Outsource Server Monitoring Services

Server Monitoring Services

We monitor servers using tracking tools and agents mapped to tracking roles to keep your server performance and data security a notch above expectations at rates starting at $20 per hour

Fixing network crashes can be time-consuming and very expensive. The best way to prevent such instances is to continuously scan servers across your designated networks to quickly detect irregularities or failures. Hiring an in-house team to do this will only add up to your operational costs. One good option is to outsource monitoring services to a reliable service provider.

As you rely heavily on the stability of your IT network and infrastructure, you need to choose the right partner who offers consistent and reliable monitoring. Flatworld Solutions is a global outsourcing firm offering a wide range of infrastructure management services including server process monitoring services to clients across the globe. Our comprehensive server monitoring solutions include monitoring of your network, server processes, memory consumption, CPU usage, etc.

Server Monitoring Services and Solutions We Offer

Once you outsource monitoring services to us, we will regularly monitor your servers for robustness and performance. By outsourcing server infrastructure monitoring services to us, you can successfully manage your IT infrastructure and effectively monitor all your servers. Following are some of the services we offer -

  1. Centralized Server Monitoring and Management

    Centralized Server Monitoring and Management

    We can provide you with centralized monitoring services, which allow clients to monitor multiple data centers across different geographical locations from a single dashboard. Our ongoing monitoring will help you keep a close watch on the bandwidth usage of all your locally distributed networks.

  2. Track Vital Server Performance Metrics

    Track Vital Server Performance Metrics

    If you want to track all the essential server performance metrics, then we can help you with just that. We, as a dynamic server monitoring service provider, can help you track four important types of server metrics, which include -

    • Applications Monitoring - Apache server, OD processes, custom scripts, MySQL database, Windows services, log files, active directory, swap usage, etc.
    • Network Monitoring - packet loss, latency, network interfaces, SNMP devices, jitter, Ping, printer, etc.
    • Server Performance Monitoring - disk space, CPU usage, RAM, SMART attributes, disk usage, and CPU load
    • Internal and External Monitoring - using protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, ICMP, POP3/POP3s, IMAP/IMAPs, FTP, SMTP/SMTPs, etc.
  3. Hard Disk Usage Monitoring

    Hard Disk Usage Monitoring

    We are a dependable server monitoring company that monitors server disk usage on a 24x7 basis. This helps us to quickly update you even before your disk gets filled up and the downtime begins. Such prompt and consistent monitoring ensures zero to minimal downtime and ensures uninterrupted business continuity.

  4. Monitoring Custom Applications

    Monitoring Custom Applications

    We understand that most businesses have custom applications, which require timely monitoring. Our professionals will provide prompt and continuous monitoring of all your custom applications from your servers as per your requirements.

  5. Phone Support and Email Alerts

    Phone Support and Email Alerts

    Our dedicated team monitors your servers and will keep you updated through phone or email. We will send the alerts just on time and only when there are chances of real downtimes, without any scope for false alarms, 24/7.

  6. Remote Server Monitoring Services

    Remote Server Monitoring Services

    We remotely reanalyze your server hierarchy and develop a custom workflow for impact, dependencies, rules, applications, error thresholds, and so on through close consultation with your IT department and decision-makers. We handle these areas deftly to keep you prepared against all possible critical scenarios in monitoring services.

  7. On-premise Monitoring

    On-premise Monitoring

    After monitoring configuration, we turn to your in-house servers such as Linux and Windows to check the server's health. Also, if any applications are installed on the server, we will continue monitoring the app vitals for maximum uptime.

  8. Cloud Monitoring

    Cloud Monitoring

    As virtualization is becoming a common practice across the IT ecosystem, more businesses are moving towards cloud-based operations like the ones offered by Microsoft Azure, Amazing Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Rackspace, and so on.

  9. Monitoring Dashboard and Reporting

    Monitoring Dashboard and Reporting

    We design dashboards that provide a measure of ongoing activities within the servers. The dashboard displays status of server availability, server activity, health trends, network maps, and much more. You can fetch reports on specific activities to ensure the top-notch performance of your server.

  10. Automated and Manual Monitoring

    Automated and Manual Monitoring

    In our inventory, we have more than one proprietary tool that is capable of monitoring servers. Besides, we map live monitoring tasks to IT experts so that manual and automatic monitoring would lead to a better outcome.

