ETL Testing Services

ETL Testing Services

ETL, which stands for Extract-Transform-Load is the process of data being loaded from a source system to the data warehouse of a company. In this age of Business Intelligence, such raw data is generated in copious amounts and within a very short time, which is then used for data mining activities, reporting and analysis, etc. ETL testing, also known as data warehousing testing, is a growing testing sub-segment today owing to the growth of IV & V testing services around the world. ETL testing services are ideal for portfolios that deal with a large amount of historical data such as banks and financial institutions, travel, etc.

Although an important step for efficient data warehousing techniques, inaccurately performed ETL testing can lead to source data not being mapped correctly, essentially leading to a large loss in the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse). Flatworld is a leading ETL testing service provider and we specialize in automation techniques which makes it very easy to validate your organization's data while adding flexibility and scalability to your testing processes.

Our ETL Testing Services

At FWS, we ensure that the data extracted from all relevant data sources remains intact and can be easily mapped in the required data warehouse. Our comprehensive services make use of both proprietary and open-source tools to ensure better compliance, and include -

  • Production Validation ETL Testing

    This testing is performed when the data is in the process of being moved into data warehouses and other related production systems. We ensure that all the data is transferred correctly and mapped properly by analyzing for the minutest change, thereby allowing you to make correct business-related decisions. Our automation techniques and our efficient management of existing and historical data ensure your business never gets compromised due to incorrect data.

  • Application Upgrade Testing

    More often than not, data warehouses are upgraded in order to ensure they remain compliant with recent technological changes. Our application upgrade testing process is fully automated, thereby saving considerable development and scripting time. We test whether data extracted from an old repository can be easily merged into a new repository, and whether there are any significant differences between the both.

  • Validation / Source-to-target Testing

    Our automated procedures allow you to easily validate the data transferred have the exact same values as the old ones, and if not, spot checks in place to ensure the remediation of the process while preventing future ones from occurring.

  • Testing for Data Completeness

    Once the data is validated with the help of validation testing, we verify that all the data is accurately loaded into the data warehouse by comparing validation counts, aggregates, and by performing spot checks between random actual and target data on a timely basis.

  • Metadata Testing

    Sometimes, even if the data is transferred correctly, the metadata might not match the previous one, thereby resulting in inaccuracies. Our metadata testing procedures incorporate data length check, data type check, and indexing check, which are fully automated to save you valuable time

  • Data Transformation Testing

    Data transformation testing requires a lot of manual labor as every single time a single-source SQL query has to be written which is then compared to the target output. In most cases, many such SQL queries need to be written so as to verify the transformation changes. Our services ensure that all this hard work is performed at the backend so as to save time and costs for our clients.

  • Quality Testing

    Data quality tests, which include both reference and syntax tests, are especially important for a company to rely on their generated data without facing any issues. Our data quality testing services ensure you can easily avoid all errors caused due to bad data quality and rely comprehensively on the quality of data generated.

  • Reference and Syntax tests

    Our reference tests make use of the latest ETL testing tools and automation methods in order to check the data generated against its data model. On top of that, our syntax tests then accurately report on misaligned data caused due to invalid characters, inaccurate character patterns, case usage, etc.

  • Navigation/GUI Testing

    Although not a complex task, navigational and GUI inaccuracies can lead to wasted time and resources. Therefore we check all aspects of the GUI on front-end reports to ensure completeness.

  • Incremental Testing

    Data integrity is always a challenge when dealing with large amounts of data. Our incremental testing methods check the integrity of old data and how it works with the addition of new data, thereby verifying that all updates and inserts are regularly processed during the ETL process.

Our ETL Testing Process

Our ETL testing process has been fine-tuned over the years in order to assure you of the highest quality data transformation. Our process includes -

Business & Requirement Identification

Business and Requirement Identification: We understand the exact nature of your business and identify the various data sources which we need to work with

Test Estimation and Planning

Test Estimation and Planning: We prepare a thorough test estimation based on the data we need to work with, and plan tests accordingly based on client input test estimation results

Test Case Design and Preparation

Test Case Design and Preparation: Based on all available inputs, we design the ideal test case scenarios by implementing business logic and dimensional modeling techniques

Pre-execution Check

Pre-execution Check: Once the test cases have been approved by the client, we perform a pre-execution check and prepare the data for testing in order to ensure all rules are adhered to

Bug Report and Execution

Bug Reporting and Execution: We execute the test until all exit criteria are met, report on the bugs generated, and move to remove them

Result Analysis and Summary Report Creation

Result Analysis and Summary Report Creation: We analyze the test results to ensure the completeness of the test rule, and then create a summary report which is provided to the client

Test Closure

Test Closure: Upon client verification, we proceed with test closure

Our ETL Test Scenarios and Use Cases

Our ETL test scenarios cover the length and breadth of the Data warehousing process, thereby ensuring complete data accuracy. This comprehensive testing coverage, therefore, allows you to lower business risk while being able to confidently trust the data generated while making mission-critical decisions. Some of the test case scenarios we use include -

  • Data Validation
  • Mapping Doc Validation
  • Data Consistency Validation
  • Constraint Validation
  • Data Completeness Checking
  • Data Correctness Checking
  • Data Transformation
  • Null Validation
  • Data Quality Checking
  • Duplicate Checking
  • Complete Data Validation
  • Data Cleanness

Key Benefits of FWS's ETL Testing Services

With more than 16 years of experience, we are correctly positioned to deliver the best quality testing services to our clients across the globe. We employ professional testing experts who have the knowledge and the know-how to work on the most complex projects and turn them into a success. Some of the key benefits of partnering with us include -

  • End-to-end testing services, including test automation, SAP testing, Managed testing etc. under one roof
  • Independent verification and validation from experts for your ETL process
  • Access to high-end tools and automation technologies for streamlined workflows
  • Proven capabilities and methodologies which have allowed us to serve more than 18488 clients across the globe
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing which ensures better savings for your business
  • High-quality documentation which supplies you with accurate and timely information about the ETL test and how the process works out in the long run
  • A significant jump in quality after moving to our ETL testing services as compared to your existing team, which needs to juggle many different tasks
  • Zero data loss in the data warehouse
  • Ability to successfully strategize and make business decisions on the fly by having access to quality, error-free data

Outsource ETL Testing to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, our testing services have allowed us to differentiate and offer better value to global clients looking for high-quality and cost-effective data warehouse and ETL testing. With the help of multiple delivery centers and professional testers, we are able to cater to various industry verticals while being able to showcase our infrastructure and a robust TCoE (Testing Center of Excellence) where industry-best practices lead to world-class services at cost-effective rates.

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