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Why go through the trouble of hiring Java developers for your company when you can get access to the skills of experienced Java programmers at half the cost and minus the recruitment headaches?

Choose a Java developer with skillsets you prefer, with Java developer staffing services from Flatworld Solutions. Our Java web developers are different from the crowd, and we have a reason to believe that! Years of training, hands-on experience on developing a variety of Java applications, and over hundred hours of problem solving and coding have made our team of Java software developers a much-sought after entity.

Our Java programmers have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and believe in keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies in the field of Java web application development. With their perfect balance of technical know-how and designing sensibilities, our Java web developers can create the best of Java based applications and websites, as per your exact specifications.

The Know-how of Our Java Developers

  1. Enterprise Applications

    • AD Market Place (Server/Portal)
    • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    • Flex Based Applications
    • J2EE (EJB & JMS)
    • RMI
    • Rules Engine (Drools, JRules, ILOG)
    • Web Services
    • Workflow Engines (ActiveFlow, jBPM, WebSphere Integration Server)
  2. Tools

    • Atlas Device
    • Flow Player integration
    • Google Analytics
    • AdMob Analytics
    • JNDI
    • XML
    • Java Mail
    • Java Applets
    • Java Web Start
    • Ant
    • XDoclet
    • iReport 3.6 Jasper Report (with iReport),
    • Cewolf API (charts)
    • YouTube API
    • Document Viewer Integration
    • Display Tag Libraries
    • Fusion Charts API
    • Maxmind GEOIP API
    • Google AdWord
    • amMap API
  3. Web Services

    • WSDL
    • RESTFUL Web Services SOAP
    • Apache Axis
  4. Databases

    • SQL Server 2000/2005DB2
    • My SQL 4.x/5.x
    • Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g
    • Postgre SQL 8.2
  5. Frameworks

    • Advance Java
    • Ant
    • Core Java
    • Cruise Control
    • DbUnit
    • Hibernate
    • Hibernate Core
    • JUnit Lucerne
    • Quartz
    • Spring
    • Spring Core
    • Struts Liferay
  6. Application Servers

    • Apache Tomcat
    • Glassfish
    • JBoss
    • Sun ONE Web logic
    • Web Sphere
  7. Web Technology

    • Ajax
    • DWR
    • ExtJS
    • FCK Editor JSP
    • FreeMarker Template
    • Javascript
    • jQuery
    • JSF
    • JSTL
    • SVG
  8. Source Control

    • SVN
    • CVS
  9. IDE

    • RAD
    • Eclipse
    • Net Beans
    • Spring IDE
    • Web Ratio (Model based application development IDE)

The Technical Expertise of Our Java Software Developers

Our team of professional Java application developers -

Has vast knowledge and understanding of,

  • OOPs and core Java
  • High quality coding
  • Working on large datasets
  • Exposure to MapReduce and Hadoop
  • Java development services especially in the area of concurrency and multi-threading

Is skilled at leveraging,

  • MVC, WEB (2/3/n Tier)Client Server, SOA and WOA (REST) architecture for Java application development
  • Linux/ Unix and J2EE Stack
  • MVC design and in using Git, SVN, Bazaar, and other similar systems
  • Various reporting tools like Jasper Report, amMap, API and Fusion Charts for creating reports
  • RAD and WebSphere application server for developing EJB components for enterprise applications
  • Jenkins & Bamboo for integration and deployment of regression testing
  • Java platform, including J2EE, J2SE, JAAS, Java Struts, JavaBeans (EJB), JavaMail, JBoss, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JNI, RMI, Spring, Sync4j, Tomcat, Web Logic, Web services and XDoclet

Has vast experience in,

  • Frameworks like Swing, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, GWT, RichFaces, and Liferay
  • Scripting languages like Python, PHP, and Perl
  • Building high volume Java applications and websites
  • Developing e-commerce B2B portals and customized enterprise applications using J2EE specifications
  • Using Sonar for code quality, code analyzing and optimization
  • Databases like PostgreSQL and NoSQL database systems
  • Creating Java applications by using rational application developers
  • Writing and optimizing SQL queries
  • Providing on-time services by adopting strong SDLC and proven methodologies for Java web application development
  • Configuring and implementing active directory and LDAP authentication
  • Implementing different web services like JAXB, Restful Web service, SOAP, Apache Axis 2 and WSDL
  • Capability to provide a rich user interface by using Ajax, SVG, JSP, FreeMarker Template, JSTL, JSF, WaveMaker, PrimeFaces, Ext JS, Ext GWT, Vaadin, JQuery and JavaScript
  • Developing EJB components for enterprise applications
  • Offering Java development services, including, Java software development, J2EE application development, e-commerce B2B Portals, customized J2EE enterprise applications, J2ME application development, Java mobile application development, Java game development and Java enterprise portal development amongst others for small to large businesses, enterprises and government concerns

How We Work

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a job hierarchy that starts with junior Java developers, project managers and senior managers. We follow the following approach to handle any Java related project requirement:

  • Junior Java programmers ensure that they complete their work
  • Project managers make sure that everything works seamlessly as per the schedule
  • Senior managers ensure that the final Java application has all its bugs fixed and passes all the required quality tests

This way, we ensure that our Java application development services are delivered on time and adhere to international quality standards.

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Java Development Services?

  • Over a decade of extensive experience in Java development and staffing
  • Team of experienced, skilled and highly motivated Java software developers and Java consultants who can meet your deadlines on time and perform well even under pressure
  • Java application development processes that follow a combination of proven methodologies along with the standard practices
  • Specialized skills at Java development, maintenance, application testing and implementation
  • Quick turnaround time with zero errors
  • Customized Java development services at an affordable price

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