Outsource Software Development for ISVs

Software Development for ISVs

Our robust and affordable development expertise is targeted at independent software vendors who struggle to keep up with aggressive deadlines and quality standards

Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) face challenges unique to their business. The primary challenges include meeting aggressive deadlines and delivering solutions that meet quality levels. These challenges severely impact ISVs ability to not just win market share but sustain themselves in the long run. We at Flatworld Solutions have designed processes to assist start-up ISVs, mid-stage or large ISV meet these challenges most effectively.

We have over 20 years of experience in software development for independent software vendors. Leveraging industry best practices; expansive domain expertise and advanced technological infrastructure we have created robust solutions to meet the product development requirements of all our ISV clients. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions, right from initial planning to final deployment stages, so that they can deliver high-quality software, and at the same time respond quickly to ever-changing market-driven needs.

Our Software Development Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

Our software development expertise goes beyond traditional methods where we hinge on agile development concepts to focus on delivering software products within the stipulated time if not early. With software development expertise, we target-independent software vendors who work in demanding conditions where competition is stiff. Our software development solutions include -

Product Consulting

1. Product Consulting
Our product consulting services are designed to develop products with the differentiation needed to surpass existing market products. We have wide experience in providing consultation services for specific industry products; for processes across industries and products meant for industries. We assist you in developing product road map; in end-to-end product engineering including configuration and customization; and complete product sustenance. Besides, we have helped many of our ISV clients deploy the solution at the client end.

Product Development (OPD) Services

2. Product Development (OPD) Services
Our product development services have assisted our clients' complete product or manage individual process segments of product development. We combine our technical knowledge with existing technologies, tools, and methodologies to give you a competitive edge in the market. We rely on strategic planning collaboration, and specialized resources to deliver the best software products. By outsourcing software product development services to us, our clients have been able to focus more on market analysis, marketing, and focusing on business growth.

Product Enhancement, Maintenance, and Support Services

3. Product Enhancement, Maintenance, and Support Services
With our development service, we assist ISVs to enhance their clients existing products by adding new functionalities. We have a proven track record of enhancing product features leveraging modern-day technology to stay upgraded and acquire a competitive edge. Likewise, our maintenance and support services are designed to assist our clients in bug fixes, corrective maintenance, and production support. Our dedicated support model delivered from 8 global centers is designed to leverage time zone differences and make ourselves available round-the-clock. At the same time, we leverage our global delivery module to guarantee cost-effective services.

Product Migration and Porting Services

4. Product Migration and Porting Services
We specialize in a range of migration and porting services starting from platform migration to porting within OS; porting to mobile apps; programming languages migration etc. We carry migration and porting requirements using established and step-by-step migration and porting practices. We have a great track record of moving applications to mobile and web platforms with latest designs and architecture ensuring that the original scope of the software is maintained exactly. Our expertise in new-age technologies such as SaaS, Cloud, and Opensource frameworks ensures you gain higher efficiencies with modernized technological build-up.

Product Testing Services

5. Product Testing Services
We test products to eliminate bugs and other inconsistencies. We specialize in a range of testing services namely – functional, performance, integration, compatibility, security, etc. – so that you can validate software modules that meet its business and technical requirements. We bank on robust testing strategy, plan, design, and execution; and leverage the latest testing tools and technologies to guarantee record testing time. Our testing services will help your clients get the advantage of reduced time-to-market.

Product Engineering

6. Product Engineering
We cover the product engineering lifecycle from product gap analysis and conceptualization to legacy transformation, implementation and system integration across industry domains. We have experience in product gap analysis, product development roadmap, the addition of new features, product integration. Besides we have assisted several large ISVs to modernize and upgrade their products to embrace the latest technology platforms. We also specialize in product re-engineering services in which we plan an out and out product redesigning and re-architecting. We also have a dedicated team to look after product implementation and system integration. They specialize in leveraging customized templates, frameworks, and reusable components to guarantee quick turnaround times.

Solution Architecture

7. Solution Architecture
Our solution architecture services are designed for best business outcomes and maximum return of investment. From architecture maturity assessment and planning to recommendations for business strategy; from developing target and transition architectures to implementing architecture framework and tools, we provide end-to-end architecture practice across the organization. We develop architecture frameworks, based on best industry frameworks and reference models. We also have wide experience in providing advice on solution architecture best practices to design efficient solutions from the ground up.

Our Process - Software Development Solutions for ISVs

We have a transparent workflow to outsource software development for ISVs. Part of our effort goes into helping you understand what we do on a day-to-day basis to facilitate trust and great partnership experience. Our process is as follows -


01. Requirement Gathering

In this stage, our experts will work with the client to understand their requirements. This discussion also revolves around the clients understanding of market trends and competitor products and services.


