Enterprise Resource Planning Services

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning facilitates the flow of information within different organizational levels by automating the back-office functions, thereby allowing the management to keep an eye on the KPIs in real-time. At Flatworld Solutions, our two-tiered ERP solutions (on-premise software and cloud applications) delivered as a SaaS-based platform allow you to monitor and manage everything from supply chain to Inventory, Procurement, Finance and HR to other mission critical activities. Our software is designed to rapidly adapt to your business processes, thereby maximizing enterprise agility and profits.

Our Service Offerings

We have over 19 years of experience in the development of customized software, business applications, and enterprise solutions for diverse business needs. We provide a wide range of ERP solutions for global enterprises, including -

  1. Supply Chain Management

    Our ERP consultants have extensive supply chain management knowledge across wholesale and manufacturing distribution environments. From ERP selection to its implementation, we can help you with everything from inventory, material, and purchase to warehouse management.

  2. Service Management

    Our ERP Service Management modules allow your customer support team to collaborate better and render timely after-sales support to your customers. We build a custom ERP solution based upon your needs, while ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts and the overall effectiveness of your sales team receives a substantial boost.

    Our service management offerings include contract and maintenance management, on-field and off-field service and tracking returns, amongst others.

  3. Financial Management

    Our ERP modules for Financial Management are designed for businesses that have complex requirements, but at the same time can be used by smaller organizations to increase general productivity. We integrate our ERP modules with all the revenue generating streams of your organization in a streamlined manner, and can help you with -

    • General Ledger
    • Asset Management
    • Financial Reporting
    • Advanced Allocations
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Financial Planning
    • Accounts Payable
    • Cash Management
  4. Sales Management

    With the help of our ERP solutions for Sales Management, businesses can improve sales and their marketing effectiveness while retaining customers and gaining their loyalty. Our module provides real-time information on the available inventory and current order status, and allows for easier sales processes such as -

    • Tracking Shipments
    • Assisting Sales
    • Managing Orders
    • POS Management
  5. Production Management

    Our ERP module for Production Management is dedicated to managing your entire production process - from planning to scheduling and production order control. Our tightly integrated module ensures you always meet the delivery date promised to your customer. Our module takes care of everything from routine QA to Advanced Quality Management, ensuring lean production schedules and easy job management.

  6. Customer Relationship Management

    Our ERP module for CRM constantly monitors and provides your sales and customer service team tools for initiating action and communicating effectively with your customers. By monitoring recent purchases and the customer's order frequency, and alerting your personnel in case of any decline in activity, we ensure peak efficiency for your CRM team. Our solution includes -

    • Mobile Solutions
    • Connecting with Customers
    • Managing Marketing Channels
    • Managing Leads
    • Case Management

Benefits of Choosing Flatworld's ERP Solutions

By choosing our ERP modules, you stand to gain from the following value-added benefits -

  • Improved reporting: Our ERP modules ensure that your organizational reporting follows a standard automated template, as a result of which various departments can access information easily and seamlessly
  • Improved Scalability: Our ERP modules are inherently built in such a way that they can be scaled as per your business requirements, without any massive deployment downtimes
  • Lower Operational Costs: By introducing fundamental innovations in how your organizational structure works, our ERP modules help you manage resources, eliminate delays, and reduce overall costs
  • Improved Customer Relations: By improving your business processes, our ERP systems have a direct effect on your company's CRM initiatives
  • Reduced Complexity: From HR to inventory control, our ERP modules ensure a streamlined operational process for improved productivity

Make Flatworld Solutions Your Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning Services

By deploying and implementing our time-tested ERP modules within your organization, you gain the ability to re-engineer your business processes and methodologies and align them with your organizational goals. This in turn will then lay the foundation for future growth, improved productivity, and higher cost-savings.

Contact us now to know more about our ERP expertise and the different kinds of projects we have successfully executed till date, and outsource your ERP requirements to the technology outsourcing expert.

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