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Automated ETL testing makes validating your organization's data a cakewalk and at the same time add flexibility and credibility to your testing process. Our services start at $20 an hour

In this digital age, most businesses today find themselves producing and storing a massive amount of data every single day. But data alone cannot help an organization. The potential of all this information is of no use if the organization finds it hard to work on it due to the variety of data sources and their volume. But worry no more as, at Flatworld Solutions, we provide comprehensive and high-quality Data Validation in ETL Testing services so that you don't have to struggle with complex ETL processes anymore.

This is crucial because inaccurately performed ETL testing results in source data not being mapped correctly, which ultimately results in a decisive loss in the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse). Hence, it's always advisable to rely on an experienced and efficient ETL testing service provider such as Flatworld Solutions.

What is ETL Testing and Where is it Used?

ETL, which stands for Extract-Transform-Load is the process of data being loaded from a source system to the data warehouse of a company. In this age of Business Intelligence, such raw data is generated in copious amounts and within a very short time, which is then used for data mining activities, reporting, and analysis, etc. ETL testing, also known as data warehousing testing, is a growing testing sub-segment today owing to the growth of IV & V testing services around the world. ETL testing services are ideal for portfolios that deal with a large amount of historical data such as banks and financial institutions, travel, etc.

Although an important step for efficient data warehousing techniques, inaccurately performed ETL testing can lead to source data not being mapped correctly, essentially leading to a large loss in the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse). Flatworld is a leading ETL testing service provider and we specialize in automation techniques which makes it very easy to validate your organization's data while adding flexibility and scalability to your testing processes.

ETL Testing Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is a leading ETL testing service providing company, and we focus on keeping the data extracted from all relevant data sources intact. This is done using advanced ETL testing tools so that this data can be easily mapped in the necessary data warehouse. To offer the best results we tap the potential of both proprietary and open source.

Some of our data warehouse and ETL testing services include -

  1. Source to Target Testing

    Source to Target Testing

    Prevention of data loss is very critical and to ensure that source to target testing is done. This testing is carried out to know if the data values that are being transformed are expected data values are not.

  2. Metadata Testing

    Metadata Testing

    A metadata repository is of prime importance in ETL as it houses all information regarding the source, target, mappings, transformations, etc. We excel in data length checks, testing data types, and index/constraint checks. Our services ensure you maintain consistent control over your organization's overall information systems.

  3. Incremental ETL Testing

    Incremental ETL Testing

    Our incremental ETL testing services enable you to check the data integrity of new and old data with the addition of the new data. This also helps in verifying that the updates and inserts are being processed as expected during the incremental ETL process.

  4. Data Transformation Testing

    Data Transformation Testing

    A lot of times data transformation is not possible by simply writing only one SQL query and then comparing the output with the target. Through our data transformation testing services, multiple SQL queries are written to run each row and verify the transformational rules.

  5. Application Upgrade Testing

    Application Upgrade Testing

    Most of the time, data warehouses are upgraded so that they remain compliant with upcoming technological changes. At Flatworld, we provide a fully automated application upgrade testing process. This results in saving considerable development and scripting time. Also, we test whether data extracted from an old repository can be easily merged into a new repository and whether there are any significant differences between both.

  6. Production Validation ETL Testing

    Production Validation ETL Testing

    The production validation ETL testing is a crucial test conducted during the process of moving data into the warehouses and other related production systems. We undertake analyzation of the minutest change so that all the data is transferred correctly and mapped properly. This meticulous work equips you to make correct business-related decisions. Thanks to our automation techniques and our swift management of the already available data and the data of the past, your business never runs gets compromised due to incorrect data.

  7. Navigation/GUI Testing

    Navigation/GUI Testing

    A business can never afford to ignore navigational and GUI inaccuracies as they can be hazardous. These inaccuracies if not mended on time can waste a lot of time and resources. Hence, we provide navigation/ GUI testing services that scrutinize every facet of the GUI on front-end reports to ensure completeness.

  8. Quality Testing

    Quality Testing Data quality tests are of utmost importance for any business to rely on their generated data without facing any issues. With our data quality testing services, you get to avoid all errors caused due to bad data quality with ease and rely comprehensively on the quality of data generated.

Our ETL Software Testing Process

At Flatworld Solutions, being decades old ETL Testing services company, we have developed a highly streamlined process so that our clients across the globe receive the best in the class ETL testing services and Data Warehouse Testing services at the most competitive price and the earliest.

We follow a systematic ETL testing process which includes the following steps -


01. Requirement gathering

The entire process starts chalking out the scope of the project. This first step is critical for the testing process as it allows the testers to have a complete understanding of the testing process. We start by designing the data model and defining the business flow. We also evaluate the reporting needs according to the needs of the client. This is important so that the testers fully understand the scope of the project.