02. Understanding Project Scope

Our internal team will discuss details and prepare a roadmap. We also deliberate on the value adds that we can deliver and convey expected timeline and cost estimates.


03. Initiation of Project

We will assign the client's project to a team of experts with experience in handling similar development projects. The team will be led by a senior manager who will also be your SPOC.


04. Development and Testing

Our product development process and testing will commence shortly. Bugs, if any will be identified and brought to the notice of developers for correction. After developing the product, testing will be carried out to ensure optimal performance.


05. Project Delivery

This is the handover stage wherein we deliver the completed product. In the case of client-end deployment, we assist in the deployment and integration of the solution with the legacy system at the client's end.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Software Development for ISVs to Flatworld Solutions?

The advantage that you can avail from a software development vendor like us is far too many to look past us. Our development strategy involves some of the best concepts in the software development lifecycle. It enhances product performance in the real-time environment and ensures quick remediation of glitches in the future. It makes debugging simple and efficient. Here are more benefits that you can avail through a partnership with FWS -

  1. ISO Certified Provider of Software Development for ISVs

    We have over 20 years of experience in supporting ISVs in developing products for diverse industries. We specialize in a wide range of design and rapid prototyping technologies. We leverage advanced technologies such as 3D Prototyping, 3D Printing, and customized product development life cycle to deliver products that can guarantee a competitive edge in the market.

  2. 100% Data Security

    As a software development company, we are committed to ensuring that the security of our customers' and clients' information is maintained at all costs. We have an adequate level of technical and organizational measures in place to protect your data. These include incorporating industry-standard security models, educating our employees on software security on a regular basis; instituting a comprehensive risk management process, etc.

  3. High-quality Development Services

    We offer world-class development expertise to ensure that your software product is a commercial success. Our professional development will entail robust testing to make software products bullet-proof, in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

  4. Scalable Engagement Models

    We have kept our engagement model so that you can avail our services for a range of requirements in the most economical and time-saving way. Our models bring world-class engineering talent at guaranteed lower your time-to-market. At the same time, we open financial flexibility to scale up or ramp down on time.

  5. Time Frame

    We have a proven track record of meeting time frames. We bank on a well-defined process and 24x7 operations from 8 global delivery centers to reduce the time taken to develop products by at least 30%.

  6. Cost Savings

    We have a proven record of delivering services at a cost which is 40% less than the market price. The software development for ISVs offered by us is a customizable service that enables you to decide how many resources you require and the tools preferred for the development and testing. This not only reduces complications but also overhead expenses.

  7. SPOC

    A full-time project lead will be assigned to your project so that you can choose your preferred methods of communication to reach us. Whether it is a simple query or project update, you will hear from us without waiting in the queue. Our single point of contact will liaise with the development team to convey and fetch the information that you need.

  8. Expert Product Development Professionals

    Our product development professionals have a minimum of 10 years of experience in product development. Hence all of them excel in creating innovative product ideas and product road map in the shortest possible time. They also specialize in creating comprehensive test plans to ensure functional specifications of the product are tested thoroughly before deployment.

  9. Superb Infrastructure

    We are never short of the best development tools, SDK, testing suites, and, CRM to manage end-to-end development with ease. Our infrastructure is designed to help our resources to implement a software that performs above expectations.

  10. Round-the-clock Support

    We offer agent support to all our clients because we have a global footprint with 8 delivery centers in 4 continents. Get the best support anytime, anywhere without fuss.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided IT Support to a Motorcycle Insurance Company

FWS Provided IT Support to a Motorcycle Insurance Company

State-of-the-art IT support was provided to UK's well-known motorcycle insurance company by FWS after they approached us for outsourcing their IT requirements.

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FWS Provided Software Testing for SaaS Platform

Provided Software Testing for SaaS Platform

We ran intensive testing on the SaaS platform for a Scandinavian client. Our high-quality testing helped the client's platform to perform above their actual expectations.

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Outsource Software Development for ISVS to Flatworld Solutions


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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We have extensive experience in assisting all type of ISVs to deliver business software, multi-platform solutions, and software application for a range of industry verticals. Our experience extends from developing products from scratch for small and mid-sized ISVs to assisting larger ISVs to procure high-quality engineering talent in a short time. Our strong and well-balanced in-house teams have been used by multiple global ISVs for a mix of onsite and offsite project execution support. We have a great track record of taking care of all your support requirements so that your internal resources can focus on other innovation projects.

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