  11. Server Performance Analytics

    Server Performance Analytics

    As part of the monitoring process, we take care of performance analytics to give you insights into CPU usage, server uptime, memory usage, disk usage, bandwidth, latency, application uptime, server queues, memory consumption, and more.

  12. Server Maintenance

    Server Maintenance

    We are capable of supervising server maintenance, be it is automated or manual, to ensure high uptime. Our periodic maintenance mitigates bottlenecks and the risk of disruption to your business.

  13. Server and Application Performance Monitoring

    Server and Application Performance Monitoring

    As servers have installed applications, it's crucial to check the vitals to ensure consistent performance. Be it productivity apps like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint, BizTalk, Active Directory, and many more of its like, we have the right solution.

  14. Proactive Server Issue Resolution

    Proactive Server Issue Resolution

    Routine monitoring greatly shrinks potential downtime and IT incidences. To ensure minimal possibilities of disruption, we keenly monitor your network, bandwidth, traffic, and other vital parameters. This is to ensure the system doesn't enter the critical phase at peak hours.

  15. Root Cause Analysis

    Root Cause Analysis

    If there's an incident or server downtime, we build an RCA report or Root Case Analysis report, through which we provide in-depth details of why the issue occurred, our diagnosis, and also suggest rules that can be set in place to avoid similar instances in the future.

  16. Alerts and Notifications

    Alerts and Notifications

    Our team is capable of notifying your IT team through push messengers, phone, SMS, or email, depending on your preference about downtime. We also notify the extent of severity, potential red flags, and warning thresholds. Our goal is to keep you informed about live activities on the server.

  17. URL and Website Monitoring Services

    URL and Website Monitoring Services

    At FWS, we monitor your website and URLs round the clock, assessing the security using manual and automated tools. Our monitoring tool scans the site and links within for vulnerabilities. If a risk is foreseen, our IT teams will be notified for further actions before it transpires into a severe risk.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

What Makes Flatworld The Best Server Monitoring Services Company?

We provide accurate, reliable, and efficient services to all our clients. Our resources can manage a large number of servers and quickly identify any irregularities and issues. We will ensure that your server is capable of hosting all your applications. Following are some of the major benefits of partnering with us -

  • Affordable Solutions

    All our clients are billed based on the complexity of their projects, skills of the resources involved, the time required for project completion, etc. This helps us to provide top-quality services at extremely affordable rates.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We have a world-class infrastructure, which enables us to provide consistent monitoring without any interruptions.

  • High-end Security and Reliability

    We follow strict security standards and have project confidentiality policies in place. Therefore, once you partner with us, you can be certain that your confidential business data remains safe.

  • Excellent Turn Around Time

    We understand that our clients work on tight schedules and require constant monitoring. So, we regularly monitor their servers and provide prompt and timely updates, to prevent possible business downtimes.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have global delivery centers which are used as bases for our operations. This enables us to reach a larger audience in the shortest time.

  • Market Dominating Tools

    We use sophisticated server monitoring tools for a range of process that eliminates missteps and glitches in the system.

  • Efficiency Optimization

    We always look for ways to optimize the outcome through feedback. This approach allows us to tackle challenges incrementally without losing efficiency.

  • Global Prominence

    We can support clients no matter where they are based in. Our team can be contacted by phone, email, and webchat for a quick response.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Created a Feature-rich and Intuitive Live Healthcare Chat App for a Tech Firm

A tech solutions provider to the healthcare sector required a powerful and intuitive AI chatbot. We leveraged the power of IBM Watson to develop the required app and also created an engaging and interactive 3D character.

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FWS Provided a Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution for a US-based Client

FWS Delivered a Secure and Robust ITSM ServiceNow Solution to a US-based Enterprise

The US-based client wanted to optimize its ServiceNow solution by getting a professional provider to optimize it with the latest multilevel catalog features. Our developers delivered high-quality services within a quick time.

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We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to being able to continue working with them in the future.

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Outsource Server Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been offering top-quality IMS services including infrastructure management services to global clients. Being in the industry for over a decade now, we have rich multi-domain experience and can understand the requirements of clients across the world. Our server monitoring processes are compliant with global standards. Besides monitoring, we also provide other critical IMS services, which include data center management, IT risk and security management, remote monitoring, enterprise security solutions, etc.

If you are looking out for prompt and timely services, then you are at the right place. Just reach us now to discuss your requirements.

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