Outsource Regression Testing Services

Regression Testing Services

Ensure that your software application remains reliable and works flawlessly even after the bug fixes or patches by outsourcing automated regression testing to experts starting at $20/hour

Regression testing is a type of functional testing performed to check if the recent changes made to the code have an impact on the existing app's functioning. It's a type of software testing that tests the software partially or completely with the help of test cases executed previously; this helps to determine if the current functionalities are running as expected. This is done to make sure that even a tiny alteration to the code does not impact the existing app negatively.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality automated testing services including regression testing services not only in India but for companies all over the world. We help our customers to decrease their development cycles and expenses significantly. Our team of dedicated and skilled testers is well versed in the latest and most powerful tools and technologies used in regression testing and deliver precise results for all types of regression testing every single time.

Regression Testing Services We Offer

Software testing is one of the most important steps in the software development life cycle. Numerous companies are not aware of how to do regression testing and invest a considerable amount of time and money in testing while developing and maintaining error-free software applications. Testing ensures that the product being developed is compliant with the technical requirements and meets all the business needs. Regression testing is a process that checks whether the software still functions the same way as the previous version when interfaced with other software.

The main reason behind the malfunctioning or non-compatibility of the new software version is the failure to check the compatibility of the new version with the old one. This is exactly where RT can be of great use. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide reliable and automated RT in India to clients around the globe. Our team ensures that the software is rigorously tested and new test scenarios are developed to examine the functionality of the new or modified code. We run all the test cases to check the overall functionality of the software application.

Flatworld Solutions is a top-notch regression testing service provider; we have a team of highly experienced software testers who have received training at premier global institutes. Working for a wide range of customers across several verticals and domains has given us a rich experience that allows us to take care of different types of regression testing needs. Our service offerings include -

  1. Automated Regression Testing

    Automated Regression Testing

    This involves automatic testing of numerous software applications, which help businesses develop better apps with minimal efforts. Automated RT can be carried out throughout the day, ensuring quicker turnaround time. Being a leading provider of regression testing services, our team is adept at leveraging the latest and best-automated testing tools and technologies to achieve the desired result. It saves time and money for us and the customer.

  2. Corrective Testing

    Corrective Testing

    This test is performed when there are no alterations made to the specifications of the app. Our team has in-depth expertise that enables us to deliver high octane corrective testing services to our customers.

  3. Test Case Management

    Test Case Management

    Our elite team of software testers and QAs ensure that we are capable of providing sufficient regression test case management services to our customers all over the world. With minimal resources, we can deliver high-quality testing results.

  4. System Integration Testing

    System Integration Testing

    As a reputed regression testing service provider, we have the requisite bandwidth for testing the compliance of the software app, and for other purposes. Our expertise and access to an array of tools and technologies allow us to offer you the best integration testing services with precise results.

  5. Progressive Testing

    Progressive Testing

    In certain cases, new specifications have to be added to an existing app which is due for testing; for this, we design and implement new test cases. At Flatworld Solutions, we leverage the best resources for performing progressive testing smoothly.

  6. Application Testing

    Application Testing

    At Flatworld, our processes are streamlined and ISO certified, allowing us to identify and rectify the errors and defects in our customer's software app in an efficient manner. Our team members receive intensive training to follow a systematic procedure, and their expertise of the criteria for entry and exit Allows the software to run seamlessly.

  7. Endwise Testing

    Endwise Testing

    We make sure that your software system that is tested is checked from beginning to end, at every single phase of development. Time and cost of development are reduced as flaws can be detected at entry-level.

  8. Functional Regression Testing

    Functional Regression Testing

    This test is performed to ensure a flawless application after incorporating all the alterations to the system. Our team uses fixes and patches that assist in enhancing system functionality, and eventually, to upgrade your system in a risk-free manner.

  9. End-to-end Regression Testing

    End-to-end Testing Services

    As a renowned regressing testing company, Flatworld Solutions offers standardized and powerful testing tools and techniques used in application testing from start to finish, for evaluating the comprehensive functionality of your software. Our team makes sure that your software functions as per your precise requirements.

Benefits of Regression Testing Services

By performing regression testing, we are better able to identify errors or bugs, which may have been brought about by modification to the code in the software app. In an agile environment, it also helps to make sure that there are no negative effects caused by altering the operating environment. Regression testing is called for whenever there is an error while trying to fix a bug, resolving performance issues, or there's a change in the requirement, and the code is altered. Other benefits include -

 Decreases time and cost of testing with automation
 After error resolution, ensures validation and integrity of data
 Ideal for software apps that need to be updated continuously
 Aids in understanding the exact needs and specifications of the software app
 Helps in developing a product of high quality

Automated Regression Testing Tools We Use

Offering software testing services for over a decade, we have gained valuable RT experience by working with numerous global clients. Our vast industry experience has enabled us to master different software testing tools and provides our customers with great services. Some of the key testing tools we harness include -

LoadRunner Empirix TestComplete WiMAX Rational Test RealTime WAPT L2/L3 Test Lab Mercury WinRunner Selenium Microsoft Visual Studio Team ANTS Load Microsoft Application Center Test QF-Test SoapUI

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Regression Testing Service to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a premier provider of affordable regression testing services to customers for over two decades. Outsourcing your regression testing requirements to us can give you the following benefits -

  • Our services are highly cost-effective and can be customized depending on your specific needs
  • Our team of software testers are highly trained and skilled and ensure thorough checking of your entire system
  • We use the latest software testing tools like Selenium, LoadRunner, Visual Studio Team System, SoapUI, etc.
  • Our world-class infrastructure ensures the delivery of the best results to our customers
  • We guarantee 100% confidentiality of the project and data security
  • We have multiple delivery centers across the world that help us deliver the best results in short turnaround times with zero compromises on quality

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Flatworld Solutions is one of the most sought-after regression testing service providers in India, serving customers from various domains all over the world. We possess the talent, infrastructure, and technology that enable us to deliver end to end regression testing services to our customers at highly competitive rates and can also provide a range of other software testing solutions.

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Regression Testing Services FAQs

  • How is regression testing done?

    An already executed code in which is modified is tested again to ensure that the modification hasn't adversely affected its existing features.

  • Is the regression testing part of UAT?

    Regression testing is completed before UAT. Regression test guarantees ensure zero impact on core functionality due to modification while UAT ensures software is ready for the end-user environment.

  • What are the types of regression testing?

    • Corrective Regression Test
    • Retest-all Regression Test
    • Partial Regression Test
    • Unit Regression Test.
    • Selective Regression Test
    • Progressive Regression Test
    • Complete Regression Test