Outsource ServiceNow IT Business Management Services

ServiceNow IT Business Management Services

Power your IT functions with ServiceNow to ensure better enterprise agility, unmatched business outcomes & prevent umpteen financial losses and reputation damages caused by IT service outages starting at $15/hour

Information Technology (IT) is the backbone of every business. No matter how big or small your enterprise may be, it heavily relies on the power of IT to stay ahead and competitive. Therefore, businesses must streamline and automate their IT operations to satisfy their ever growing business demands and reduce time to market.

At Flatworld Solutions, we help companies leverage the power of ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) services and solutions to fuel their IT operations and bring visibility and control over their project portfolios. Our expert and highly trained ServiceNow professionals can help you integrate ServiceNow capabilities into your IT infrastructure to optimize your processes, automate IT operations, and abandon irrelevant apps to help you better align your IT services for effectively meeting your business needs.

ServiceNow IT Business Management Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we are a leading ServiceNow IT Business Management Services providing company offering high-end ServiceNow ITBM services to help your organization scale and streamline your IT business operations and gain a 360° perspective into your business processes. Having 19 years of rich industrial experience, we have in-depth knowledge of all major operational processes and can provide you customized solutions and services as per your business needs.

Our extensive range of ServiceNow IT Business Management Services include -

  1. Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

    By integrating ServiceNow ITBM into your IT processes, our experts equip you and your team with a centralized portfolio and business management portal that allows your team to connect, collaborate, and turn ideas into projects.

  2. Project Management

    Project Management

    From initiating ideas to grouping to planning and execution, ServiceNow allows you to define, plan, track, and monitor the progress of your projects, their exceptions, and KPIs - all at one centralized location - for seamless work and productivity.

  3. Demand Management

    Demand Management

    By centralizing your business and service requests, we help you understand and forecast your product and service demand, optimize services, and prioritize projects based on need.

  4. Resource Management

    Resource Management

    ServiceNow ITBM offers a single dashboard view of all your resources to access their availability and assign staff for specific tasks, based on need, priority, and project requirements.

  5. Innovation Management

    Innovation Management

    Our streamlined solutions help you capture, connect, and collaborate ideas from across the organization into a single centralized location for effective planning and implementation.

  6. Time Tracking

    Time Tracking

    We optimize your ServiceNow ITBM to help you access the time spent on each project and streamline your operations accordingly.

  7. Application Portfolio Management (APM)

    Application Portfolio Management

    Our experts can also help you identify all the applications used within your organization to ensure their usefulness and redundancy. This is the fastest and the easiest way to decide on applications that are worth investing in and maintaining and replacing or retiring all the redundant apps that are no longer relevant to your processes.

  8. IT Financial Management (ITFM)

    IT Financial Management

    ServiceNow ITBM allows you to bring cost modeling into your IT management. By leveraging ServiceNow capabilities, we let you maturely track your IT costs and maximize the financial expenditure to bring value to your business.

  9. Performance Analytics

    Performance Analytics

    ServiceNow ITBM puts the power of data into your hands for successful service delivery. Through real-time metrics and best practice charts and KPIs, we help you analyze your business performance and service bottlenecks so that you can prioritize and focus on tasks important for your organization.

ServiceNow ITBM Process Followed at Flatworld Solutions

Our ServiceNow IT Business Management services help you clearly understand and evaluate your organization's current and future IT needs so that you can take all challenges head-on, curtail cost, and ensure maximum returns and business growth. Our experts follow a stringent step-by-step process to successfully implement ServiceNow ITBM into your existing IT business processes and customizing your processes for hassle-free performance.

Our process includes -


01. Understanding Your Requirements

Our ServiceNow experts meet you and your IT team to understand your workflow and access your immediate and future IT business management needs.


02. Creating Workflows

We then create effective workflows to redesign your ITBM processes as per the ServiceNow platform. Our experts also customize your ServiceNow ITBM as per your requirements.


