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Unit Testing Services

Our ISTQB-certified unit testers write professional unit tests in automated tools to catch bugs in the early stages of development and avoid expensive overhaul at rates starting at $20 an hour

Unit testing is performed on single components of a larger software system to determine if a particular program functions smoothly, and according to the specification, and to ensure the validation of its design and quality. It can be time-consuming and expensive to carry out unit testing of your software system in-house. Finding experienced unit testing specialists can be a daunting task; ergo, the best thing to do would be to outsource the job to unit testing service providers who are reputed and skilled.

Flatworld Solutions can help you test each unit of your software tested and validated smoothly and affordably. We perform the tests in the development stage; for this, we isolate a snippet of code and validate if it's correct. A test unit could be a procedure, object, function, module, or method.

Benefits of Unit Testing

 It helps to detect problems in the initial stages of the development cycle and helps reduce expenditure
 Helps coders to understand the code base and make necessary changes
 Streamlines integration testing by testing individual components of a program and then the sum of the components
 The unit test documentation offers insights into the test results
 Each test can be viewed as a design element that specifies observable behaviors, methods, classes, etc. during the life cycle of the project

Unit Testing Services We Offer

Usually, unit testing is performed by those developing the software themselves. Flatworld Solutions is a premier unit testing company that has earned a reputation for providing superior quality software unit testing services to global customers for nearly two decades. Our team has in-depth expertise which enables them to understand the unique requirements of each customer, and provide them with bespoke testing services. Our unit testing services include -

  1. Statement Coverage

    Statement Coverage

    Here, every statement in the source code is tested simultaneously; this helps to calculate how many statements are executed in the source code. Our whiz team of software coders and testers can provide quick, effective statement coverage testing services.

  2. Branch Coverage

    Branch Coverage

    In this method, all the possible branches at the points of decision making are tested to make sure that the whole code is tested at least one time. We can provide accurate branch coverage testing, and make sure that all branches are validated.

  3. Decision Coverage

    Decision Coverage

    Decision coverage testing is performed to test each result, true or false, in a Boolean expression. You can expect a precise decision from our team when you outsource unit testing services.

  4. Condition Coverage

    Condition Coverage

    Also called expression coverage testing, this helps customers to evaluate all the conditional statements in the source code. It takes into consideration, AND, OR, XOR, and all other logical operands in the source code, and delivers the results. We can perform this test to make sure that all the potential problems are identified and taken care of.

  5. Finite State Machine Coverage

    Finite State Machine Coverage

    The most complicated coverage testing service, it is based on software design behavior. By conducting these tests, our software team at Flatworld can help you understand the number of time-specific states that are achieved and transited.

Unit Testing Process We Follow

We adopt the latest testing practices and ensure compliance with standards. With a competitive documentation strategy, we facilitate knowledge sharing. At Flatworld we have an iterative approach to unit testing; we follow these stages -

Providing definitions to the baseline and test structure
Creating detailed test plans
Developing test models based on carefully chosen use cases
Execution of unit tests
Documenting results and compiling reports
Recommending bug fixes

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Software Testing Tools We use

Some of the tools we use for conducting unit testing are -

JUnit Jasmine TestComplete nunit EMMA TestNG

Why Outsource Software Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading providers of Unit testing and other software testing services not only in India but also to customers across the globe. Our team of testing genies can handle all your testing needs efficiently and easily. We implement industry best practices and modern work methodologies and deploy the best tools and technologies to deliver superior quality Unit testing services to our customers. We can do this because of our -

  • Affordable Testing Solutions

    If you have a small budget, we have flexible solutions that fit right within your margin without exceeding it.

  • 100% Data Security

    Data security is a guarantee we offer to all our clients because we are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified unit testing services. We preserve data as encrypted files to avoid theft and misuse.

  • ISTQB-certified Testing Team

    We follow the best testing methodologies where the test cases are designed and implemented by ISTQB certified testers.

  • SPOC

    A dedicated project manager serves as a single contact point so you, the customers can reach and convey service queries and get an instant response. This ensures a streamlined flow of information.

  • Quick TAT

    A speedy TAT is our signature trait. We accelerate project pace and make sure to deliver the reports and test findings within the stipulated time.

  • Scalable Services

    If you want more testers to work on your project or downsize the existing team, we offer options to scale up or down based on your needs.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    We have global delivery centers that are fully equipped to deal with all types of projects irrespective of the complexity or size.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We have a support team whose services can be availed on a round-the-clock basis. Don't hesitate to pick your phone and dial our number because we'll be there to help you with every step.

Client Success Stories

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An IT giant from Montreal offshored web testing assignments to FWS. We ran test conditions on 130+ websites and ran quality compliance checks, flagged, and fixed flaws as per the requirement.

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Outsource Unit Software Testing Services to Flatworld


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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If you are looking for a unit testing service providing company for speedy, accurate, and cost-effective testing services your search ends here. Flatworld Solutions has one of the best software development and unit testing teams, capable of providing cutting-edge services. We have 20 years of experience and a track record for being the best unit software testing services provider.

Are you looking for a dependable and affordable unit testing service provider? Flatworld Solutions can help! Contact us today for more details.

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