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Several thorough inspections are involved before a company can release its products to the market. Manual testing of the software or the applications is done by an expert sitting in front of a computer device and running the test suites step-by-step. However, it is obviously a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. For that reason, most software application development companies have heavily leaned towards automated testing, thereby saving time and effort.

Automation testing deals with the same technology but instead of human interference, data is fed into the system and test reports are pulled for comparison between expected and actual results. This analysis is performed by programming and Machine Learning.

However, a company might have to face several challenges to carry out test automation all by themselves. It is an elaborate process and requires a large investment in both time and capital. The obvious question that most of us debate with is should companies outsource test automation testing or use the know-how of their inhouse team? In today's revenue-driven business model, many organizations opt to outsource their test automation services to an external company to strike a balance. It has become quite a trend in the digital world.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Test Automation Services

Let's take a quick glance at the many reasons why outsourcing test automation, like many other digital solutions services, is a smart decision for your company. Here are the benefits that you can avail by outsourcing test automation -

  • Cost Reduction

    Running an in-house testing department requires a lot of money, not only to acquire and maintain technologies but also to compensate for human labor. On the other hand, simply outsourcing the test automation to an external company reduces the whole cost incurred for making the technology market-ready, thereby scaling up with speed and ease.

  • Hassle-free Procedure

    Building a software testing facility within the company can be expensive because it costs time and effort. Qualified testing professionals must be hired, technologies are to be acquired and constantly upgraded, and there are many other overhead costs that will be incurred in the whole process. Outsourcing eliminates all the hassles in a snap, leaving you with the only task of reaching out and finding the right company that will provide you with the necessary services at value for money.

  • Utilization of Resources

    As a software developing company, the focus should be developing successful products and technologies. It would be a wastage of resources, in terms of both human and technical, to invest much of it to test the developed software and applications. However, if testing is outsourced, you can utilize the same resources for productive goals of your company.

  • Quality Management

    The software testing agencies are out there, staffed with the best technical minds and latest testing suites to render you their services. This is the field where they specialize in, and so they have the right tools and personnel to do it much more efficiently than any in-house department you might build - it is the inevitable truth. So it is better to compartmentalize the process and let everyone do their respective jobs. In the end, both you and your customers will be endlessly benefitted by outsourcing - you with more revenue in hand and your customers with a better product.

Conclusion - Outsourcing Test Automation can Help you Avoid Conflicts and Save Time and Expense

Most organizations are not sure if they want to insource or outsource test automation services. However, outsourcing is wise even from a strategic point of view. In any software company, conflict of interest between developers and testers is a well-known problem. It is bound to happen if both the actions are executed in the same house. It inevitably ends in the involvement of the top management and the situations blow up into something much bigger than simple software testing. Although automation testing is largely done by the machine, it is better kept out of the company and sourced to an external agency.

However, before hiring an automation testing company to outsource your software or application, you need to check certain things. Look for the experience the agency has and how many years they have been around in the business. Also, verify testimonials from technology forums and gather feedback from previous clients if possible. Evaluate the tools and techniques used by the outsourced company to render test automation services. And most importantly, always negotiate the cost. The whole point of outsourcing is to save money and rid your company from accompanying hassles. If what they are asking is more than what you have in mind and in the budget, then it is not worth it. You can always move on and find another company that provides the same test automation services.

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