Supply Chain Management Services

As businesses are expanding globally, supply chains are getting increasingly complex. In order to reach optimum efficiency level, today's growing businesses are looking for -

  • A streamlined and dynamic supply chain management system to gain a competitive edge
  • An integrated supply chain management software rather than managing multiple independent applications
  • Upgrading traditional supply chain management system with an intelligent system that can drive profitability

Flatworld's supply chain management solutions are the perfect answer to all your supply chain management concerns, and can help you boost profits.

Supply Chain Management Software Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has a team of software professionals which has created customized software to make your supply chain processes effective. We identified loopholes and process inefficiencies in the general supply chain management processes globally, and provided integrated and efficient SCM solution that fixed those issues, reduced cost, improved resource management, and removed service overheads.

Our SCM software takes care of the following key supply chain management activities -
  1. Procurement

    A successful procurement process heavily focuses on managing your suppliers, interactions with the suppliers, and also looking out for new and profitable ones. Our supply chain management software provides the right platform and tools to manage your existing suppliers and vendors through proactive and real-time information exchange leading to optimization of stock procurement.

  2. Product flow and delivery

    Healthy and real-time information exchange across the supply chain leads to smooth product flow and delivery. Our supply chain management software ensures accurate flow of information in both directions leading to right product flow and delivery, at the right time.

  3. Warehouse management

    Managing existing and anticipating new stock in the warehouse is critical for preventing out of stock situations. Our warehouse management application ensures effective use of smart inventory methods to give you that edge in warehouse management.

  4. Collaboration application

    Collaboration with various suppliers and partners is crucial for maintaining a healthy relation which leads to effective supply chain management. Our supply chain management application makes managing activities with your stakeholders simpler and creates a stronger partnership.

  5. Distribution

    Our distribution management application effectively maintains real-time information on distribution of key-materials, work-in-progress inventory, and stock of finished goods in a systematic way. This enables you to manage, distribute and anticipate demands easily.

Advantages of Our Supply Chain Management Services

  • Gain all the business, operational, and service excellence benefits by leveraging a smart software application across your supply chain
  • Get a macro and micro level views of your logistics and supply chain management activities. This leads to easier decision-making and identifying process loopholes, thus reducing cost and process overheads
  • By engaging our smart applications and defining advanced workflows, you can get an instant turnaround in your supply chain activities
  • All our applications receive regular software updates ensuring that you always get the best and latest features in the supply chain functionality
  • Engage our complete supply chain management system suite or choose from our operation-specific applications
  • We partner with the best software vendors for supply chain management solutions and leverage the best they have to offer
  • Our supply chain management professionals offer unmatched service excellence
  • Effectiveness in supply chain processes gives you more time to focus on other core business activities
  • We develop customized solution for your clients so that you get exactly the right functionalities and capabilities from your supply chain management software
  • We are NASSCOM accredited company with a team of 100+ software professionals certified in production & inventory management (CPIM) and certified supply chain professional (CSCP) with 8+ years of experience.

Outsource Supply Chain Management Software Development to Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions is backed by 20 years of experience gained through top notch custom software development for diverse industries. This makes us adept at identifying areas which can be improved with the use of smart business applications. With secure infrastructure and cutting-edge software tools, we offer cost-effective solutions for your SCM projects. Our transparent working policy enables you to get an in-depth view of what we do so that you can be assured that no money is wasted on unproductive areas.

Contact us if you want a momentous change in your business growth through our supply chain management services, we will be glad to provide a free quote in 24 hours.

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