance offerings to meet specific ITOM requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of ServiceNow ITOM implementations.