IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Hire IT consultants across time zones to resolve the most critical information and technology challenges. Achieve outstanding value from your IT investments with our holistic approach to digital transformation.

Most Fortune 500 companies have been around for decades, meaning they often have outdated legacy systems that can be difficult and costly to maintain and upgrade. These companies can become targets of sophisticated cyber attacks aiming to disrupt their operations. As global experts in IT consulting, we understand that shifting business processes to digital platforms is a significant challenge. Over and above that, complying with ever-changing IT regulations, such as GDPR in Europe, can be a moving target and difficult to manage.

Our IT consultation services not only acknowledge these unmitigated challenges but also provide comprehensive solutions that automate tasks, streamline processes, and reduce downtime. We conduct advanced risk assessments, implement robust intrusion detection systems, orchestrate zero-trust architectures, and leverage AI-powered threat intelligence to enhance security. Also, we help migrate existing IT systems to cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), refactoring applications to be micro services-oriented and implementing APIs for better interoperability.

For highly scalable architectures leveraging server less computing and event-driven programming, get in touch with our experts today! We leverage AI for regulatory tech (RegTech) solutions to automate compliance tasks.

Information Technology Consulting Services

Our professional IT consulting services focus on evaluating your existing IT framework and business operations to identify the most suitable cloud migration strategy. Our services range from suggesting appropriate cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP, to determining the most effective deployment alternatives.

  1. IT Strategy and Planning

    IT Strategy and Planning

    Our IT consulting services begin with an in-depth IT assessment and strategic planning. We evaluate the maturity of your IT delivery and ITSM processes, define the current value of your IT in relation to your business objectives, and identify gaps. We then devise a comprehensive growth strategy based on your current IT maturity.

  2. Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Our digital transformation services involve assessing your current business model, identifying digital-enabled opportunities, and creating a strategy for transformation. We then guide your transformation journey, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

  3. Cloud Consulting

    Cloud Consulting

    Our cloud consulting services involve analyzing your existing IT infrastructure, identifying efficiency gaps, and outlining a detailed cloud migration strategy. We guide you through the migration process and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal resource utilization and cost-efficiency.

  4. Intelligent Automation

    Intelligent Automation

    Our intelligent automation services involve identifying processes suitable for automation, designing an automation blueprint, and implementing automation tools. We ensure that the automated processes are fine-tuned and optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

  5. IT Governance and Compliance

    IT Governance and Compliance

    We carry out a comprehensive review of your current IT governance model and compliance standards. We then devise a strategy to align your IT with global compliance standards and regulations, ensuring that your business operations are secure and risk-free.

  6. IT Assessment

    IT Assessment

    Our IT assessment involves a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure, identifying areas of improvement to enhance your IT capabilities. We provide actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your IT operations.

  7. Cybersecurity Consulting

    Cybersecurity Consulting

    We identify potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and devise a robust cybersecurity strategy to safeguard your business. We continually monitor your IT systems to ensure they are secure and resilient against cyber threats.

  8. IT Infrastructure Design and Optimization

    IT Infrastructure Design and Optimization

    Our IT infrastructure services involve assessing your existing IT infrastructure, identifying inefficiencies, designing a robust infrastructure plan, and implementing it. We also provide strategies for ongoing optimization and management of your IT infrastructure.

  9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting

    We provide an end-to-end ERP consulting service, starting from identifying your ERP needs, selecting the right ERP system, implementing it, and optimizing its usage. We ensure that your ERP system aligns with your business operations and contributes to your business growth.

  10. Database Consulting Services

    Database Consulting Services

    Our database consulting services involve assessing your current database management practices, identifying gaps, and providing strategies for optimization. We ensure that your databases are well-structured, secure, and effectively managed.

  11. IT Cost Optimization

    IT Cost Optimization

    We help businesses optimize their IT costs through a comprehensive review of their IT expenditure. We provide strategies for efficient resource utilization, effective budgeting, and cost management, ensuring a better return on your IT investments.

The Pronounced Benefits of IT Consulting Services

IT consulting services harness technical expertise to guide businesses in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of their technology infrastructure. These services can elevate business operations by optimizing processes, enhancing security, and enabling cost-effective management of IT resources.

