Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services

Software defects are known to cost global companies billions of dollars in support, maintenance, and replacement. With growing competitive pressure, companies are on the lookout to not only cut costs, but get to market faster with their products, as a result of which they are not able to test their software extensively. The downside to such risks is that they not only end up losing brand recognition due to bad word-of-mouth, but earn lesser profits as well.

The need of the hour therefore is robust applications which are dependable both in terms of quality and availability. One way to achieve this is with the help of managed testing, where such software applications are exposed to independent testing cycles which are not only fast and efficient, but at the same time extremely thorough. At Flatworld, our managed testing services offer end-to-end, customizable, and flexible testing for software applications which are ideal for clients who want to revamp their testing functions and achieve better costs and higher quality without facing large overheads.

Our Managed QA Services

At Flatworld, our aim behind managed testing is to achieve the following goals -

  • Reduce testing cycle times considerably
  • Ensure zero defects make way into production
  • Automate general testing cycles for improved speed
  • Bring down the overall costs related to software testing

Our managed testing services include -

  • Automated Software Testing

    Software testing is a time intensive task, and organizations spend most of their testing time on mundane tasks - during each phase of the development, version release, patch, or upgrade. At Flatworld, we take a look at your existing processes and suggest the optimal places where you can introduce automation to speed up the whole testing cycle. Our software testers are experts at leveraging the power of automation to help you reach your targets faster

  • Unit Testing

    Our software testers are pros at extreme programming (XP), and have a meticulous approach towards software development testing cycles. We break down your application into units which are then individually tested to guarantee proper operation. Combined with our experience and proven methodology, our deep functional knowledge of software ensures that all your applications are robustly tested in a time-efficient manner

  • Performance Testing

    Performance or endurance testing is extremely important in today's world since an average consumer is bound to focus heavily on using an application in ways a developer can sometimes not even fathom. Our testers are good at load testing applications to identify potential performance bottlenecks, load on your backend servers, performance issues, etc.

  • Regression Testing

    One of the major reasons why applications tend to break after an update is because the most recent version is not tested properly for compatibility against the older version. Our code testers are adept at regression testing and develop new test scenarios and exercises to test new code which has been written for compatibility against previous versions. We also run old test cases along with the newer version to double check the overall functionality of your application

Our Key Differentiators

At Flatworld, we offer our global clients fully customizable managed test services where the responsibility of testing your applications lies in the hands of experienced QA testers working either at a program or enterprise level, as per their exact requirements. Our shared-risk model ensures guaranteed quality and cost efficiencies, and our infrastructural capabilities ensure significant peace of mind as we complete our projects within the required time.

Some of the features which set our services apart includes -

  • Structured testing services which ensures all applications are tested properly and thoroughly at each step of the development lifecycle
  • Business-oriented and business-driven test management
  • Global delivery centers and multiple locations to ensure all-round availability of an expert team to work according to your working hours
  • Highly qualified QA testers with an in-depth knowledge of the testing environment and technological acumen
  • Solitary test centers built around our central tenets of robust testing with high-end infrastructure and thorough security
  • Well laid out KPIs which directly align with your business goals

Benefits of Outsourcing Managed Testing Services to FWS

Our USP lies not only in our capable software engineers, testers and our cost-efficient global engagement model, but also in our ability to consistently deliver thought leadership and value through our expansive in-house services. By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • On-time delivery every single time, no matter the complexity of the project
  • Ability to track and view project progress in real-time with the help of our dedicated app
  • 100% service and satisfaction guarantee through our ISO certified processes
  • Extremely flexible testing workflows which adapt to your business requirements for better efficiency
  • Continuous communication and collaboration with the help of a dedicated project manager and an on-site business coordinator if required
  • Ability to focus on the development phase of your project while leaving the testing to our professionals
  • More than 50% cost savings as compared to testing in-house
  • Flexible staff allocation based on your requirements
  • Proven methodologies which help to direct your testing phase, from inception to deployment

Outsource Managed Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, we have more than 20 years of experience in providing high-quality Testing services to global clients. Our expansive portfolio, which includes SAP Testing and Network Testing, amongst others, offers you with a structured approach towards software testing which can't be matched by any of our competitors.

During all steps of our testing workflow, we focus on overall time reduction, cost efficiencies, improved quality, minimized defects and reduced business risk. Contact us right away and benefit form partnering with a truly international software development service provider.

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