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So you've finalized on buying an advanced web analytics software package that promises to provide hundreds of reports under the sun. But have you evaluated whether the tool is the right one for your business?

The marketing pitch of many web analytics companies feature the number of reports that each one of them provides. As a result, many companies end up paying for features that they will never use or they end up confusing the user with hordes of data that only a few can properly decipher. Many tools might even miss simple yet important reports that might be vital to your business.

Custom web analytics tools can allow you to measure data that is fully relevant to your business; it eliminates the costs associated with features that you don't want or which you may not use.

How can a custom web analytics software solution help me?

To get the most from your web analytics KPIs, a custom developed tool can help you achieve your marketing goals. A custom website stats software / analytics package may be a completely tweaked version of a web analytics tool or it can be built from scratch to suit your business needs. A custom analytics tool can also be developed to extract data from your existing web analytics tool and present you with ad-hoc reporting functionalities.

The web analytics industry is currently in a changing landscape as apart from the web analytics tools offered from web analytics giants, there are several small and midsize organizations offering their very own web analytics software. There are several new web analytics trends springing up every month that can measure even more than before.

Flatworld has a core web analytics team that keeps itself busy in developing custom web analytics tools to help customers around the globe. With our expertise in both software development and web analytics, we can build a custom website statistics software / analytics tool that will perfectly meet your business requirements.

Flatworld's custom web analytics software solutions

To illustrate how a custom analytics package can help your business, read some of the work that we have done in this area:

1. Building analytics dashboards

A digital media agency needed an easier way to publish their online data that their customers could access. They wanted to rid themselves of using a cumbersome process of generating and emailing PDF/ Excel reports to each of their customers.

Flatworld came up with an intuitive web analytics dashboard that gave the client a bird's eye view of all online interactions. The dashboard also allowed for easy publication of data and also gave easy access to their customers.

2. Custom web log analyzer

One of our customers wanted a complex website log analyzer and did not want to spend money on expensive analytics packages. The requirement demanded a complex segmentation of various data that were captured in the logs.

Flatworld's web analytics team built a log analyzer that would import, segment and sessionize all log files before it was sent to the statistics tool that the customer was using.

3. Excel reports data processing

Though a vast majority of our customers use the latest in web analytics tools, many still use Excel sheets to capture and create report on the marketing campaigns that they run. One of our customers found this process cumbersome and time consuming. They needed a solution that could automate this chore and save them time.

Flatworld built a custom desktop application that had the ability to aggregate data (from marketing campaigns). It also had an advanced functionality wherein business rules would be applied and comprehensive reports could be generated.

4. Tweaking Google analytics for custom navigational analysis

One of Flatworld's customer's was using Google Analytics extensively for their websites. However, they needed a comprehensive navigational analysis and reporting functionality. A preliminary analysis revealed that doing a manual analysis would take a lot of time.

Our analytics and software development team built an application that could parse XML data directly from Google Analytics. This data was then used to create automatic reports in Excel.

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