02. Data source validation

Once the scope of the project is determined we do a check of the data count so that the table and column data type is according to the specifications of the data model. We make sure that the check keys are in place and also delete any duplicate data. Any errors here can make a massive impact on the aggregate report and hence, we ensure we follow every step meticulously.


03. Test Case Designing

In this stage, we define and design ETL mapping scenarios and create SQL scripts. The mapping document is validated to make sure it has all the necessary information.


04. Pre-execution check

The test cases are sent to the client for approval. After receiving a positive response, we conduct a pre-execution check and prepare the data for testing. This pre-execution check is critical to ensure all rules are followed properly.


05. Bug reporting and execution

The test is executed till all exit criteria are met and a report on the bugs is generated. Then based on the report, the bugs are removed.


06. Result Analysis and Summary Report Creation

After the tests are executed, the test results are analyzed effectively. We make sure the test rule is completed and then create a summary report. This summary report is then provided to the client.


07. Test Closure

After receiving the verification from the client verification, we proceed with test closure.

Our ETL Test Scenarios and Use Cases

Our ETL test scenarios cover the length and breadth of the Data warehousing process, thereby ensuring complete data accuracy. This comprehensive testing coverage, therefore, allows you to lower business risk while being able to confidently trust the data generated while making mission-critical decisions. Some of the test case scenarios we use include -

  • Data Validation
  • Mapping Doc Validation
  • Data Consistency Validation
  • Constraint Validation
  • Data Completeness Checking
  • Data Correctness Checking
  • Data Transformation
  • Null Validation
  • Data Quality Checking
  • Duplicate Checking
  • Complete Data Validation
  • Data Cleanness

Benefits of ETL Testing

With more than 20 years of experience, we are correctly positioned to deliver the best quality testing services to our clients across the globe. We employ professional testing experts who have the knowledge and the know-how to work on the most complex projects and turn them into a success. ETL testing offers a plethora of benefits. Some of these benefits are listed here -

  • End-to-end testing services, including test automation, SAP testing, Managed testing, etc. under one roof.
  • Independent verification and validation from ETL testers for your ETL process.
  • Access to high-end tools and automation technologies for streamlined workflows.
  • Proven capabilities and methodologies which have allowed us to serve more than 18,000+ clients across the globe.
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing which ensures better savings for your business.
  • High-quality documentation which supplies you with accurate and timely information about the ETL test and how the process works out in the long run.
  • A significant jump in quality after moving to our ETL testing services as compared to your existing team, which needs to juggle many different tasks.
  • Zero data loss in the data warehouse.
  • Ability to successfully strategize and make business decisions on the fly by having access to quality, error-free data
  • Through ETL testing you can squeeze or recover data from multiple data sources at the same time, thus saving your precious time and other resources.
  • ETL testing allows you to load the data from heterogeneous sources into a single generalized (frequent) target or different targets at the same time.
  • With ETL testing you can achieve various goals at the same time as it allows you to load different types of goals at the same time.
  • Through ETL testing you get to extract the required business data from multiple sources and then load business data into various targets in the format you wish to.
  • ETL testing offers you the liberty to perform all types of data transformation as per your business requirements.

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource ETL Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and tools

    With Flatworld Solutions, you can stay assured of receiving high-quality ETL Testing services as we have state-of-the-art infrastructure and access to all the cutting edge tools. This availability of sophisticated tools allows us to provide efficient results at the earliest.

  • End to end service

    Our comprehensive services include test automation, SAP testing, and Managed testing under one roof.

  • Expert teams

    At Flatword Solutions, we have a pool of highly efficient and expert teams with expansive experience in ETL testing. We have highly skilled team members that conduct, analyze, and offer the most effective results.

  • Affordable costs

    Who says you have to break the bank to receive high-quality ETL testing services? At Flatworld Solutions, we provide cutting edge ETL testing services at very affordable rates.

  • Independent validation

    We offer independent verification as well as validation of your ETL process if deemed necessary.

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Our ETL testing services are goal-oriented, cost-effective, and deliver highly efficient results. We are a market leader in this segment and outsourcing ETL services to Flatworld Solutions will enable you to enjoy quick results at affordable rates.

Thanks to our highly professional teams equipped with all necessary tools, we offer cutting edge ETL services that allow you to better tap the potential of data. So if you are looking for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for your ETL Testing outsourcing needs then get in touch with our team today and experience how our pool of maverick testers backed with our state-of-the-art infrastructure deliver highly effective results!

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ETL Testing FAQs

  • Is ETL Testing difficult?

    ETL testing is challenging due to the large volume of complex data, especially in the case of data warehouses. The challenges include data duplication, incompatibility, loss, complexity, and more.

  • Is ETL Testing in demand?

    ETL testing is necessary when clients request reports to measure demand and supply so all stakeholders including end-users can benefit at the same time from transparency.

  • Can we automate ETL Testing?

    Yes, ETL testing can be automated on older codes after building a new database. Setting automated test scripts improves code efficiency and ability to manage.