Outsource Linux Software Development Services

Linux Software Development Services

Outsource Linux software development services to Flatworld, a market leader in outsourced IT solutions at rates starting at $20/hour

Are you looking for free-license, customizable, robust, virus-protection enabled, and all hardware-friendly powerful operating system? Linux is the perfect choice for you. With Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and other open-source tools enabling development, Linux has become one of the most flexible and versatile operating systems.

We have been providing Linux software development services for over two decades and have seen that the market demand for Linux has always remained consistent. Flatworld has become the most reliable Linux software development services providing the company with a dedicated team of experienced designers, developers, programmers, and other software experts. Our programmers can develop Linux software using C++, Delphi, Lazarus, Java, and any other which can be compiled for Windows as well as MAC systems, as per the needs of the clients. For specialized and hassle-free Linux or Unix application development services, choose an experienced outsourcing partner, like us.

Linux Software Development Services We Offer

Meeting the specific needs of your business, we can customize and integrate any of our Linux services. We offer a wide variety of Linux and Unix software development solutions to our clients -

  1. Linux Web Development

    Linux Web Development

    We have expertise in LAMP, also known as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP development stack. These are highly useful for managing heavily coded websites and complex e-commerce solutions. Our dedicated LAMP developers offer in-depth expertise to offer high-quality Linux development services.

  2. Linux Application Development for Desktop

    Linux Application Development for Desktop

    We can help create customizable and scalable applications using C/C++ and Delphi/Lazarus along with QT or wxWidgets for the GUI toolkit to fulfill the application needs of our clients.

  3. Linux Embedded Development

    Linux Embedded Development

    Linux is being increasingly used on embedded systems for connectivity and multimedia usage between devices. Our team of developers can offer unique application solutions and create Linux software for embedded devices using advanced machine languages like Python, Object Pascal, C#, etc.

  4. Linux/Unix GUI Programming and Development

    Linux-Unix GUI Programming and Development

    We can build programs with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in a lot of different ways. The most popular options on Unix/Linux are Zenity, that uses Gnome/GTK+ toolkit, or the Kdialog that uses the QT toolkit. There are many other dialog programs that we offer to the clients as per their preferences.

  5. Geographic Information Systems

    Geographic Information Systems

    We can amp-up the usability of your applications by combining the strength of geographic information systems (GIS) combined with them. Utilizing the power of machine learning, GIS can anticipate users' needs to determine risk and opportunities for the businesses. We primarily use C and C++ to write GIS services with hooks to be derived from Python, Java, and PHP.

  6. Security Solution Development

    Security Solution Development

    Linux, being an open-source software solution, may be vulnerable to malware or any form of cyberattack. Our experts can develop multiple-level security systems and use kernel versions to keep your application safe and secure.

  7. Linux Kernel Development and Consulting Services

    Kernel-Level Coding and Linux Consulting Services

    Changing the functionality of a kernel module, developing a new driver, or adding new functionality to the Linux OS - our dedicated team can help you with them all. We can also provide expert assistance to your in-house development team. Their specialization is in kernel-level coding to build new device drivers that aid in the quick implementation of advanced operating systems for our clients.

Linux Application Development Technologies We Work On

Being a trusted Linux software development company, Flatworld has developed expertise in a variety of development technologies. Some of them include -

CLion Lazarus Eclipse CDT Valgrind Clonezilla GIMP HandBrake Qt Creator Clang GCC PyCharm Autoconf Vim

Our Linux Software Development Process

We have established a clear and transparent roadmap for our team to complete client projects timely and accurately. Here are the seven steps that we follow for all our work projects -


01. Reviewing client needs

Our team first analyses the objective behind Linux software development and the expectations of our client from the project


02. Dividing the project into categories

Linux software development services involve various aspects and so, we divide them broadly and assign it to the relevant teams


03. Programming and development

The respective teams start working on coding, programming, creation of software, interface, etc.


04. Testing and rigorous QC

During and after the initial development of the application, intensive testing and multiple level quality checks are done to identify and eliminate any discrepancies.


05. Approval by the client

Once an internal QC is done, the developed product is sent to the client for verification. Any suggested changes are incorporated


06. Project delivery

Successful online implementation and integration of the site or application are done


07. Maintenance and support services

Our team offers a regular upgrade, maintenance, and support services to ensure the smooth functioning of the software

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld As Your Linux Software Development Services Provider?

  • Dedicated experts

    We have a huge team of trained, qualified, and highly experienced developers, programmers, designers, and coding experts who can provide you with world-class Linux software development services.

  • Top-quality software development and testing services

    Our services come with the assurance of the best quality and service standards. Our disciplined approach towards development and multi-level quality checks, enable you to avail fully functional and high-tech software that matches all your business needs.

  • Unparalleled industry experience

    As the pioneers in Linux software development, we have 20 years of industry experience, giving us an edge against our competitors in the market.

  • World-class infrastructure

    We have deployed state-of-the-art support systems in all our development offices to ensure supreme quality and unobstructed services to our clients. The best development and testing environment are available to all our experts so that they deliver fast, accurate, and competent services to the clients.

  • Multi-location benefit

    With our offices located around the globe, you get the advantage of the finest services from the best of talent around the world. It also enables us to be available for customer support 24/7.

  • Responsible data handling

    We know the importance of the company's data and employ superior-level security systems to ensure safe data handling, transfer, and storage.

  • Fast delivery and unbeatable prices

    We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry and can deliver top-notch software development services in stipulated time frames.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld Developed JukeBaux Music App and Facilitate Song Downloads from Apple Music & Spotify

We developed JukeBaux to support collaboration and playlist creation by app users based on geography over the Wi-Fi.

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FWS Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

FWS Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

FWS' mobile app developers created a powerful video editing app that allowed users to create personalized video bites on their devices.

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We are very happy with Flatworldsolutions.com; very serious and consistent in their work. Joseph and his team of programmers have always been there for us all the time. This is a company I can recommend to anyone to perform any work.

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Outsource Linux Software Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

Being one of the leading IT services companies, Flatworld Solutions has successfully delivered 5,500+ Linux/Unix software development projects around the world. We are an ISO-certified company with development offices situated across many countries. We can develop robust Linux/Unix operating systems and incorporate embedded environments at cost-effective prices. Share your requirements with our expert today to get started.

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