  1. Cost and Time Efficiency

    Cost and Time Efficiency

    IT consulting services eliminate the need for hiring full-time employees, thereby saving costs associated with salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses. Plus, the 24/7 availability ensures that your business receives timely assistance, thereby reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Focus on Core Business Operations

    Enhanced Focus on Core Business Operations

    Offloading the management of your IT infrastructure to experts allows you to concentrate on your core business areas. This focused approach can lead to improved business outcomes, as resources are not diverted to the handling of complex IT issues.

  3. Identification and Optimization of Critical Areas

    Identification and Optimization of Critical Areas

    IT consultants bring diverse experience across multiple industries and technical environments. This breadth of knowledge allows them to identify areas of improvement and recommend changes that can enhance your IT and business processes, potentially leading to increased operational efficiency.

  4. Leverage Rich Expertise and Experience

    Leverage Rich Expertise and Experience

    IT consulting firms house seasoned engineers with a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge. Their collective expertise can help troubleshoot and resolve your IT issues quickly and effectively, thereby minimizing business disruption.

  5. Increased Security, Software Maintenance, and Support

    Increased Security, Software Maintenance, and Support

    With strong ties to leading technology partners, IT consulting firms can offer robust security solutions tailored to your business needs. This can protect your business from costly data breaches. In addition, firms can provide software maintenance and support, ensuring your systems are always up-to-date and working optimally.

  6. Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

    IT consulting firms stay abreast with the latest technologies and advancements. This enables them to incorporate state-of-the-art solutions into your business, ensuring that you stay ahead in this rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Our IT Consultation Process Flow

Our team of seasoned IT professionals provides robust consulting services designed to bridge the gap between your business objectives and technology. We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and innovative approach to deliver results-driven solutions.


01. Needs Assessment

We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your current IT setup and software usage. This enables us to identify any inefficiencies or issues in your workflows and automation processes.


02. Strategic Planning

Using our deep industry insights, we chalk out a comprehensive IT strategy for your organization. This includes harnessing the latest technology, streamlining your software infrastructure, and setting up measurable KPIs.


03. Implementation

We don't just create strategies; we implement them too. Our IT professionals work closely with your team to ensure a smooth implementation of the IT strategy, minimizing disruptions to your operations.


04. Performance Monitoring

Continual collaboration is key to achieving your IT goals. We perform regular checks on your IT workflows, comparing the results with the set KPIs, and identifying any potential issues.


05. Continuous Improvement

Once the initial targets are met, we identify areas for further improvement. Our IT consultants and software engineers provide recommendations and assist with their implementation.


06. Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training to your staff to ensure they can make optimal use of the new systems and technologies. Plus, our ongoing support ensures any technical issues are quickly resolved.

Cutting-edge IT Solutions Consulting Services

  • Big Data

    We leverage Big Data technologies, extracting actionable intelligence to accelerate business growth.

  • AI

    Using AI algorithms, we automate processes and enable predictive analytics for strategic decision-making.

  • Data Science

    We decipher your data using advanced analytics, uncovering patterns and trends to fuel strategic initiatives.

  • IoT

    Our IoT solutions enable real-time operation monitoring for enhanced efficiency.

  • Computer Vision

    We automate visual inspection tasks with computer vision technologies, boosting productivity and reducing discrepancies.

  • AR

    Our AR solutions deliver immersive, interactive experiences, enhancing training, product design, and customer interaction.

  • Virtual Reality

    Through VR, we offer hyper-realistic simulations for enhanced training and customer experience.

  • Blockchain

    We enhance transactional transparency and security with blockchain, combating fraud and enhancing operational efficiency.

Industries We Empower

Media & entertainmentMedia & entertainment
Travel & HospitalityTravel & Hospitality
Hotel ManagementHotel Management
Banking and FinancialBanking and Financial
Customer BrokerageCustomer Brokerage
Threat AnticipationThreat Anticipation
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Additional Services We Offer

Mobile App Development Services

Deploy innovative mobile apps with our services, integrating state-of-the-art technologies for optimized user engagement and revenue growth.

Web Development Services

We use contemporary web technologies to construct secure, responsive websites, enhancing your digital visibility and user interaction.

Software Maintenance and Support

Our services detect and rectify software issues early, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business operations.

IT Staffing Services

Source, vet, and onboard proficient IT professionals to drive your technology initiatives with our specialized staffing services.

Software Testing Services

Mitigate risks with our rigorous testing methodologies that ensure the delivery of reliable, high-quality software.