03. Data Migration and Integration

We migrate your data and IT processes onto the ServiceNow platform for successful integration and error-free performance.


04. Support and Training

We also provide extensive training to your IT staff to help them make the most out of their ServiceNow IT Business Management software. Our experts also regularly monitor the performance of your ServiceNow software to keep it up to date and error-free.

Benefits of ServiceNow IT Business Management

By bringing visibility into your IT processes and helping you gain control over your software development, ServiceNow ITBM services help you -

 Cut down your IT expenses
 Abandon irrelevant apps and processes
 Better align your IT operations
 Reduce time to market
 Improve your business strategies and planning
 Increase business outcomes

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Why Outsource ServiceNow IT Business Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading ServiceNow IT Business Management Service Provider offering high-end ServiceNow ITBM services to a large number of clientele across the world. We are backed by a strong and highly experienced team of ServiceNow experts who are well versed with all the aspects of this extremely efficient software and can help you utilize its potential for your current as well as future business needs. We leverage the industry-leading platform and cutting edge technologies to help you streamline your IT business operations, power projects, and satisfy business needs and demands for uninterrupted work and productivity.

Outsource ServiceNow IT Business Management Services to us and enjoy -

  • Instant Access to Experienced and Certified ServiceNow Experts

    We are powered by a highly experienced and dynamic team of professional engineers and developers with extensive cross-industry experience. They can help you seamlessly integrate your legacy applications and processes on the ServiceNow platform for uninterrupted work and productivity.

  • Customized Services and Solutions

    The out-of-the-box ServiceNow IT Business Management Services might not match your IT business requirements. Our experts redesign your ITBM processes to help them effectively migrate on the ServiceNow platform. They will also customize the software to ensure it meets your business's needs and requirements.

  • Pocket-Friendly Prices

    All our services are available at extremely budget-friendly prices. This makes our ServiceNow solutions easily affordable for all businesses, big or small.

  • Single-Point of Contact

    When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you will not have to run between teams to get your work done. Our dedicated accounts managers act as a single point of contact between you and our teams. The accounts manager will take care of all your project needs and will resolve all issues that you may have.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    We provide our services through multiple delivery locations across the globe. This enables us to deliver quality solutions within the promised time frame.

  • Complete Data Security

    Our servers are fully encrypted and completely secure. Our stringent data protection rules make sure your data and business information stay completely secure with us. We never share your business information with anyone without your prior consent.

  • 24/7 Help and Support

    Our customer service executives are available round-the-clock, 365 days a year, and ensure instant resolution of all queries and concerns.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    With us, you can rest assured that only the industry's best practices are being used to resolve your business problems and meet your business needs.

  • Client Success Stories

    FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

    FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

    An award-winning construction conglomerate in US contacted Flatworld to have their ServiceNow functionalities improved to newer standards. Our team delivered a custom ITSM solution enhancing the system efficiency.

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    FWS Created a Task Management App for an Australian Client

    FWS Designed and Developed an iOS Task Management App for an Australian Client

    An Australian client was looking to create an app that could let its users send and receive texts, audio, and video files. We designed and delivered a robust app quickly.

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    Outsource ServiceNow IT Business Management Services to Flatworld Solutions


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    Assist. VP, Disclosure Manager,
    Mortgage Company, Norfolk, VA
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    Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing quality ServiceNow ITBM services to its global clients. As a ServiceNow premium partner, we can help you integrate your existing business processes with the ServiceNow platform to better align your IT processes with your business needs, reduce service cost through process remodeling and optimization, and bring visibility into your business processes. Our services can not only help you automate and digitize your manual business processes but also add agility and resilience to drive your business growth and strengthen its operations.

    So, get in touch to power your business with ServiceNow IT Business Management capabilities. Simply let us know your IT business requirements and we'll get back to you with customized ServiceNow ITBM services that have been optimized to meet your business needs.

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