Ecommerce Development Services

Leverage our services to create secure, robust ecommerce platforms that offer seamless shopping experiences and drive sales growth.

IT Help Desk Services

Get 24/7 support with our help desk services, reducing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Custom Application Development Services

Our services design and build tailored software applications that enhance operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us as Your IT Consulting Company?

As a leading IT consulting services company, we offer unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions, and a customized approach to meet your unique IT challenges. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality services that align with your business objectives.

  • Value-Oriented Approach

    Unlike other IT consulting service providers, we don't just offer generic advice. We build practical ITSM strategies that produce tangible improvements in your IT's most crucial areas. Our solutions are designed to deliver real value, transforming your IT from a cost center to a strategic asset.

  • Transparent Partnership

    We believe in open communication and collaboration. We continually seek feedback from your IT team, allowing us to identify hidden challenges and deliver tailored, effective solutions quickly.

  • Realistic Solutions

    We understand that perfect IT solutions don't exist in a vacuum. We leverage your existing resources to find short-term solutions while devising a robust IT strategy for your future, ensuring the best use of what you must achieve your goals.

  • Quality and Security Certifications

    Our commitment to quality and security is demonstrated through our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications. With over two decades of experience in information security, we ensure end-to-end protection of your software and infrastructure components.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Our efficient team and process management, coupled with our focus on eliminating issue root causes, can lower your IT operating costs by up to 60%.

  • Reliability

    Our optimized ITSM processes and infrastructure stability ensure 99.99% service availability. We aim to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

  • High User Satisfaction

    Our quick issue resolution, transparent communication, and self-service options ensure over 90% user satisfaction. We also strive to reduce the mean time to resolve issues.

  • Dedicated Project Managers

    We provide dedicated project managers who oversee your projects, ensuring smooth execution and timely delivery.

  • 24/7 Services

    Our round-the-clock service ensures that you receive prompt support whenever you need it. We follow a dusk to dawn service approach, ensuring that our team is always available to address your concerns and solve problems, irrespective of the time zone differences.

  • Flexible Outsourcing Models

    We offer flexible outsourcing models that can be tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need full-time, part-time, or project-based assistance, we have you covered.

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We have worked with Flatworld Solutions on various projects and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business!

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Our IT consultants guide enterprises through digital transformations by implementing agile methodologies, DevOps practices, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. We help implement advanced data management strategies, like data warehousing, data lakes, and real-time analytics. Also, we help our clients understand and integrate emerging technologies like AI-powered chatbots for customer service, blockchain for secure transactions and contract execution, and IoT for better asset tracking and management.

As external IT consultants, we provide more cost-effective solutions by eliminating the need for full-time staff, training, and other resources. We identify and address potential security threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues, thereby reducing the risk of costly breaches and penalties. By optimizing IT systems and infrastructure, we enhance the productivity and performance of the organization. For reliable guides to walk you through complex digital transformations, tech overhauls, and customer service enhancements, contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose an ideal information technology consulting company?

Choosing an ideal information technology consulting company requires careful consideration of several factors. First, assess the firm's technical expertise and industry experience. The ideal firm should have a proven track record in delivering successful IT solutions in your business sector. Second, look for a company that offers a wide range of services, from strategic planning to implementation and support. Finally, consider the company's reputation, client feedback, and their commitment to quality and data security.

How do you determine the right IT solutions for my business?

Our process involves a detailed analysis of your business, its processes, and its specific needs. We assess your network requirements and formulate system-implementation plans. We combine strategic plans and knowledge of emerging technologies to create a logical design of the network environment and the supporting infrastructure to meet your requirements. The right solution is always tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Is it safe to use business process automation where sensitive data is involved?

Absolutely, business process automation does ensure the security of sensitive data. Reducing human involvement lessens the risk of errors and breaches, and experienced providers adhere to strict security measures and data protection laws.

What kind of returns can be expected from automating business processes?

Automating business processes can yield a substantial return on investment. It can decrease operational costs through reduced staffing, improved efficiencies, and minimized errors while enabling quicker, data-driven business decisions that can drive revenue growth.

How is the pricing model structured for business process automation?

The pricing for business process automation services depends on various factors, such as the complexity and number of processes to be automated, the number of users, and the extent of customization needed. The total cost usually includes an initial setup fee, license costs, and regular maintenance expenses.